Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 18

1940s Jean Jumper made by yours truly {pattern review} / Hot Pink Blouse J.C. Penny / Tan Boots Target / Black Belt Forever 21 / Floral Dangle Earrings Etsy {won in a giveaway}

I've worn an outfit like this before on the blog - just with a different belt & pair of earrings. But I knew this outfit looked nice and I needed an outfit fast this morning for work - a dressy one too. Tomorrow I'm going to try and be more creative with my outfit. But I have to be careful and not wear too many red, white, and blue outfits before the 4th. As I love dressing for the holiday's. =) 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 17

Floral Skirt Made by me / Chambray Tunic J.C. Penny / Red & White Stripes Tank J.C. Penny / Red & White Polka-dot Earrings Etsy / Sandals Forever 21/ Owl Ring Kohl's

Look what I did. I mixed two patterns together again. Yep, I've done it twice this week so far. Woo hoo! What other fashion rules will I break this week? :)

I started working on my birthday dress today. I'm using Marie-Madeline Studio's Summer Shade jumper pattern. And guess what?!? I will be mixing patterns once again. Boy, I'm on a roll right now. =) 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 for 30 Remix | Outfit 16

Cream Tunic Anthropologie / Patchwork Skirt Made by yours truly {post} / Tan Boots Target / Black Skinny Belt Forever 21 / Layer Necklace Bass Shoe Outlet / Owl Ring Kohl's / Pink Rose Ring Etsy / Floral Drop Earrings Etsy

I found my new favorite outfit today. Isn't it simply darling?!? The shirt is really a tunic, but as these are these are the only two pieces of clothing left in my closet for the challenge {I didn't wash my clothes on purpose. This forces me to be more creative.} I decided to just tuck the tunic in my skirt. This gives me so many ideas on different ways I can wear my tunics {including this one}. So be bold. Do something unique. Try something new tomorrow, or even this week with one piece in your closet and post pictures on your blog and let me know that you did something different too. =)

Monday, June 27, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 15

Navy Blue & White Stripe Shirt Kohl's / Yellow Sundress Gabrielle made it / Tan Boots Target / Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market

I traded in my 1950s orange & blue sundress for this yellow sundress. Why? I wasn't inspired at all. Besides, this sundress is a more neutral color. :) And look. I'm mixing prints together. Oh. My. I've always been told, 'you don't wear prints together.' Over the past few years I've watched fashion bloggers mix prints. But I never got the courage to do so myself - until today that is. It took a remixing challenge to get me to mix my prints. :p 

Besides this being the half-way point in the 30x30 challenge {15th outfit}. This is also my 500th post on Bramblewood Fashion! Whoopee! 

Want more exciting news? Some movie magazines from the 1940s that I bought on Etsy last week came today in the mail. And one of them has an article on Deanna Durbin! I might scan some of the magazine pages and post them either on here, or one of my other blogs {here or here}. :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 13 & 14

White Skirt made by yours truly / Blue Ruffle Shirt Ann Taylor / Cream Cardigan Gap Outlet / Tan Boots Target / Purple & Silver Drop Earrings Gift / Bicycle Necklace Forever 21 / Owl Ring Kohl's

Jeans J.C. Penny / Blue Ruffle Shirt Ann Taylor / Cream Cardigan Gap Outlet / Tan Boots Target / Purple & Silver Drop Earrings Gift / Bicycle Necklace Forever 21 / Owl Ring Kohl's

I wore two outfits today. Well, I do every Sunday. Why? I don't really know. Just always have my whole life. -_- But do you know what this means? Tomorrow I'll reach the halfway point of the challenge.  How exciting! Because you know what? I miss the rest of my closet. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 12

Shorts Hand-me-down Gap / Burgundy Camisole Kohl's / White Blouse Kohl's / Scarf Target / Eiffel Tower Earrings Etsy / Sandals Forever 21 


Here's my very late Saturday outfit post. It's late because the camera battery died while we were taking pictures. Then I had to wait for the battery to charge up so I could download the pictures off. :) 

I wore this outfit today - minus the scarf - while working in the yard. Yes, I am a little dressy for working in the yard. But silly me, didn't put any t-shirts in as one of my 30 items. Next time I do this I must remember to include a t-shirt. -_-

Friday, June 24, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 11

Red & White Stripe Tank J.C. Penny / Navy Blue Cardigan Old Navy / Jeans J.C. Penny / Red Polka-dot Scarf Target / Owl Ring Kohl's / Earrings Kohl's / Sandals Forever 21

Today's outfit is very nautical. With the stripes you know. You know what? I love wearing this red striped tank with my polka-doted scarf. It was my go to last summer. :) Speaking about the nautical trend. There is a fabulous Old Navy nautical jewelry giveaway over @ She Hath Done What She Could. Also @ Respect the Shoes you can win a set of Rebecca Minkoff pouches that are very nautical too. Today is just a very nautical day. Did any of you wear the nautical trend today? -_-

Thursday, June 23, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 10

1940s Jean Dress Made by yours truly {pattern review} / Black Belt Forever 21 / Yellow w/white stripes Target / Tan Boots Target / Lilic Drop Earrings Etsy {won in a giveaway} / Yellow Flower Ring Stella & Dot {won in a giveaway} / Sense & Sensibility Patterns Umbrella 2009 London Historical Costume Trip 

I love today's outfit with the bright punches of yellow. It gives the outfit a kinda of Kate Spade feel. But the boots add that country touch - which I love! Want to know something funny? I love cowgirl boots, country kitchens, big wrap around the house porches,   farmhouse sinks, and the like. But I'm not a big fan of living in the country. I prefer the city. :p Maybe I just haven't seen the perfect house and location yet. Though, I do like Texas and Virginia.

Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) - Deanna Durbin

Let's see here, the last time I did a Who Inspires Me (Fashion Wise) post was in February. Oh. my. My past posts where on Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Judy Garland

Today's post is on one of my very favorite actresses, Deanna Durbin. She is adorable, beautiful, and has some of the cutest clothes. Oh, did I mention her hair? I would love to have her hair. It's gorgeous! :)

Deanna wears some adorable clothing in the film, Christmas Holiday {1944}. Which has Gene Kelly in it - as a bad guy and she doesn't know it. It's a tragic - yet a simply lovely movie. :) 

Here's an adorable outfit and hat that Deanna is wearing. And her shoes! They look like they have bows on them! How cute. 

A sweet and darling formal. I love the ruffle at the bottom. Once again her hair is beautiful.  

Lovely red coat and blue scarf. 

Cute polka-dot formal.

Cute formal for a young lady in her early to mid-teens. 

Movies I've Seen Her In:

Something in the Wind {1947}
Christmas Holiday {1944}
His Butler's Sisters {1943}
The Amazing Mrs. Holiday {1943}
It's a Date {1940}
It Started with Eve {1941}
First Love {1939}
Mad About Music {1938}
One Hundred Men and a Girl {1937}
Lady on a Train {1945}

Have you seen any of Deanna Durbin's films? What are your favorite one{s}? What is your favorite outfit of hers? Also, do any of you know of a good site for non-head shot pictures of Deanna Durbin?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 9

1950s Red Sundress made by yours truly / Chambray Tunic J.C. Penny / Owl Ring Kohl's / Bracelet c/o Shabby Apple / Tan Boots Target

Today's outfit is very cow-girlish. I feel like I should be on a ranch working back in the 50s. Must be from watching Roy Rogers & Dale Evans movies. :) And yes, I'm wearing my chambray tunic again this week. I think I like it much better with this sundress. It fits the style of the dress and the fabric.

Oh, before I forget. My party supplies arrived today in the mail. As you can see, I went with the pink polka-dot straws and plaid cupcake papers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 for 30 Remix - Outfit 8

Floral Yoked Skirt made by yours truly / White Ruffle T-shirt Ann Taylor / Owl Ring Kohl's / White & Red polka-dot Dangle Earring Etsy / Tan Boots Target

This evening it was very windy hence the hoop skirt look. :) I have a feeling my skirts & dresses will have this look all week. You see, we are to have rain and storms all week and that brings lots of wind to our area. :)

Some of you might remember that I posted about making this skirt back on May 24th. I did finish making it that evening, but when I wore it the next day we had tornado warnings all that evening {I was gone all day} - not good weather for taking pictures. I also wore it to our home-school convention in hopes that I might get some pictures downtown. But I was having way too much fun with my new friends and enjoying the convention in general to take pictures. Which is why it has taken this long for you to see pictures. {I have even more sewing projects that I never took pictures of in my closet.} -_-

::Fashion Tip:: My ruffles on my shirts never want to stay down. They always want to just pop up. Even after I give them a good ironing. :p Recently I discovered a way to keep them down. Use either scotch tape or double sided tape to tape the ruffles down underneath. It works like a charm. Just remember to take the tape out when you are done.

::Giveaway:: Jessica over at What I Wore is having a giveaway for her new book of the same name. She is giving away 10 copies of her book. I'm hoping to win a copy as I adore her outfits {at least her vintage-y ones}. Click here for the giveaway. Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers. 



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