Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Build a Wardrobe

How to Build a Wardrobe

Over the years, I’ve been asked on several occasion to share on how to build a wardrobe from scratch if one is wanting to start dressing modestly, yet chic. When I was first asked this question, I didn’t feel like I knew all the answers, especially since I was just learning myself. In fact, my entire fashion journey of wanting to dress more stylish, yet modestly is documented here on Bramblewood Fashion. So, yeah I wasn’t ready before, but now that I have learned more about fashion, what are my go-to’s, and I have learned tips on finding good quality clothes at a bargain price [for me at least]. Also, I have been personally helping a friend build her wardrobe over the past year [Hello, Liz!]. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Favorite Old Hollywood Videos

Hey lovelies! It has been forever since I've done just a random post filled with nonsense, mostly because I feel like my posts need to be top-notch and professional now days. So here is a post filled with clips of videos found on YouTube of some of my favorite Old Hollywood actors/singers moments, on either on the silver screen or television.

Judy Garland & Barbra Streisand | Happy Days Are Here Again

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday Style | Festive Red Dress

Hello lovelies! Our church had their Thanksgiving dinner after the service yesterday, and for the occasion I really dressed up. There is something about dressing up for the holiday's that I really love. Call me old-fashioned, but I really love the holiday traditions of days gone by which include dressing up for the holiday's.

What about you? Do you like dressing up for the holiday's?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas from Abbey | Guest Post

Hey there, lovelies! My name is Abbey and I blog over at Miss Abbey Noelle. I'm mostly a fashion blogger, but I do occasionally post DIY'S, recipes, vlogs, and random updates! I found Ashley's lovely blog about a year ago and I absolutely adore her fashion posts! Her Ulta chic outfits are a recent favorite of mine. So thank you Ashley, for letting me guest post!

Alrighty, since Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I thought I'd share three of my outfit ideas for the Holiday! I'm totally a dresses + skirts kinda girl, but I did throw in a more casual outfit for you to see. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

What I Wore | House Cleaning

Hello lovelies! It has been awhile since I've done an outfit post for y'all. I seriously need to remedy this lack of outfit posts...of course, I have good reasons for not being able to do post during late October/early November as we were all busy working on our Dad's banquet [I edited six videos, all of which Gaby had filmed]. So yeah, we had that along with Church events that we were apart of helping out with, so you could say that we have been incredibly busy within the past several weeks. But enough about the past, let's talk about today's outfit.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Natasha Styling Skinny Jeans | Guest Post

Hello there, ladies! My name is Natasha and I blog over at What I Wear, What I Do And Why I Did It-otherwise known as "A Modest Fashion Blog."

I'm excited to post today on Ashley's blog, she was one of the first blogs I followed years ago.

A slightly controversial subject amongst modest fashion bloggers is the subject of pants. Some will not agree with me that pants CAN be modest (though not 100% of the time). And that's okay! Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even me.


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