Friday, July 22, 2011

Cherished Collections (summer 2011 blog tour)

Casey over at Elegant Musings is hosting a cherished collections blog tour this week and I'm apart of it today. I'll be sharing with y'all some of the things I have collected over the years. I've been collecting several of the things that I will be showing you since I was about 16 or 17. =)

Wonderful old, vintage books are one of my favorite things to collect. After helping my mom collect books for our family for years, I finally realized a couple years ago that I could get some for myself. Here is just a small sampling of the books I have collected over the years (this isn't including my collection of sewing & costuming books). In this picture you can spot a first edition of On the Banks of Plum Creek {1939} (I only paid $1!). A 1888 edition of Swiss Family Robinson it was a gift from a school to a 16 year old girl for her first teaching job. A 1879 McGuffey's Third Reader and The Life of General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson for the Young in Easy Words by: Mrs. Mary L. Williamson {1899}.

I have part of the Five Little Peppers series, 1940s novels (Mrs. Miniver, Anna and the King of Siam, The Egg & I), Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Ben-Hur by Gen. Lew Wallace, one of the first Paris tour books (1909), David Copperfield by Charles Dickens from 1867, and many more.

I also collect knitting and crocheting pamphlets from the 1940s - 1960s. I can't use them at this time because I don't know how to knit and I can't read crocheting patterns yet. But I enjoy collecting them.

Then there are the vintage sewing patterns. I have around 150 - 200 hundred vintage patterns (what you see is just a tiny sampling of what I have) from the 1900s to the1960s (I do have patterns from 1970 to 2010, but the 70s & 80s I consider more retro and the 90s, well, my childhood.) In the bottom row you can see my only two copies of The Delineator 1904 & 1905 and a 1928 Butterick Patterns pamphlet.

Sewing patterns aren't the only thing I collect and use (well, I use everything I collect). I started collecting and using vintage sewing supplies last year, here is part of my collection (which is more on the smaller size).

Now on to all the magazines I collect. Just this past month I started collecting movie and TV magazines (which I adore!). Though they are very rare and can be expensive to buy (which is why I love Etsy, I can search for cheeper ones). =)

Two of my pride and joys of my whole magazine collection. Life magazine from the week before Grace Kelly's wedding (there are some wonderful pictures in this one!) and a 1950 Spring/Summer Brides magazine (I love drooling over all the gowns!).

I like collecting Life magazines. Most of mine are from the late 30s and 1940s. With the bottom two being the start of my NASA space program collection (I just started last Friday). *laughs*

 McCall's, Woman's Home Journal, Every Woman's, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Look, Post, and Collier's also make their appearance in my collection (these are mostly from the 30s - 50s). I find that I don't really like collecting magazines from the 60s (unless they are sewing/craft related, or the space program). Though eventually I would like to collect magazines about President J.F. Kennedy.

Finally, here are the beginning's of my vintage jewelry collection. Just two brooches. I believe the one on the left is from the 50s, while the one on the right is from the 40s. If anyone knows the correct years for these two, feel free to let me know. :) As these are just guesses of mine.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We'll be gone....

Starting tomorrow morning we'll be gone for a little over two weeks on vacation. We are going to LA for Gabrielle & I to attend Costume College (will anyone be there?) and on the way there, and back, we will be stopping at National parks.   

Friday there will be a prescheduled post going up (you will love it!) and I may, or may not post while in LA. It depends on the internet connection if it is weak or strong. I will post some costume college updates on Bramblewood Fashion's Facebook page, so keep an eye on it next week. ;)

I will have internet connection every night while I'm gone. So I will check blogger, twitter, facebook, and my emails while gone (maybe not every night, but some nights). =) I may, or may not get back with right away though if you contact me while I'm gone. So keep that in mind. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspiration | Home Decor

I know this is a fashion blog, but you wouldn't mind if I share some home decor pictures do you? Sometimes a girl needs a little variety. That would be me. If you think this is a bad idea - let me know. 

 I adore the furniture in this picture.

There's something about the softness against the brick wall. It just draws me in. 

 I've always loved this idea of painting designs on stairs. Ever since I saw an episode of Debbie Travis Facelift (this was one of my favorite shows on HGTV - I never missed an episode).

I normally don't like open shelves in kitchens for the dishes. But I adore this kitchen! Maybe it's the color scheme, the cabinets, or it has my favorite sink ever!  

Here's another bedroom I love! The headboard, bedding, and color scheme is simply perfect!

 I've loved the idea of using old doors for headboards since the second season (I think it was the second season. They were designing a room at the Grand Ole Opry.) on Design Star on HGTV. Can you tell I enjoy watching HGTV? ;)

I like the clean, vintage, yet shabby chic look of this dining room. 

Do you enjoy these looks? Or is this so not your style! =)

Let me know if you like me doing this. :) And I'll do it again - otherwise I'll stop.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Movie Life | April 1940

I was going to post pictures of all the magazines I bought last month. But that post would be a mile long. ;) As the magazines I bought are filled with wonderful pictures. I love buying old magazines - they have so much history stored away in them! 

The magazine I'll be featuring today is one of my favorite - Movie Life (April, 1940). Why? It has an article of one of my favorite actresses - Deanna Durbin. That may, or may not be the reason why I bought this magazine. ;) *laughs*

Look! Cary Grant takes an old family friend to the premiere of My Girl Friday {I love that movie!}. Also the Los Angeles' Mayor greets Rosalind Russell at Girl Friday press party. In the bottom picture Olivia de Havilland is sporting the new pompadour hair-do. 

  Here we have, Errol Flynn, Anne Shirley, and Shirley Temple. 

Next up we have a four page spread on Deanna Durbin. Enjoy!

Have you seen the film, Young Tom Edison (1940) starring Mickey Rooney? I grew up watching this film so it was fun seeing this little spread. 

This page is filled with stars! We have a wedding picture of Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman. Katharine Hepburn {in a darling dress and pumps!}, Raymond Massey & Mrs. Roosevelt! That's just on the top row of pictures. Underneath we have Mickey Rooney, Pat O'Brain, Gene Autry, Olivia de Havilland, and many others. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little peak into one of my magazines I own. Let me know how you enjoyed it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

1940s Trousers

I'm working on making these 1940s Empire Waist Trousers using Decades of Style's pattern for Costume College {it's more of a conference} later this month in LA.

I made them before this past winter. But sadly, I grew out of them this spring/summer. You never got to see pictures of them because it was so cold. I didn't feel like taking pictures in February with all the snow and ice we had. Gabrielle now owns them {with major changes because she is shorter than me and the wide legs just don't work for her}. 

I'll have to trace the pattern and blend two sizes together when I make them. As my sizing is no longer the same. This is weird. As I've been the same pattern size since I was 17 back in 2007. Now I have to learn to fit the new me. Who knows. I might post pictures on how I make the trousers fit me. Let me know if you would be interested.

I'll be using a light-weight wool that was given to me {FREE! I love receiving free things.} This is actually the same fabric I used for my first pair. I have about 2 yards left over {it's really wide. I think 60" or more.} and I was going to make a pencil skirt with the leftover fabric. Boy am I thankful that I never got around to making that skirt. As I grew out of most of them anyways and I wouldn't have the fabric to make a new pair of trousers. 

I also need to decided how to style them for the conference. What type of tops would you suggest? As they are very high waisted. ;) Should I go more 1940s {ideas please!}, or more modern? You can look at past outfit posts to get an idea of what tops I own. ;-)

Before I go. I'm having a two day sale in my Etsy shop right now {this included vintage sewing notions, skirts, well, everything!}. For 10% off just use this code at checkout: ALLSTARWEEKEND

P.S. Don't forget to check and see if you won anything! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 29 & 30

Summer Shade Jumper made by me / White Blouse Kohl's / Tan Boots Target / Eiffel Tower Earrings Etsy / (not pictured) Yellow Striped Cardigan Target 

Chambray Tunic J.C. Penny / White Tank J.C. Penny / Jeans J.C. Penny / Tan Boots Target / Eiffel Tower Etsy 

Girls I finished the 30 for 30 remix today! I can wear what ever I want now. Who knew I could find this so exciting? Not me. :p The problem now. I don't know what to wear tomorrow. I have too many choices to pick from. =) 

For my first outfit today {my birthday jumper/dress} I didn't wear the boots to church {I only wore them for taking pictures in the field.} instead I wore my pumps. I also wore my yellow striped cardigan. That means I wore three patterns to church. I'm getting better at this pattern mixing thing. =) And guess what? I never wore the same thing twice during this whole challenge. Now that was hard.

Oh guess what? I have all the winners picked out for the 21 giveaways. But they won't be revealed until tomorrow after I come back from work. So around 3:30PM - 4:30PM the list will be posted. Just so you know. ;-)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 28

Jeans J.C. Penny / White ruffle shirt Ann Taylor / Sandals Forever 21

Today I wore a more relaxed casual outfit. It's a stylish twist on the jeans & t-shirt combination. How is it more stylish? My t-shirt has ruffles on it! Isn't it cute? ;-) Ruffles help your outfit from looking too casual.

And guess what? Tomorrow is my last of during the challenge! I'm so excited! =) 

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 27

1920s white sundress made by me last year {sewing review) / yellow cardigan Target / purple earrings won in a giveaway / tan boots Target 

Only three more outfits until I'm done with the 30 for 30 remix challenge. That means on Sunday afternoon with my after church outfit I'll be done. Hurray! 

This outfit was just thrown together. As I didn't have anything that matched at all. Really I didn't. But I like it. Though the 1920s drop waist does nothing for the hips but make them look larger. :p  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 26

Yellow Sundress Gabrielle made it / Navy Blue Cardigan Old Navy / Tan Boots Target / Owl Ring Kohl's / Pearl Drop Earrings Kohl's

I'm really running out of options of what to wear. And I don't know if I can ever wear this dress again. Why? It's a little tight in the back - enough to make me not feel well while wearing the dress today. But maybe I can rescue it by by adjusting the zipper in the back. As I dearly love this dress. =)


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