Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Wore - Summer Wind

What I'm Wearing: Pleated Polka-Dot Skirt F21 // Refashioned Blouse GAP Kids // Necklace F21 // Vintage inspired Earrings Claire's // Black Pumps Famous Footwear

Jessica via What I Wore
Today's outfit started out with a skirt I saw that Jessica of What I Wore had bought at Ruche. I immediately fell in love with the skirt. But I wasn't willing to pay how much they wanted {plus I wasn't sure how the length would work for me}. So when I found this skirt at for cheaper I bought it.  I love this skirt and can't wait to dress it up for church and work and dress it down for a more casual look. Originally, I was going to wear a white v-neck tee with the skirt today. But once I saw this blouse hanging in my closet, I decided to go with the more the early '60s vibe with this outfit. *grin* 

I'm having a hard time deciding which '60s magazine to scan for tonight's post. So I'll ask y'all what you would like most to see tonight: 1960s American Girl magazine{s}, 1960s Hair Magazine, or pages from a 1960s Sears catalog? Or would you like random pages from all three?


  1. This is soooo cute! I love the skirt!

    Hm, I have an American Girl book of horses from the 60s--do you think that it might have been published by that magazine?(: Anyway...I really find it hard to choose--I'd love to see pages from all three! ^^


  2. Oh, goodness I love that skirt. I love big polka dots!

  3. love this look! and that green grass is so dreamy --i just want to roll around on it!

  4. This outfit is really cute Ashley! I love the colors. :-)

  5. Wow Ashley! I adore that skirt! (& I LOVE the very first picture!)

  6. Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!

    Love it!



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