Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What I'm Wearing | Somewhere Over the Rainbow

What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
What I'm Wearing: Bright Multicolor Striped Sundress c/o OASAP // Chambray Tunic J.C.Penny's // Flats Steve Madden // Bow Ring Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // Grey Bias Tape Post Earrings Pink Lemonade // Statement Necklace c/o OASAP

I had a lots of fun picking out what I wanted from OASAP.com this month. Cause guess what?! They have a dress JUST like one Ruche had last summer {one that I was going to buy, but they ran out of my size before I could place my order}. To say the least, I was ecstatic to find this on their website. *grin* It arrived the day before we left for vacation {or was that two days?} which was awesome, as I wanted to bring it on our trip. It was perfect for our trip. On our trip I wore a military jacket, sandals, the necklace, and simple post earrings with this dress. It was a nice mix of hard with soft {as the dress is made out of chiffon}. Today I took a more relaxed country-ish take with my outfit {though I am missing the cowgirl boots} with the tied chambray shirt. I like it both ways and can't wait to style this dress into the autumn.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I ♥ Lip Balms

Hello everyone! I'm back from vacation and had a wonderful time down in Tennessee & Georgia! On Wednesday the Shabby Apple GC giveaway winner will be chosen. Also, the Blog Party winners have been picked, you can see them here in the widget.


I don't know about you, but I love my lip products. Lip gloss, lip butters, balm stains, lip balms, chap sticks, etc...I love them all and always carry at least five to six lip products in my purse - everyday. Yes, I may be obsessed but I don't care. Everyone has their beauty weakness and mine is lip products.

Today I'm going to share some {not all} of the lip balms, three in fact, that I've tried out over the past year, or so.

Maybelline Baby Lips - I just bought my first one yesterday after hearing a ton about it on YouTube, twitter, and on beauty blogs. I really wanted to try the mint one, but our Kroger didn't have it so I tried the Quenched one out. It is alright, but the scent isn't my favorite. I do like that it has a SPF of 20, which is great! Since you don't want to get your lips burnt. All in all, this product isn't that bad, just not a big fan of the Quenched scent. By the way, only the Peppermint & Quenched are clear lip balms, the others have a slight tint in them. 
EOS Lip Balm - I've tried two of these easter egg like lip balms, Sweet Mint & Strawberry Sorbet. My favorite is the Sweet Mint, perhaps because I'm obsessed with anything mint? But I just didn't like the Strawberry Sorbet, now my little sister loves this one so I just gave her mine since I'll never use it. Why don't I like? The flavor was just not my cup of tea, even though I love strawberries, it wasn't me. I'll just stick with my mint, thank you very much. Now, one great thing about the EOS lip balms is that they are organic, contain Vitamin E, and are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free, Petroleum-Free, and Paraben-Free. Awesome!

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - I've been using this one for several years now, and I'm sure most of you have either heard of it, used to use it, or are using it. This is my little go-to lip balm once those winter months hit {mostly because I JUST tried the EOS lip balm this past spring} and it starts it get really cold and windy. I love this product, as do my sisters & mom and can think of nothing negative to say about it.

Well, those are three lip balms that I've tried. What are some that you've tried & love? Or, what are some that I should ovoid trying out at all? Go ahead and share below in the comments. I can wait to see YOUR lip balm list! Also, if you have ideas for other beauty posts I should do, let me know!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sponsor & Guest Post - Callie {Creations by Callie}

I'm so excited to have Callie as a guest poster today {she is also a sponsor}! She is a pretty awesome girl that I think y'all would love to get to know her better. BTW, her post for today is pretty epic & fun!
*ATTENTION ALL READERS OF THIS AWESOME BLOG.* You may think that I am a normal girl who blogs about fashion and puts together really cute, modest outfits and encourages other young ladies to do the same. In reality I'm NOT (normal, that is)!

JUUUUUUST kidding! That's my twin sister, Caylee. She's kinda weird. Just saying.....

Actually, I'm Callie from Creations by Callie. On my website I sell hand knitted garments and accessories, as well as blog about fashion, my walk with Jesus, and everyday life. I'm a passionate knitter, and I enjoy incorporating my knitted creations into my outfits. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, singing, crocheting, reading, making movies with my siblings, shopping, writing, and playing the bass guitar.

What I'm Wearing -- Jewelry: Gifts Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch Dress: Banana Republic Belt: Goodwill Shoes: Garage Sale

I tend to stick closely to the "rules" (though in reality there aren't really any rules in fashion) and play it safe when it comes to prints, so this outfit is more on the daring side for me. But staying in your comfort zone sometimes becomes boring; there are times when you need to jump out and do something out of the ordinary. I find this true in fashion and in many other areas of my life. My favorite part of this outfit is the dress. It's loose and flowy, but cinched at the waist, which makes it very flattering. I also love how the color of my belt matches my shoes, tying everything together with a polished look.

Caylee agreed to assist me in pointing out some fashion dos and don'ts.

DO: Mix prints in a subtle way, or mix prints with a related color scheme. Or go bold.
DON'T: Have more than two bright prints going at one time. You may stop traffic.

DO: Keep the waist defined with a cute belt.
DON'T: Hold up your britches with suspenders (unless you're going for the nerd look, but then be sure to have the glasses).

DO: Accessorize with jewelry that accents your outfit. But only use enough to compliment the overall look. One good rule is to put on all the jewelry you want to wear, and then take one piece off.
DON'T: Let the jewelry take over your outfit. Jewelry is not meant to be the main focal point.

DO: Be yourself!!!
DON'T: Dress to please others.

Thank you so much, Ashley, for having me...and my twin. =)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bramblewood Fashion's 3rd Birthday!

Today is Bramblewood Fashion's 3rd blog birthday! It was today 3 years ago that I did my very first post {you can read it here}, signed up a blogger account, and just set BF up in general. Of course, back in those early days, I really didn't know the direction I wanted to take with Bramblewood Fashion. But it was fun nevertheless finding my way as a blogger. If y'all want, you can check out my 1st B-day post & 2nd B-Day post too!

Also, I did a guest post yesterday over at, Delightfully Feminine that you might want to check out.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I'm Wearing | The Brown Polka

1960s // Vintage Inspired // Polka Dots
1960s // Vintage Inspired // Polka Dots
1960s // Vintage Inspired // Polka Dots
What I'm Wearing: Brown Polka-dot 1960s Dress made by Gabrielle // Lace Vest c/o OASAP // Mustard Heels borrowed from Hanne-col {Target via Thrift Store} // Pearl Drop Earrings Etsy

Hello everyone! Life has been busy around here. Went to our State Fair on Saturday {OOTD} which was tons of fun! My baby sister turned eleven on Sunday {Boy, does time fly!}. I've also been busy planning a 1950s themed Seniors Luncheon for our church, which is tomorrow {that should be lots of fun!}. Then this weekend we will be leaving for a week on vacation and no, I'm not ready to leave - yet. *grin*

Friday, August 10, 2012

What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}

What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}
What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}
What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}
What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}
What I Wore - Ava Gardner inspired Outfit {Mogambo}
What I'm Wearing: Blouse Borrowed from Hanne-col {H&M} // Jean Pencil Skirt made by me // Belt Forever 21 // Neck Scarf ?? // Leopard Wedges Payless Shoes // Faux Pearl Earrings Claire's 

I don't know what it is, but with shorter hair I love dressing more highly vintage inspired {instead, of just touches of vintage when I have longer hair}. For example: yesterday I wore this 1950s dress and I styled it very 1950s. Then last night, while I was looking at me & Hanne-col's closet {we share a bedroom & closet}, I stumbled across this H&M blouse of Hanne-col's. I immediately thought of Ava Gardner in Mogambo {1953} and her African safari outfits. With Hanne-col's help we styled this Ava inspired outfit {and I let Hanne-col borrow one of my skirts in exchange}.

I've never used Ava Gardner as a style inspiration before. But since my best friend, Kay {Achaia}, is always saying she is her style inspiration I decided to give her a try for myself. You know what? I'm finding her style rather cute {methinks, she might be the next person for my Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) post}.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remember when....

Remember when I did that post I did on Debbie Reynolds and how she inspired me fashion wise? If you haven't read that post, you can do so here. Well, about two weeks ago I saw that ModCloth was running a "Style Icon of the Times" Contest on Pinterest. I thought, "Why not just enter for fun? As I never win these type of contests." So I created a board using Debbie as my Style Icon. Fast forward to this past Friday afternoon. I was moderating comments for the Shabby Apple giveaway when one of you congratulated me on........being one of the winners for the contest! I couldn't get myself over to the ModCloth blog fast enough to see the news for myself. Now, since one of the prizes is a $50 GC to Modcloth, I have to decided what should be my first ModCloth purchase{s}. This is kinda a big deal for me, since I've only ever drooled over everything on the site. Now I just have to decided how to spend the GC. Right now I'm eyeing the following {along a bunch of other things, of course}.

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: modcloth.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Now, I just have to decided what to buy. :p Decisions, decisions.

What are some of your favorite ModCloth things? Have you ever bought anything from there?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I Wore | The Way You Look Tonight

What I Wore - The Way You Look Tonight
What I Wore - The Way You Look Tonight
What I Wore - The Way You Look Tonight
What I Wore - The Way You Look Tonight
What I Wore - The Way You Look Tonight
What I'm Wearing: Jean Cutoff Shorts J.C.Penny refashioned by me // White Tee StyleMint // Sandals & Owl Necklace Forever 21 // Gold Sparkly Bracelet J.Crew

Big day today. I got a haircut. And as you can tell, I got it cut short. It is going to take me, personally, awhile to get used to the length, as I did get it cut shorter then I wanted. But that's ok, as I was able to donate my hair, which makes it totally worth it. Besides, it is only a few inches shorter then I wanted. Plus, it will be great for doing vintage waves in my hair. Yay!

Anyhow, onto my outfit for today. I kept it very casual & simple today with just shorts and a simple white tee, for we went hiking at a park this morning. Of course, while making sure to get a great shot while standing on a log in a river at the park, for this short video I'm making for fun, I slip into the water. I had also landed into a bunch of mud before this. It was kinda a crazy hike for me, but hey, I had lots of fun. Which is what is important right?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Movie Reviews {No. 2}

I haven't done one of these posts since, umm... *whispers* January. Which means it is high time that I brought this series back. And guess what? I'm going to be sharing all the Frank Sinatra early films from the 1940s that I've seen. Yay!

Higher and Higher {1943} Starring: Frank Sinatra, Barbara Hale // This movie is just adorable. Of course, all of the early Sinatra films are. *smile* It is the story of a rich man who has lost his money and is behind on paying the household staff. You will follow their fun adventure as they scheme to have one of the maids masquerade as a debutante going out to society, so she can marry a rich man & save the household. It also features a [Bing] Crosby & Sinatra joke that was really popular in the 1940s.

Step Lively {1944} Starring: Frank Sinatra, George Murphy // I do believe this was the first 1940s Sinatra film I saw. Hmm...yep, it was. Anyhow, about the movie. George Murphy's character is rehearsing a musical comedy in a penthouse....on credit. The quickly rising bill is driving the manager frantic and he wants to throw the whole acting group out of the hotel, but he wants his money. Frankie's character arrives to the hotel thinking that Murphy wants to buy his dramatic play & let him direct it. Let's just say there is a lot of drama & chaos, and a really sweet ending.  

Anchors Aweigh {1945} Starring: Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Kathryn Grayson // This is the first of the three films that Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra did together, and it is also my number one favorite. Plus, I do tend to sing one of the songs to my sister, Hanne-col when ever I want something from her. Those who have seen the film, can you guess what song it is? I do change some of the words. Anyhow, the movie follow two sailors {Kelly & Sinatra} who are on leave in Los Angles. On their first day of leave they are picked up by the police to help them get some information out of a little boy who wants to join the navy. They take the boy home and expect an old aunt is taking care of the boy. It then follows the romantic journey of them both. Btw, in these 1940s films Sinatra always gets the girl from Brooklyn who is also not a big leading lady {his image was changed after his divorce from Ava Gardner in the 50's. Then he became more of a ladies man who got the leading lady.}

It Happened in Brooklyn {1947} Starring: Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Peter Lawford, Kathryn Grayson // This is one of very favorite Sinatra films. It has Durante in it, takes place in Brooklyn, we see the Brooklyn Bridge, has a wonderful storyline, and is just too cute! I may, or may not have a 1940s/50s view of Brooklyn. Hey, I still think the Los Angles Dodgers are the Brooklyn Dodgers. *grin*  

Take Me Out to the Ball Game {1949} Starring: Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Esther Williams, Betty Garrett, Edward Arnold // This is a fun baseball themed musical/comedy film. It follows the story of a person who inherits a baseball team. The players on the team think the person will know nothing about baseball and will meddle in how the team is run. Boy, are the players in for a surprise. A little side note: this was also the first, and only, Esther Williams film I've ever seen - so far.

On the Town {1949} Starring: Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Betty Garret, Ann Miller // This was the first Sinatra & Kelly film I saw out of the three. It might also be my least favorite of the three, but I do enjoy most of the songs. In fact, they can get stuck in your head for days. But hey, who cares? Not me. Anyhow, the movie is about three sailors who have a one day leave in NYC. They spend the whole day looking for fun and romance before their 24-hour leave is up.

What 1940s Sinatra films have you seen? Which were your favorites?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shabby Apple $75 GC Giveaway!

Eep! I'm so excited to have another Shabby Apple giveaway for y'all! This time instead of giving away dress, it is for a $75 gift card. This means YOU can pick out what ever you want. How exciting! 

Shabby Apple has been known for their fashionable, yet modest designs with plenty of style for women's dresses, little girl dresses, and even maternity dresses. Which is one of the reasons why I adore Shabby Apple.

Now I love all of my Shabby Apple pieces, so why not let one of YOU experience their lovely vintage-inspired & modest dresses? *grin* Here are my outfits using Shabby Apple clothing pieces {I do own one jewelry piece too}: {Teacher's Pet Skirt Outfit} & {Oh La! La! Outfit}.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is only open to those with a U.S. mailing address. The giveaway will end on August 25th @ 12PM. A winner will be chosen and contacted via email on August 28th. Also, I have a coupon code for 10% off that works for the entire month of August: bramblewood10off


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