Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore - 1950s Parisian Chic {Refashioned Outfit}

Yesterday I did some much needed refashioning of some of my old clothes. Like this black & white polka-dot dress {which by the way, was the first sewing project featured on BF} & and old '90s Gap kids blouse.  The dress was made for my trip to London back in 2009. I used to wear it all the time. But the neckline, large polka-dots, and dress design made it hard to style this dress. Enter a picture of a polka-dot skirt (was it from Madewell?) floating around Pinterest last Fall. I loved the skirt & thought, ' hey, I could turn this dress into a skirt! I would give me so many more wardrobe options too.' I ripped out the zipper and took the dress apart at the waist/bodice seam. Then I just added a waistband made out of denim, because I don't own black fabric. Oh, yes, and added a new zipper. Very easy fixes.

The blouse has been sitting in my refashioning pile for awhile now {I think for one year, maybe more}. I never knew what to do with it. I love the peter pan collar & white on white embroidery on the blouse. But the sleeves didn't work for me {I have very long arms} and rolling them up didn't work. Then yesterday inspiration hit. Why not just cut off the sleeves and make it into one of those sleeveless blouse I've been seeing this spring. Brilliant! So, that's what I did. Here is the finished result of both pieces.
What I'm Wearing: Refashioned b&w polka-dot skirt made by me // Refashioned '90s Gap Kids blouse // Vintage Belt Secondhand // Sandals Steve Madden // Faux Pearl Necklace borrowed from Gaby 1928 from Kohl's // Faux Pearl Bracelet F21 // Pearl Drop Earrings Brittany Chavers on Etsy  

Don't you just love the backdrop for these pictures? It is the same location as for my ruffly maxi skirt - our church grounds. Aren't they just beautiful?!? 

When I paired these two pieces together last night, visions of 1950s Paris came to mind. It almost seemed like I should be walking along the Seine river, or sitting under the shade of the Eiffel tower, or, one of my favorite options, at a LadurĂ©e shop buying some macarons. *grin* I love this outfit, and I eagerly look forward to wearing both pieces a lot this Spring/Summer. 


  1. I really love it!!!

    Sleeveless doesn't work well on me, so I've never worn anything like that.

    But I know about long arms :P

    And the photo shoot is very pretty!!

  2. Lovely! What an awesome re-do!

  3. Fabulous job! I love polka dots!

  4. Super cute! I love how both turned out, and you've given me the much needed inspiration for some of my own refashions!
    Great photos too! ^^


  5. thanks for the effort to make your photos more pretty by taking them at cool places lately. I know it's really hard to do but I've really enjoyed the photos. :)

  6. You look beautiful, the pictures are fabulous, and the outfit is so fresh, clean, and crisp! LOVE IT!

  7. This is such an adorable combination! I love the dress before, but the skirt after is probably more versatile! :-)You look lovely!

  8. I never thought I'd say this about a vintage dress, as they are my passion, but I think I like this more! That skirt and shirt look wonderful on you! And now I want one.....figures. :)

  9. ah, these pictures are so much fun! seems like you live in a very pretty area! I love how you refashioned your dress :)

  10. Great job, Ashley! The skirt-and-blouse look is so much more flattering on you and very Paris chic. Well done!

    Hee, I like your word--"refashioning." So much nicer than "alterations." :-P

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  11. Nicely done! I love polka dots and the belt with it.

  12. I really love the skirt! I have a weakness for polka dots. *grin*


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