Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lauren Conrad Beauty {Book Review}

I don't really own that many beauty books since now days you can find so much information on the internet. But, when I heard that Lauren Conrad was coming out with a beauty book last year I immediately pre-ordered her book, since I loved her fashion book. I was not disappointed with my choice to pre-oreder Lauren's book before ever seeing the inside of her book. Lauren gives wonderful beauty tips that line-up a lot with what the Botkin girls talked about in their Reclaiming Beauty webinar last year -- which is simply fantastic!

To give y'all a taste of what is inside Beauty let me share some of the topics that Lauren covers in her book.
  • Finding the true inner beauty in you & working with what you got {not trying to copy someone else}.
  • Taking care of your skin & hair; how stress can effect you; keeping healthy and fit; and learning how what you eat can effect you.
  • Lauren shares some makeup tips, tricks, and techniques she has learned over the years.
  • Lauren shows through pictures on how to recreate some everyday hair & makeup looks and also some party hair & makeup looks.
  • Lauren also shares some tips on creating vintage looks from the 1920s to the 1970s.      
I think this book is great for beginners in the world of hair & makeup as it covers all the basics & teaches you what to do while keeping it all fairly natural {if you know what I mean}. If you are unsure about buying the book online, because you would like to see the inside first, why not check out your local bookstore and see if they carry it first.


  1. I ordered this book from my library and am excited to see what it holds for me! I love all things beauty, health, fitness, and fashion. I just wish I was better at them!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I must definitely check that book out :)

  3. Thanks Ashley! I'll be checking it out! :)


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