Friday, March 27, 2015

Everyday Makeup | My Beauty Picks

My everyday look
Hello everyone! For the past week or two I have been wearing pretty much the same makeup look everyday and to work. I thought I would share that look with you today, along with what products I used and how you can achieve the look yourself.

This also marks my first makeup post that doesn't involve a video tutorial too, so we will see how this goes.

Now, personally I use a mix drugstore, high-end, and independent products in my looks -- as long as the product works for me I don't care what the price was. Well, of course, most of the higher-end products were either bought on sale [or with discounts], sent to me from PR's, or I received in subscription boxes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I Wore | Casual Chic

Hello everyone! How has your day been? I've had a rather chill day filming YouTube videos, editing videos, running errands to Target & Starbucks, and closing off my evening watching DW with my brother and sister, Hanne-col. Ooo...and I just realized that today is Wednesday so it means a new episode of Broadchurch will be airing on BBC America. Yay! Is anyone else a fan of this show?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Scarves Collaboration with Southern Belle in Training!

Hello everyone! How are y'all doing? I've been keeping busy with work, Bible Study, Seniors Luncheon, hanging out with friends, etc..., that I've haven't put too much time into blogging lately. Though of course, it really hasn't been that long since I've done a bunch of posts, but to me personally it feels likes years. I guess that is what happens when you blog weekly for almost six years [I think] come August. Anyhow....onto today's post, which is going to be a fun one.

I'm do a fun collaboration post with Annaliese over at Southern Belle in Training today, where we each share how we style scarves with our outfits, so be sure to check out her blog to see her post too. You can see a little sample of her outfit in the picture below. :) Anyhow, Annaliese is a young Christian lady who is attending college in the south [hello sunshine!], loves fashion and makeup [like me], and is from Maine originally.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's in My Purse? | Spring 2015

Hello everyone! I've been meaning to share what is inside my purse for Spring for awhile now, and I finally got around to it today. *smile* I've done these before on our YouTube channel, but never as a picture post. 

The handbag that I've been carrying around lately has been this Elle satchel from Kohl's, that I had picked up for a really good deal on clearance several years ago. Anyhow, when ever Spring comes around I like to pull out my big colorful bags to lug my stuff around, instead of the smaller bags I use in the Wintertime. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Video Updates

I was noticing that there were several YouTube video of mine that I never got around sharing with y'all, so I thought I would take today to share them with y'all. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

"Cinderella" Spring Style | Fashion LookBook

Hello everyone! In celebration of the new Disney live-action film coming out today in the States, I have created a Spring fashion LookBook inspired by Cinderella. I kept everything girly, with touches of that certain shade of blue that always brings Cinderella to ones mind.


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