Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Pinteresting Wednesday - Bucket List


For "How Pinteresting Wednesday" I thought it would be fun to have Bucket List has the theme. Showing y'all a peek into what I would love to do/visit/own/etc... *smile*

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I always wanted to visit "The House that Ruth Built" after seeing, The Pride of the Yankees. But I guess now it will have to be the new yankee stadium. Oh well.

That would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g! I saw a ton of them go up on July 4th last year - it was beautiful!

It sounds so cozy & wonderful! Besides, I adore London. It is one of my favorite cities.

That would be lovely. But first, my friends will have to meet someone, then get engaged for that to happen. *grin*

This slowly becoming real for me. My fall/winter wardrobe is now full of pieces I love {just missing a few things}. I just need to work on my spring/summer wardrobe now.

It would be so much fun to visit Britain again, but with either/or both{!} Gabrielle {my sister} and Achaia {my best friend} too.

I've always wanted to do this since I found out about. When that was I don't know.

It would be so Roman Holiday to do so.

YES!!! I've been eyeing the macarons at Trader Joe's lately.....has anyone tried them? Are they any good?

That would be awesome! As I loved the pizza I had in Little Italy which is in Boston, MA.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


*sighs* I would mostly just window shop in Paris....because my favorite brands cost way more then I would ever spend. {Dior, Chanel, etc....}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Someday I will visit New York City......

....and I will shop....

.....& go to a Broadway show on Broadway.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

It sounds like so much fun!

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

My favorite cars are all classics. *grin*

I would love to visit Egypt. 

This would be so much fun! It would be even more fun if the movie was from either the 1940s, 50s, or early 60s!

YES! And just Europe in general. 

What are some things on your bucket list?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


  • Well, we are back home from Texas. We arrived very early this morning {only about a little after midnight}. 
  • All of us kids have came down sick within the past three days. Not fun.
  • The Film Academy & Film Festival was amazing. {I'll be blogging about both later this week.} 
  • I'm itching to sew. 
  • I have three sewing projects already done this year {pictures coming sometime, not sure when}. 
  • I love getting mail from overseas.
  • My huge blog event starts on Sunday. I'm starting to write up some of the posts now.
  • I have several product review posts to do.
  • I'm watching Downton Abbey for the first time. {can't really recommend it so far to younger readers...maybe older ones.....I love the costumes.} 
  • I really want to make a 1910's outfit.
  • Train cases are amazing on trips.
  • I loved having a mocha every morning this past week. ♥
  • I have a lot planned for Bramblewood Fashion in the coming weeks and months.
  • While at the Film Academy I learned a lot about Branding yourself/company/etc... It was very interesting and it means that my Etsy shop will get a whole new look & their will be new items.
  • Be sure to answer the blog survey I have up.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Post | Olivia Howard {Fresh Modesty}

Hey y'all! I'm Olivia Howard from Fresh Modesty, my fashion blog, and Working with Eager Hands, my sewing blog. I'm a big-town to smaller-country-town transplant who is ever-so-slowly realizing that heels aren't always practical. =P My goal as a blogger is to encourage girls to dress modestly and gracefully with flattering, classy style, moderation, and creativity because we are ambassadors of Christ.

Ashley was so kind to ask me to guest post! I think we all agree she and Gabrielle have one of the best fashion blogs around. =)

Like Natasha, another guest poster this month, I do not believe that being modest equals being frumpy. As girls, we can have so much fun with our clothes! There are booku ways to get creative with eclectic combinations and colors. =) From our hair to our toenails, we have so many options! =D My personal style has taken some twists and turns through the years. I'd probably describe it now as just oxymoronic- hearty/dainty/fresh/classic/hippie/modern/country/city/feminine/rustic. =P Maybe I'm just confused. ;)

What I'm wearing: Arizona Tank- JCPenny's | Gray sweater shirt- Khol's | Skirt- Made by me | Gray bow boots- Steinmart | Scarf- souvenir gift from Scotland | Hay- courtesy of hungry cows ;) | Jewelry- by Droplette

An exercise I sometimes do on my blog is give a brief explanation of what I think makes an outfit "work". Today's outfit is pretty easy- The cornflower blue playful skirt gives some color to the simple gray shirt and boots. The boots' height and slim style help give the midi-length skirt a slimming quality. The scarf gave some extra warmth and a bit of extra color and texture. I love wearing chokers with V-necks to draw attention to the face, while the long drop earrings are flattering to my face shape. I don't wear my hair in a ponytail often, but because I had crimped my hair the night before, it gave enough texture and volume to it for a ponytail to be interesting and necessary. =D

Just because heels aren't always practical doesn't mean we
shouldn't indulge. ;) Suede high-heeled boots are a weakness of mine and
yes, I jumped around the hay barn rafters in mine for y'all. :D Scroll through
my fashion blog archives and you'll see I do a lot of balancing on
precarious perches for pictures. *grin*

Thanks for thinking of me, Ashley!
Eep! Gabrielle & I adore your outfit, Olivia! Can we come to your house and raid your closet? *grin* Well, girls....Olivia is one of our favorite bloggers. We love her sewing projects & her outfits. We dearly want to meet up with her someday.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Sewing Projects | "Sherlock Holmes" inspired Jacket {1958}

Today's sewing project was made back in January of 2008. I used Simplicity 2841, which is from 1958, and did view 3.

The fabric was a remnant from the Home Decor section at Joann Fabric. I also remember I got it 50% off. This was my first time ever making a jacket, doing fabric covered buttons, and the first time working with a wool.

Let's see what else...ah, yes! The collar was not fun to put in {I still don't like doing collars, facings, and the like...}. I had to keep taking it out and putting it back in at least three times before I just had to stop, because the fabric was starting to fray like crazy.

1958 Jacket front

1958 Jacket back

Gabrielle, made a skirt out of the same fabric {she used a 1950s pattern}that I used to wear with this jacket a lot. In fact, I wore this jacket with her skirt when I went to vote for the very first time for the Presidentially election back in November of 2008. I have worn this jacket once on the blog. You can see pictures here.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Post | Beth Ann {Genuine Beauty}

I am a twenty-two year old Christian blogger who has recently moved from Indiana to South Carolina with my family of twelve (I'm the eldest of 10 ;).
I really enjoy a good book (Tamera Alexander is a favorite authoress of mine), deep conversations and writing down my thoughts. I like listening to indie folk-pop music when I want to relax, doing crafty/artsy projects to unwind, and watching the TCM movie channel while folding laundry.
Just for the record, grainy iPhone pics = a vintage look.  And I'll just keep telling myelf that.
Have a wonderful week!
Beth Ann
Aww....your outfit is adorable, Beth Ann! And it looks so cute & comfy - yet stylish. *grin* Everyone, be sure to check out Beth Ann's blog.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are off once again.....

We are on the road again....yep, we haven't been home for one week yet. Anyways, we left early this morning {about 5AM} for San Antonio, Texas. We should arrive in San Antonio Sunday afternoon. I will have internet access all of next week, but very little time to ever be on. I'll be having two guest posts next week and one or two posts of my own that are scheduled to go up. And of course, once we get back I'll tell y'all about SAICFF.  Oh yes, well be back home on the 27th.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Guest Post - Marie {Marie Loves....}

What I'm wearing: Black trench Cato // Scarf borrowed from husband! // Cardigan Pull&Bear // Tank Old Navy // Boots Dave Mayer // Necklace Brighton // Earrings Meli Melo

Hello! I'm so honored to be
guest posting here at Bramblewood Fashion today. My name is Marie and
I'm a modest fashion blogger living in the country of Romania with my
handsome husband! I'm an avid photographer, with a passion for music,
interior design, puppies, sunshine, coffee, journaling, and all things
european and vintage. Stop by my blog to say hello and
find out more! XO, Marie.
I adore your outfit, Marie! There isn't a single thing about your outfit that I don't like. *smile* Everyone, be sure to check out Marie's blog!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giveaway Winner for Friendship Bracelets

The winner for the Friendship Bracelets is.......drumroll please.......

Lauren! Congratulations! I've left a comment on your blog with my email address. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Wore - Young At Heart

What I'm Wearing: Tench Coat Christmas gift {H&M} // Polka-dot 1940s Swing Dress made by me {pattern review} // Emerald Green Cardigan Target // Seamed Tights F21 // Oxfords F21 // Friendship Bracelets made by me // Vintage Pin Antique Mall // Pearl Clustered Earrings Claire's

Hello everyone! As you can tell we are back home; have been since Sunday evening. I might do one or two more posts this week. But most of the posts coming up at the end of this week (and all of next week) will be scheduled {along with more guest bloggers!}.

For Valentines today I decided to dress 1940s. Gabrielle did my hair last night {with a curling iron}! Yes, my hair really holds curls well overnight. And then I wore a red tint on my lips & a touch of rouge on my cheeks. 

Today I've been making a ton of friendship bracelets in a bunch of colors. This is in fact, my first time ever making them. I used to wear them about ten years ago - and loved them! They have to be my favorite type of bracelet as they don't make a bunch of noise, or feel funny on my wrist. In fact, I forget I'm even wearing them.


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