Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I Wore | You Stole My Heart

::What I'm Wearing:: Chiffon Dress as a top H&M // Cardigan Target // Skirt Made by Me // Converse Gift // Clutch/Purse c/o OASAP // Earrings Gift {BaubleBar} // Nail Polish Rimmel London in English Rose 

One of my top go-to shoes for this month have been my converse. I'm normally not a tennis shoes type of girl {they tend to look awful with skirts & dresses}, but I love how converse look with skirt & dresses -- you girls were right in saying I needed a pair in my life. *grin*

You girls will be excited to know that I'm working on a video & post series for Valentines Day next month. There are going to be beauty tutorials, outfit ideas, snacks you can make, movie reviews -- it is going to be lots of fun! Today I filmed DIY for a Valentines Day nail look, it is adorable!! I can't wait for y'all to see. Now, the Valentines series will start on Friday (February 1st) and end on Valentines (the 14th) there won't be posts/videos everyday, but every few days.    

Sponsor Love

For this month's sponsors post I'll be sharing a few of my favorite things from each sponsor. Sound like fun? Let's get started.

My first sponsor for this month was Fresh Modesty -- have you heard of Olivia's new wide waist band denim skirt e-book? If not, you should really check it out and buy it for your next sewing project.

I'm so excited to have Marie-Madeline Studio back for another month -- they are like my go-to online shopping stop for fabric & cute modest, and fashionable sewing patterns. My current favorite girls pattern is their new, Francie dress & jumper pattern -- too cute! 

I adore this one-shoulder dress from Fancy Prom -- simply beautiful! I go in phases of liking to wear necklaces {I'm more of an earrings girl}, but I really adore the Imladris Filigree necklace from Shealynns Faerus shoppe. The deep purple crocheted ruffle scarf from Wool & What-not is enchanting & perfect for brightening up a dull winter outfit!

What are some of your favorites from any of the sponsors for January?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Houghton Country Ladies Wear

Sometimes I love just stumbling across new UK clothing websites, as they have some of the most inspiring & beautiful clothing over across the pond. My new favorite site that I came across recently is called, Houghton Country -- can I just say, their website is beautiful! 

What I love about Houghton Country is that the clothing sold on their site is a mix of classic, preppy, and traditional English style -- which I adore! One of my favorite finds on the site is the Deer & Dalmatian jumper -- this would look cute paired with either a pencil/a-line skirt, a button down, and a pair of tall boots. 

Another favorite is the pink quilted gilet {we American's call it a quilted vest}, I love how fitted it is and doesn't look too loose & baggy at all -- I like that for my vests. I think this would look adorable with either a jean or polka-dot skirt & a stripe t-shirt {perhaps in navy or grey}.  

The last piece I want to mention in today's post in the jacket in the first picture. This jacket is on the epic side, with all the details it features, and the length, plus I love a jacket with lots of pockets & that collar -- simply amazing! I just need to find a jacket like that in the States.

What is your favorite thing(s) from Houghton Country?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Achieving Peggy Carter's look from Captain America: The First Avenger

I don't know about you, but I really like Peggy Carter's look in Captain America: The First Avenger {2011} -- even if her look isn't historically accurate. Since around this time of year I'm usually in my my dressing vintage mood, I thought why not make tutorials on how I get that vintage look for different eras. Now, my looks aren't 100% vintage accurate, they are more a blend of vintage & modern. I do try my best to be accurate, but I still take creative liberty with my looks to make them more workable for me and with what I own.

If you do to the YouTube page for the tutorial, you will see a list of everything I use to achieve the look. Oh, before I forget. Back in the 1940s Peggy's hair would have never been down while she was in uniform, as hair wasn't supposed to touch the collar. Instead Peggy's hair would have been in a up-do, since I was copying the look in the film I didn't go with the historical accurate look.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, what look/era would you like me to copy next? It could be a character from a TV Show, or Movie if you want.

Summer Fashion Blues

I don't know about you, but I really start dreaming about warmer weather, hanging outside, baseball season, and buying/making some fun & new spring/summer clothes around this time of year. It is also usually around the time of the year when we are having some really cold weather, and sometimes a snow storm or two. Anyhow, I stumbled across this womens clothing online boutique called, Rosie True -- which is located in Florida {they have two brick-and-morter store locations in Jacksonville}. 

This lovely boutique carries a wide variety of unique clothing from designers like: Free PeopleMichael Stars ClothingHudson, etc... I think my most favorite thing I found on the website is the Clay Linen Moto Jacket by: Free People -- simply amazing!! What is your favorite piece?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hannah Everly Designs Product Review

::What I'm Wearing:: Burgundy Bow Skirt c/o Hannah Everly Designs // White T-Shirt StyleMint // Plaid Blazer H&M // Brown Knee-highs Kohl's {I think?} // Mustard Heels Steve Madden {gift} // Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market

Howdy, girls!! Sorry I've kinda dropped off the blogging world for a week. Life has been busy & blogging was put on the back burner this past week. But hey, I'm sure y'all understand. Anyhow, back in December I was sent this fantastic burgundy bow skirt by the Etsy shop, Hannah Everly Designs {who had asked me earlier if I wanted to do a review}. 

This adorable bow skirt comes in the following colors: orange damask, black cotton, gray cotton twill, and in burgundy cotton twill {which is the color I have}. After you have decided which skirt color you want to buy, you will need to know your waist measurement to order your correct size. They have following sizes available: extra small 26", small 28", medium 30", or large 32". Since my waist fluctuates between 27" to 28" I decided to go with a size small 28" -- it works very well for me, just sometimes it is a little loose around the waist, but I don't mind. Also, I request a custom length on the skirt for my hight {I think I requested for it to be 27" long}, since the 25" length for the size small is just a little too short for my taste & hight.

The workmanship on the skirt is fantastic! The material is nice and thick, so you don't feel like you might ruin it if your not carful -- which is awesome for someone like me. If you asked me to rank these skirts from 1 to 10 I would give them a....10!! For workmanship & cuteness factor!! Come on, there is a bow on the front of the skirt and I adore bows.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Favorite Beauty Products?

Instead of me telling YOU what my favorite beauty products are {which I will do sometime at a later date}, I want y'all to tell me YOUR favorite products. You see, I'm always open to trying new things and I've been slowly creating a list of products I would like to try out. But I thought, "hey, instead of having a list of products that a bunch of girls on YouTube love. Why not just ask my readers what their favorite products are, and which ones I should try out."

So I want everyone to leave a comment with your favorite beauty products & brands. Oh, you can also leave recipes for me to make my own. *smile* Here are some questions to just get you started:
  • Favorite nail polish brand/color?
  • Favorite blush?
  • Favorite lipgloss?
  • Favorite makeup brushes?
  • Favorite hairbrush?
  • Favorite body wash?
  • Favorite perfume?
  • Favorite Bath & Body Works scent? Product?
  • Favorite makeup brand?
  • Favorite lipstick?
  • Favorite lip balm?
  • Favorite face mask?
  • Favorite body scrub?
  • Favorite lip scrub?
I can't wait to read y'alls answers!! You can also leave any brands/products that I should avoid trying out.

Selling Your Old Clothes

I don't know about you, but come January/February I'm always wanting to go through my clothes and pull out the things I don't wear anymore, or just need to be thrown out anyway because of stains & such. Right now I'm working on reorganizing my room {which I share with my sister, Hanne-col} and that includes going through my closet -- which is kinda a huge task {and overwhelming might I add}.

Anyhow, after going through your wardrobe you may be wanting to sell some of your own clothes but, don't want to go through the hassle of selling on ebay, or setting up a blog/website just to sell your clothes. Enter a UK based company {this will only be helpful for my UK readers} called, Music Magpie.

You get to sell designer clothes to the website by typing in the brand & garment type, after clicking "get value" you will be given questions to answer about the article of clothing you are wanting to sell. After you fill out everything they will give you a quote, which you can choose to either accept, or decline. Once you have logged in all the clothing you want to trade-in, you will then send in for free via a courier service, or you can drop off everything at your local send shop. After everything arrives to them, they will go through what you sent and confirm everything. Once all of this has been done they will pay you via one of the following options: bank transfer, cheque, e-Vochers, or you can donate the money to charity. This website sounds like a wonderful idea to get rid of the clothes you no longer use!

*This post is sponsored*

Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I Wore | So Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me? I Love You.

::What I'm Wearing:: Gingham Blouse J.Crew Factory // Jumper H&M // Pearl Necklace c/o OASAP // Skinny Jeans GAP Outlet // Boots Bass Shoe Outlet // Pearl Earrings Claire's // Red Lipstick NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencil in Hot Red // Nail Polish Julep in Bette 

Yesterday evening me & Hanne-col went to a book sale with our parents in Indy. It was lots of fun & I found some good treasures {some Agatha Christie books, Born Free Soundtrack record} -- I'll be filming a haul video soon of what I bought at the sale!

I don't know what it is about the weekends, but I've been wearing very preppy looks on Friday's & Saturday's lately {or just in general for my casual outfits}. is an improvement over the way I used to style my jeans last year on the weekend, which is a nice plus. I don't know....I guess I just wanted to finally learn how to wear jeans that looked cute, stylish, and modest. Last year I felt like I really didn't know how to style jeans/pants. Skirts, no problem. Dresses, again no problem. But give me jeans/pants to style & my normal cute style goes mostly out the door. I guess that is partly why I started sharing my weekend look with y'all. Sharing my outfits with you girls helps me grow & develop my style. It also gives me a chance to look back on my outfits, and wonder what on earth I was thinking! *smile* I also think it helps having a great pair of jeans that fit well.

Friday, January 11, 2013

What I Wore | You Raised Me Up From The Wreckage

::What I'm Wearing:: Heart Jumper Target // Chambray Button-down T.J.Maxx // Polka-dot Skirt Made by Me // Bennie Hat Borrowed from Gaby {H&M} // Cowgirl Boots Gift // Black Tights ??? // Red Lipstick NYX Jumbo Lipstick Pencil in Hot Red // Nail Polish Julep in Bette

It has been awhile since I've done these outfit pictures via the full length mirror outfit posts. I don't know about you, but I kinda like this look -- it gives the pictures character. Plus, it is handy for those days that Gaby can't take outfit pictures and I really want y'all to see my outfit {I haven't learned how to take pictures by myself yet}.

I love my new heart jumper that I found in the Target clearance for about $10, whilst down in Florida. It reminds of the ones J.Crew has, except I got mine for way cheeper -- which is always good. While I love my name brands & designers, I'm always happy to settle with a much cheaper look alike from Target or some other store. Only those who really fashion will know the difference, plus I won't feel so guilty if I ruin a cheaper version.

Also, after wearing mostly my sweatpants & Captain America t-shirt for the past like month {since they are the comfiest clothing I own}. I've been in a really outfit inspired mood, and have been coming up with some ideas to try out. I just can't wait for the next day to come soon enough for me to try a new combination out! I guess that is one good thing to come out of being sick for so long -- I'm always really creative afterwards with my outfits. Yay!

Kate's Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to the latest trends, the most demure styles and the ultimate in sophistication; Kate Middleton has it nailed. This is just one of the reasons many of today's fashionistas choose to imitate her style.

The dresses, shoes, hats and coats she has been spotted wearing this season are already flying off the shelves. Kate's wardrobe has a number of advantages, one being its versatility and another, the price tag. 

Although she holds the title of a Duchess, Kate still enjoys shopping on the high street. Many of the brands in her wardrobe are one’s we’re all familiar with, including Reiss, Radley, French Connection, and L. K. Bennett

All of these labels boast a timeless style which generally means each ensemble can be worn again and again over the years. Accessible to those of us without Royal titles, Kate’s style is a definite inspiration – but what would you be likely to find in her capsule wardrobe?

Suited and booted

A good pair of boots is a must for any fashionista. When investing in this style staple it is important to consider the current trends very carefully. Those that desire a quality pair of boots, created in buttery, soft leather will need to think about spending a little more. 

If you purchase an exceptional pair of leather shoes you will begin to see a return on your money in the long run and an important tip to remember is to always choose a timeless style.

Even when wrapped in several layers, Kate still manages to appear chic. This stylish plum number is the perfect example which she has chosen to team with classic suede knee-high boots. This ensemble was worn on a visit to Newcastle's Civic Centre earlier this year.

The boots, entitled the 'Rhumba Boot,' can be purchased from Aquatalia. For a leg lengthening look, choose a similar style that hits just below the knee; heel optional. A great tip involves investing in a protective leather or suede spray. Apply to the shoes prior to wearing them outdoors in order to ensure that they withstand rain, wind and snow.

With winter fast approaching, a leather fabric may be more suited to the snow and showers we are currently experiencing. Gold detailing is very much in this year and adds an extra edge to an otherwise demure style. 

Try the Zeric Tall boots by Enzo Angiolini for a sleek and elegant yet practical style.

Sartorial Style

For St Andrews Day, Kate returned to her old preparatory school, which is located in Berkshire. It was here that she donned a sartorial style complemented by a navy and green tartan Alexander McQueen coat– another great style we can certainly take inspiration from.

Tights and accessories

Black opaque tights are a favourite of the Duchesses' this season, allowing her to don cutesy knee length dresses while still keeping the winter chill at bay. A simple, smooth pair of denier tights will elongate the figure and look stunning – as demonstrated by Kate.

The Duchess fur hat is a very daring choice but if you want to pull it off then make sure you match it with lux coat. 

Alternatively you could opt for a black knit for a more wintery feel and remember to match with your other accessories. Small clutch bags in a complementary shade and delicate jewellery are the perfect finishing touches to this sort of style.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lauren Conrad Beauty {Book Review}

I don't really own that many beauty books since now days you can find so much information on the internet. But, when I heard that Lauren Conrad was coming out with a beauty book last year I immediately pre-ordered her book, since I loved her fashion book. I was not disappointed with my choice to pre-oreder Lauren's book before ever seeing the inside of her book. Lauren gives wonderful beauty tips that line-up a lot with what the Botkin girls talked about in their Reclaiming Beauty webinar last year -- which is simply fantastic!

To give y'all a taste of what is inside Beauty let me share some of the topics that Lauren covers in her book.
  • Finding the true inner beauty in you & working with what you got {not trying to copy someone else}.
  • Taking care of your skin & hair; how stress can effect you; keeping healthy and fit; and learning how what you eat can effect you.
  • Lauren shares some makeup tips, tricks, and techniques she has learned over the years.
  • Lauren shows through pictures on how to recreate some everyday hair & makeup looks and also some party hair & makeup looks.
  • Lauren also shares some tips on creating vintage looks from the 1920s to the 1970s.      
I think this book is great for beginners in the world of hair & makeup as it covers all the basics & teaches you what to do while keeping it all fairly natural {if you know what I mean}. If you are unsure about buying the book online, because you would like to see the inside first, why not check out your local bookstore and see if they carry it first.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I Wore | My Imagination's Takin' Me Away

::What I'm Wearing:: Vintage 1960s Skirt Secondhand // Cream Jumper GAP Outlet // Grey Converse Gift // Polka-dot Tights JCP // Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market // Giraffe Earrings Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

This fun & quirky outfit came together last night while listening to Owl City. I don't know... I kinda love this outfit, as it really captures me within an outfit. The outfit features a good mix of vintage, preppy, classic, and quirky which all adds up to being very me. Also, you can totally wear heels with this outfit for a more dressy look -- I decided to take the more casual route today and wore my new converse {which I adore}. Also, I think the lyrics & sound of Owl City kinda influenced my look for today. What do you think? Do you like this unique and quirky look? It is kinda strange how this unlikely outfit combination strangely goes together.


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