Sunday, June 30, 2013

J. Crew Inspired Outfit for Church | Sunday Style

What I'm Wearing
Hot Pink Pencil Skirt -- Made by Me
Black Court Shoes -- Famous Footwear
Mint Bauble Necklace -- Charming Charlie

Hello lovelies! How are y'all doing this Lord's day? Today is going to be a busy day for me, we had church in the morning and this afternoon and evening is going to be spent getting ready for our trip: like packing, doing last minute shopping, baking some snacks, and I have to finish sewing my birthday dress for Friday. Anyhow, onto the outfit because I have to get back to my sewing, otherwise my dress will never be finished in time. 

I really wanted to wear my polka-dot blouse again today. Yes, I'm kinda in-love with this blouse, as it just perfect with either a skirt, shorts, or some jeans. might look cute layered over, or under a sundress. Hmmm....ideas, ideas. Anyhow, I decided to pair the blouse with my knock-off J.Crew pencil skirt that I had made earlier this year, since it just added to that J.Crew look. To finish the outfit off, I threw on my black court shoes, simple post earrings, and my mint bauble necklace. All in all, it makes for one feminine outfit.  

The Fashion Canvas

Oh, I want to thank everyone who took the time to help me decided what outfits to bring to HOA. I'll be looking over & commenting back to y'all this evening, once my dress is finished & I'm starting to pack my clothes.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Costume Inspiration for Vision Forum's History of America Conference

Next week I'll be attending Vision Forum's History of America Conference in Pennsylvania, and like the other Vision Forum events I've attended (Jamestown 400 & Reformation 500) I'll be dressing in costume. Since this conference covers all of American history, I'll be doing more vintage styles this time: like the 1920s, 40s, and 50s.

This is my inspiration board for the 1920s (with my 1920s dress options on either side). Now, if you were me, which option would you go with? The lace version on the left, or the plain cotton one on the right? As I'm undecided right now. Also do you think I should the 1920s at all? 'Cause I have so many ideas for 1940s & 50s outfits, but not enough days to wear them all. :p  

Then we have the 1940s. There is my 40s floral & stripes dress, polka dot swing dress, or my gingham dirndl skirt that I could choose from. Between these options I'm kinda leaning towards my swing dress, mostly because it looks the most 1940s to other people. What do y'all think?

Then we have the 1950s, where I have way too many options to choose from. There are even more option combinations in my closet that I could do (ones that haven't been featured on the blog yet), like a red pencil skirt, striped tee, and some heels. In the above collage we have my brown polka dot dress (this was my graduation dress), gingham blouse & jean pencil skirt, floral sundress, floral blouse & poodle skirt, blouse & polka dot skirt, blue gingham dress, and my Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit. Wait a minute! I'm missing my new red gingham sundress that I just made!! See!?! I have too many ideas and options for the 1950s! If you were me, which '50s outfit would you go with? Which outfits look the most '50s to you?

(I'm thinking I *might* wear my red gingham dress on the 4th of July to the Gettysburg reenactment.)

I kinda like it better when I had to make my costumes specifically for a VF event, because back then I didn't have anything otherwise to wear (costume wise). Of course, I didn't have too many costumes to choose from then, and hardly any vintage inspired clothing (unlike now). 

Now this where I could use your advice, which outfits & eras I should bring to wear/do next week? For the event I'll need four outfits (5 actually, but I already have one outfit picked out for my birthday on the 5th), three of those days will be spent in a conference setting, while one of the days (the 4th) will be spent outside on a tour of Gettysburg & visiting the reenactment. Give me your thoughts and ideas. I guess you could say, I'm curious to know which ones look the most like the eras to YOU.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What I Wore | Coral + Green for Summer + Elegantees Review

What I'm Wearing
Green Gingham Skirt -- Made by Me
Coral Tee -- c/o Elegantees
Skinny Leopard Belt -- Forever 21
Wedges -- Payless Shoes

Right before I left on vacation to the East coast I was sent the Ashley tee to wear & review from Elegantees. Of course, since it arrived right before we left I had to wear it on my trip the next day. I paired this top with black skinny jeans & sandals. One of the thing's I love about this tee is that it is tunic length -- makes it perfect for layering over skinny jeans. If you have never heard of Elegantees before, let me share a bit about them and their mission as they are helping women come out of sex trafficking and giving them a job.
Elegantees is revolutionizing modesty and restoring lives of women rescued from sex trafficking. It started in 2010 with elegant designs made from tee-shirt fabric, as easy to wear and wash as a tee. The mission first stemmed when founder Katie Martinez learned about the harsh realities about human trafficking, while attending fashion design school. After Katie worked in the garment industry for years, she started the brand to make modesty trendy and affordable, and to help women in bondage of trafficking. 
In 2011, Elegantees partnered with the Nepali Rescue Project a non-profit organization fighting trafficking. This organization rescues over 20,000 human trafficking victims per year in Nepal. In addition, the Nepali Rescue Project provides these survivors with safe houses, counseling, and various job training skills; including sewing. 
A new partnership emerged in 2013 with Restore NYC, a nonprofit organization working to end sex trafficking and restore foreign-national survivors. Restore NYC, offers these survivors with a safe community with complete care addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
Let me share with y'all my thoughts & experience with Elegantees.

           - They have a great selection of fashionable tee shirts for every body type and personal style.
           - Their shipping is really fast. I order my tee on a Tuesday and it arrived Thursday afternoon.
           - The site is easy to negative.
           - Your supporting a good cause.
           - Free shipping if you spend $75 or more.
           - They are volunteer based.
           - They provide sewing jobs to women overcoming sex trafficking.

You should definitely check them out and perhaps buy a tee or two. While you are visiting their site, which tee is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Colorful Court Shoes for Summer

I was creating some outfit sets on Polyvore when I stumbled upon some adorable shoes by L.K Bennet. If you didn't know, one of my favorite brand of shoes is L.K Bennet (with Steve Madden being my other favorite brand), as their shoes are the perfect mix of classic and trendy. The first pair that I simply fell in love with was a pair of coral bow court shoes that would be perfect for a garden party, summer wedding, or for church on Sunday. I've included an outfit styling idea for them below -- which I must say, is one of my favorite outfits ever that I've created on Polyvore!

Floral Dress + Jean Jacket

A great way to have your colored shoes "pop" and to add a bit of character to your outfit, is to pair them with an awesome floral dress. Now, your floral dress should have the color of your shoes in it too (like the above dress, where it has some of the same coral within the flowers). If you need to cover your arms (since the dress I picked out is sleeveless) or if the weather is on the cooler side, you can pair a jean jacket with the dress. Of course, if it is a more formal event a cardigan or blazer will do nicely instead. Add a classic brown leather handbag, wayfarers, and some classic styled drop earrings and your outfit is perfect!
Perhaps a more trendy outfit with some vintage touches is more your style? Then try out this beautiful outfit for either a luncheon with your girlfriends, an evening of shopping, or to the office (if your job is in a more artistic setting). Take a pair of bold cobalt blue court shoes (or any bold color of your choice), pair them with a basic colored skirt (like a cream or white) and a silky/chiffon type blouse with a fun print (like this bird one). The combination of the fun blouse print and bold court shoes is what makes the outfit that perfect mix of trendy & vintage. Too keep the outfit from becoming too trendy (or vintage), add some classic accessories to the look, like the following: diamond post earrings, leather cross-body, and a jean jacket. Of course, there is room to add one more vintage inspired & trendy piece to your outfit, the watch and statement necklace are perfect examples  on how to do this. 

Well, those are two of my current favorite L.K Bennet shoes and how I would style them for this summer. Do you have any current favorite shoes(s) that you are eyeing to buy? Or perhaps there are some shoes that your love, but would never be able to afford to own?

Monday, June 24, 2013

My 11 Must Have Beauty Products for Summer

1) Maybelline BB Cream -- Perfect for those days you would like a light coverage with some SPF. Of course, this is the only BB Cream I've tried out, but I like it.

2) Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows -- Last all day as either a stand alone shadow, or primer for your powder eyeshadows.

3) L'oreal Paris Lip Stain -- One of the longest lasting lip glosses that I've found, even if it is on the more pricy side ($7 - $10). Just wait for a good sale and/or some coupons to help save you some money.

4) Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush -- A nice cream blush for beginners.

5) Batiste Dry Shampoo -- Adds body & lift to your hair. It also helps you go longer without washing your hair. I can't live without my dry shampoo now.

6) Maybelline the Rocket Mascara -- A great drugstore mascara. My favorite is the brown/black, since I'm not a huge black mascara fan.

7) NYC Bronzer in Sunny -- My go to product for when I would like a little more color on my cheeks, forehead, and just to contour my face in general.

8) Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day Body Spray -- My favorite scent for this summer! Of course, the name is awesome too.

9) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer -- One of the best concealer's I've tried out.

10) Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude -- Love to put a bit of this in my under-eye waterline to help make me look more wide awake. Works much better then just using a white eyeliner pencil.

11) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder -- Works wonderfully with the BB Cream and concealer that I've mention, as it help you stay matte when it is hot outside.

What are your favorites for summer?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I Heard That Your Dreams Came True | Sunday Style

What I'm Wearing
Polka Dot Skirt -- Simply Chic (Merona @ Target)
Leopard Print Skinny Belt -- Forever 21
Watch -- JCP (gift)
Earrings -- BaubleBar (gift)
Crossbody -- Fossil 
Flats -- Steve Madden
Nail Polish -- Essie's Enuf is Enuf

This past Friday I went thrift store shopping with my Mom & sisters, and I found some cute things. I ended up not buying that many clothes: just two skirts & a striped tee. Of course, I also picked up some more records (I have quite the collection now), but it seems like I can never find Benny Goodmen, Judy Garland, Dean Martin's Italian albums, or some of my other favorite singers.

Anyhow, I found this adorable mustard polka dot skirt at Simply Chic (an awesome resale shop in Indianapolis filled with all the great clothing brands) for $10. I did have refashion the skirt a bit for it to rest on my waist, since I like my skirts to be high waisted now, instead of them resting on my hips. But that was only a quick 10 minute, perhaps even 5 minute fix, so it wasn't that much trouble at all to fix. I then paired the skirt with my new OASAP polka dot blouse, that is just plain adorable. All together I feel like this outfit is very Madewell or J.Crew inspired, which are some of my favorite stores to find outfit inspiration (since I can't afford their stuff, unless it is at the thrift store or on a really good sale).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Magic Moments | Fashion & Faith Link-up

::What I'm Wearing::
Floral Tank -- Forever 21
Cream Tee -- Handme-up from Gaby
Mint Pencil Skirt -- Made by Me
Bird Cage Necklace -- Forever 21
Wedges -- Payless Shoes

How y'all doing today? I've been busy catching up with blog emails (still not finished), working on my resume, editing videos, and listening to records while I work. It has been a good day, even if I'm not finished with everything -- yet.

I decided to wear my mint pencil skirt today, mostly because it makes me feel more professional and in an "I've got work done" set of mind. And also, Kmart is doing a fashion remix challenge right now where you style any pencil skirt you have. The awesome thing about this challenge is that you don't have to use anything from Kmart to enter the challenge -- which is perfect for me, since I don't own anything from there.

Of course, as the title says, I'm also linking up to Lindsey's Fashion & Faith link-up over at Ruby Girl. Y'all should check it out, as it is a new link-up (just started last week) but it looks like lots of fun. Besides, who doesn't love checking out new blogs?

Oh, yes. Today I also picked out the winner for the Shabby Apple gift card giveaway. The winner is.....Faith Grubb. Congratulations, girl!! I'll be sending you an email tonight. 

My Fashion Favorites for Spring & Summer

I've been thinking about sharing my fashion favorites for Spring & Summer this year. Some of my favorites are looks I don't think I could pull off personally (like the boho looks, which I adore for beach vacations and the LA area), but the others are looks that I want to copy sometime soon this summer.

A floral skirt, jean jacket, cowgirl boots, and blouse are one of the most perfect combination EVER!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Love this combination for the warmer months, but you just add the jean jacket for when it gets cooler at night. Perfection. 

Adorbs. Wayfarer Sunnies, sleeveless button-down, skirt, bow belt, pendant necklace, and crossbody bag are the perfect outfit combination for summer (if it fits your style that is).

 I enjoy doing the jean on jean look in the summer.

This blouse looks really light & airy and would be perfect for those warm summer days with either some shorts, or jeans.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
In love with this look: polka-dot skirt, peter pan collared tee, oxford flats, handbag, and a long dainty necklace. Perfect for a day of thrift shopping with friends.

I tend to enjoy wearing cute, girly, vintage-y inspired dresses more in the warmer months. They just capture the summer perfectly.

Lace tops are amazing. They go with everything: layered over dresses, with shorts, jeans, and skirts.

I really like this look, except I don't think I could pull this look off -- might be too boho for me. What do y'all think?
*sighs* Chambray button-down, tulle skirt, and sandals are one combination I would love to try out this year. All I need is a tulle skirt, but I'm not willing to pay a bunch of money for one.

What are your favorite fashion looks for spring & summer?

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee | BBC TV Show

I don't know about you, but I love the shows that the BBC comes out with: Call the MidwifeSherlockDoctor WhoThe Great British Bake Off, etc.... Recently I discovered the show, The Great British Sewing Bee on YouTube and it is the perfect sewing show. It features the history of home sewing and fashion in Britain's history -- fascinating stuff! But not only that, it also shows sewing techniques & projects and how you can do them yourself, which is handy for home sewists who would like some sewing tips while watching a television show. Oh, yes, another thing I love about The Great British Sewing Bee is the music! Gotta love listening Doris Day while watching a sewing show -- perfect for the vintage girl at heart.

If you would like to watch the show yourself, search The Great British Sewing Bee episode 1 on YouTube to find the first episode. I won't embed the episodes below, because you never know how long they will stay up. Btw, there are only four episodes.

Have fun watching! (Btw, if you follow my other blog, A Girls Home Life, this is a repeat post.)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Style | The Floral Pencil Skirt

I don't know about you, but I love a good floral pencil skirt. Only problem, I didn't own, well, until I refashioned an old floral skirt that I had lying around. I've had this linen floral maxi skirt that was shaped like a pencil skirt lying around for awhile now. One problem, the length was totally unflattering on me (it was Petites, which could have been part of the problem), so yeah, I never wore it even if I did love the print. When I was considering posting it for sale on my blog, I thought why not refashion it into a pencil skirt?!? So I did, last night at 10 o'clock. Yeah, I kinda like to do my refashioning projects late on Saturday nights. Not sure why? But, hey! Who's complaining? Not me.

Now since this was a last minute late night job, I don't have any before pictures of the skirt. This seems to be a common problem with me. I always rush head on when ever I refashion something, and never take any before pictures, only after. Hmm....I need to reform my ways. Anyhow, since I wanted to wear the skirt to church the next day, I needed some inspiration on how to style the skirt. Enter the wonderful world of Pinterest. I found the following adorable & stylish ways to wear a floral pencil skirt for spring and summer.

Cute, huh? The most common top pairings seem to be the following: gingham, chambray, stripes, or a solid color (either neutral or bright). I decided to take the chambray top as my inspiration, and just add more color with my accessories (jewelry & handbag), since my skirt is more on the muted side -- color wise.  
What I'm Wearing
Floral Pencil Skirt -- Refashioned by Me
Chambray Tunic -- JCP
Wedges -- Payless Shoes
Belt -- Target
Statement Necklace -- c/o Max & Chloe
Coral Earrings -- Target

How would you style this floral pencil skirt? Let me know in the comments below!
The Fashion Canvas

If you are looking for skirts that are cute, stylish, and reasonably priced -- perfect for the fashionista who is on a budget, be sure to check out


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