Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shopping With Coupon Codes

I don't know about you? But, I like to get the best deal possible when I go shopping, online or in-store. I also like to get the most for my money. If I can get 10 things for $50, instead of just one thing, I will shop at that store/sale. Enter one of my favorite things to do BEFORE I go shopping {or while I'm at home shopping online}: visit sites filled with coupons. That's way I'm excited to share one of my new favorite coupon sites with y'all today, Coupon Chief.

Say I was going to do some online shopping at Old Navy. I would visit Coupon Chief before checking out to see if there will be any useful Old Navy coupons I could use to save some money. Browsing through the page for Old Navy I can find several coupon codes I could use to save money on my order. Fantastic! 

Coupon Chief also has coupons/codes for Old Time Candy, Forever 21, Target, Barnes & Noble, Payless Shoes, and many more sites! Next time you want to find coupons/codes for when you go shopping either online or in-store, make sure to check out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1780s Dress Musings

Alright, it has been about two years since I made a costume/historical dress {not vintage}. Then suddenly the past few weeks I got the craving to finally finish a 1780s dress that I started back in December of 2010.

I'm using Mrs. Jennie Chancey's Ladies' 1780s Portrait Dress pattern.
The fabric I'm using is a white on white small floral quilting cotton. Very pretty.

I'm hoping to have ruffles around the neckline, on the sleeves, and perhaps down the front.
I'll be gleaning all of my inspiration from screen-caps from the movie, Marie Antoinette {2006}. (Which I haven't seen, btw.)

I already have a pair of stays to go underneath the dress that I made a few years ago. So I don't need to make myself a pair.

I will need to make a chemise to wear underneath the stays, and a full petticoat to wear over the stays {waist to hemline} though. But that won't be too hard and I already have a ton of white muslin in my stash. That's one nice thing about this project, I already own everything I need in my stash. The joys of having a large sewing stash! And would you believe it? I haven't been to the sewing store in over a year. I've bought a few sewing supplies on Etsy here-and-there, but nothing major.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ OOTD Amy Pond in "The Lodger"

Alright, so this outfit post was supposed to go up on Saturday. But, I was unable to take any pictures of my outfit that day {so we had to take pictures yesterday}. Anyhow, I took my inspiration from Amy Pond in the episode, The Lodger {love that episode!} when she wears a kelly green top & navy jacket/cardigan together. {Love that color combo.}

::What I'm Wearing::

Kelly Green T-Shirt // Target
Navy Cardigan // Old Navy
Skinny Jeans // Forever 21
Boots // Bass Shoe Outlet
Bow Post Earrings // Forever 21

 The one thing I really like about Amy's style is all the layers that she wears. Also, I really like her outfits in series 7 {too cute!}. The seventh series has made me want to buy a few things like her's on Black Friday. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Style | Ruffles & Polka-dots

What I'm Wearing: Ruffle Skirt made by me // Blouse Charlotte Russe via Goodwill // Cardigan Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's // Belt Second-hand // Tights J.C.Penny // Boots Target // Earrings F21

I've come to really enjoy the Sunday Style link-up. Since I don't want to repeat my outfits for the link-up it makes me want to change up my outfits for church. But today's outfit was a trial run for the ruffle-y skirt, cause I'll be wearing it to a banquette this Friday {and I wanted to know how tights would react with this type of fabric}. Which brings me to another point. I whipped up this skirt last night after thinking about this up coming week and how I wouldn't have much time to make a formal. As I really wanted to make a 1960s brocade dress for the banquet. So I decided to take some leftover ruffle fabric from an Etsy order to make myself a short ruffle skirt in under 30 minutes. It is really easy to make, really. You can find a ton of tutorials by doing a quick search on Google. Plus, a girl can never have too many ruffles in her wardrobe {that is if she enjoys ruffles}.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ Fashion Link-up

Y'all ready for the fashion link-up? Well, I'm unable to share my outfit right now, so I'll be sharing it later. But, y'all can link up your outfit posts/videos below. I can't wait to see what all of you have done! Now, you do have a few days to link up your outfit{s}.

“You read all the books and they tell you you'll know what to do if you follow your instincts. I have no instincts.” - Craig

Friday, October 26, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ Police Box Re-Useable Shopping Bag

We have another fun DW themed giveaway for y'all! Tonight's giveaway is brought to you from Geekiana a wonderful Etsy shop filled with t-shirts, scarfs, hoodie's, and bags! 

One of you lovely people will win this TARDIS shopping bag. Perfect for any kind of shopping trip you have planned {Black Friday anyone?}. To enter, simply fill out the rafflecopter below.

The giveaway is open Worldwide. On November 3rd @ 11:59PM the giveaway ends, a winner will be chosen and emailed on November 5th.

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ DW Inspired Outfits {Part 2}

Can you believe the DW blog party is almost over? Tomorrow is the last day and if you have done any inspired outfits for the party, you will want to link them up tomorrow. Anyhow, on to the outfits!

Our first look for today is inspired by Rose Tyler in the episodes, The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances. Rose is seen wearing a Union Jack tee, puffer winter jacket, jeans, hoop earrings, and tennis shoes. This is one of my favorite outfits of Rose's...maybe it is because of the Union Jack tee.

::What I'm Wearing::
Union Jack Tee // Made by Me
Bomber Jacket // Target
Jean Skirt // Paulina Carmel
Converse // Borrowed from Hanne-col
Hoop Earrings // J.C.Penny

Next up, Rose's 1950s outfit from the episode, The Idiot' Lantern. I was inspired to recreate this outfit after learning that two of our friends are Doctor Who fans, and one of them really wanted to recreate this outfit. So, I set about recreating it in my own way. Now, my dress is coral, while her's is pink. Also, her jacket is a grey leather jacket.

::What I'm Wearing::
1950s Coral Dress // Birthday gift {Etsy}
Military Jacket // Anne Taylor Loft via Thrift Store
1950s Slip // hand-me-down from a friend
Tights // J.C.Penny
Flats // Steve Madden via Sams Club
Earrings // Target

Our final outfit for Rose is from The Stolen Earth & Journey's End. This outfit can be fairly easy to recreate. Just find a pinkish/purply tee & fingerless gloves, black dress pants, leather jacket {purple is preferred}, hoop earrings, and some black boots. If I had a purple leather jacket, my outfit would be a dead ringer for Rose's.

::What I'm Wearing::
Bomber Jacket // Target
Tee Shirt // Old Navy
Dress Pants // Anne Taylor via Goodwill
Boots // Bass Shoe Outlet
Fingerless Gloves // Target
Hoop Earrings // J.C.Penny

My Amy Pond outfit is a combination of her looks. I could easily recreate some of her outfit looks, but I want to grab inspiration from her look in general for today's outfit. Borrowing a striped sweater tee from Gaby, and wearing a jean skirt, cowgirl boots, and colored tights I think my outfit fully captures Amy Pond's style.

::What I'm Wearing::
Sweater Tee // Borrowed from Gaby {H&M}
Jean Skirt // Paulina Carmel
Purple Tights // J.C.Penny
Boots // Target


The final look for today is inspired by River Song, I didn't really think I has anything that copied her look. So when Gaby suggested that my ModCloth dress kinda looked like something River would wear, I was eager to see how I could style it to be even more her. I wore a blazer over the dress & belted it, and I debated with myself on wether I should wear heels or boots with the outfit. Boots won in the end - it just seemed more River {even though she wears heels a lot too}.  

::What I'm Wearing::
Dress // ModCloth
Blazer // Forever 21
Belt // Forever 21
Pearl Drop Earrings // Etsy
Boots // Bass Shoe Outlet

Which look is your favorite?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party ❘ DW Inspired Outfits {Part 1}

Ready for my first post of DW inspired outfits? Well, today I'm going to be sharing outfits inspired by the 10th and 11th Doctor's, Rory, and Captain Jack Harkness. {We will get to the girls tomorrow.}

First off, the blue suit outfit that 10 wears. I really wanted copy his brown suit, since it so iconic AND it is my favorite. But I couldn't find anything...wait a minute...I might have just thought of some things that might just work. Oh, well...I'll have to share my idea at a later point..anyways....back to the blue suit. For my inspired outfit I decided to wear a lot of blue, converse shoes {I really need to get myself a pair}, and a trench coat. I think it works alright. What do y'all think?

::What I'm Wearing:: 
Blue Blouse // Anthropologie
Blue Cardigan // Target
Blue Skirt // Secondhand
Converse // Borrowed from my sister, Hanne-col
Trench Coat // H&M

 {pretend I'm holding a sonic screwdriver.}

Captain Jack Harkness is next. Who also happens to wears a lot of blue. Now, to really add to the outfit I should have made a pair of red suspenders and wore a brown belt. Oh, least my coat is very Jack-like. 

::What I'm Wearing::
Chambray Blouse // J.C.Penny
Blue Skirt // Secondhand
Wool Blue Coat // Target
Boots // Target

Next up, the 11th Doctor. Now, I don't have anything tweed so I just had to use what I have a navy blazer {I really want this tweed blazer from H&M that is just like 11's}. I did make a bow tie though. Except looking at the pictures, I keep thinking Mary Poppins. It could just be me. Not sure. It could be the navy blazer with the red bow tie that is making me think that.

::What I'm Wearing::
Wool Navy Blazer // Goodwill
Striped Button-down // Land's End Canvas via Goodwill
Jean Skirt // Made by Me
Oxford Heels // Forever 21
Bow & Heart Pin // American Girl
Red Felt Bow Tie // Made by Me 

The last one for today is Rory "Pond" Williams from the 7th series. When putting together a Rory outfit from the 7th series is best to think: layers, hipster, and rugged. I had stumbled upon the following outfit when trying to find ways to style my oxblood jeans. I thought, "Hey! This outfit is very Rory! I should share it during the blog party." Of course, lace-up boots would be great for the Rory look, except I don't have any - yet. I really want to get a pair once Target starts putting their Winter shoes on clearance.

::What I'm Wearing::
Jean Shirt // Miley Cyrus brand @ Walmart via Goodwill
Striped Tee // Forever 21
Oxblood Skinny Jeans // H&M
Oxford Flats // ModCloth
Belt // Secondhand
Watch // American Girl

Which one is your favorite?


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