Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 for 30 Remix Challenge ❘❘ Day 17

::What I'm Wearing::
Hot Pink Pencil Skirt -- Made by Me
Refashioned '80s Blouse -- Thrifted
Necklace -- c/o Max & Chloe

Today was kinda a low-key day for me (but you couldn't tell from today's outfit), I reorganized some things in my room, filmed my April favorites video, and cooked dinner with Hanne-col while listening to Michael Buble's latest album & the Jack Benny Radio Show

About my outfit for today, I started out wearing my jean jacket, but it really warmed up later in the day so I took that off. I kinda feel like today's outfit is kinda a late '50s/early '60s inspired outfit with the pencil skirt & loose blouse. Anyhow, I adore this skirt and I can't wait for this challenge to be over so I can find more tops that can go with it. The refashioned blouse is one of my favorites, mostly because of the lace & how long it is on me. Because of the length it looks amazing with skinny jeans (which is an outfit combination I will do during this challenge if it is ever warm, when I am wearing my jeans).

Y'all can link up your outfit post below. 

Sugar Pie Girl Review

If you are looking for a place to buy some hair flowers and headbands, let me recommend Sugar Pie Girl to you! They ship amazingly fast, their stuff is adorable, and their prices aren't that bad at all.

 Jane - $10
Elsie - $12

::Don't have a picture of me wearing the purple headband yet.::
Audrey - $10

Some highlights about Sugar Pie Girl::

  • Cute designs.

  • Fast shipping.

  • Cute packaging.

  • Reasonable prices.

  • Headbands don't give me headaches, or squeeze my head. Yay!

  • The flower pin looks great on just about everything (long necklaces, tee shirts, blazers, cardigans, in your hair, etc....) 

  • What is your favorite thing(s) from Sugar Pie Girl? Let me know in the comments below.

    Monday, April 29, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 16

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    White V-Neck Tee Shirt -- Target
    White Tank -- JCP
    Mint Pants -- H&M
    Nude Flats -- Steve Madden via Sams Club
    Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store
    Bow Tie Earrings -- Forever 21
    Nail Polish -- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Rapid Red

    Howdy everyone! How are y'all doing today? I went to work today, and when I came home this afternoon I ran a few errands with my Mom and sister, Abby. Also, this weekend my horrible spring allergies have started up and for the next couple of days my right eye is going to be causing me some trouble. You see, if you don't remember from past years around this time (when everything is in full bloom) my right eye tends to get infected & will swell up for about 4 days to a week every year. But enough about allergies, I should talk about my outfit for today. 

    I pulled out my mint pants for today (to give my jeans a break), and just kept the outfit clean & simple (hmmm...simple seams to be my thing right now) with just a simple white tee, jean jacket, and nude flats. When I was at work and running errands I did grab my mustard Nica crossbody bag, because it is roomy & easy to wear when going around town.

    I can't wait to see what y'all wore today, link up your post below.

    Sunday, April 28, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge ❘❘ Day 15

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Floral Circle Skirt -- Made by Me
    White Tee Shirt -- StyleMint
    Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store
    Belt -- Forever 21
    Oxford Flats -- ModCloth
    Earrings -- Little Black Bag

    Hello everyone! Did you y'all have a good Lord's day? Today to church (and the whole day, in fact) I wore one of my very favorite skirts -- my floral circle skirt that always makes me feel amazing in. You know what? I bet that your favorite clothes to wear, are the ones that look best on you & you feel  amazing wearing. Am I right? 'Cause I know that is true for me. Anyhow, I kept today's outfit fairly simple with just a plain white tee shirt, jean jacket (for added warmth & to complete the outfit), belt to define the waist underneath the jacket, and for comfort I wore my floral oxford flats. I seem to go in phases with my shoes, and right now I'm really into flats, before that I was into boots, and before that it was heels. Hmm...it be the influence of the weather that brings these shoe moods. Because flats tend to make me think of Spring, not sure why though. 

    I should mention that today marks the half-way mark of the challenge. Yay! The rest of the challenge should go fairly quickly now, at least it did for me last time. Y'all can link up your outfit for today below.

    Saturday, April 27, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 14

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Skinny Jeans -- GAP Outlet
    Navy Cardigan -- Old Navy
    DW & Belle Tee Shirt -- Threadless
    Converse -- Gift
    Bow Tie Earrings -- Forever 21

    Ah, yes, hello everyone! As you can see, I pulled out my DW/Belle tee shirt for today and because the weather can't make up it's mind if is winter or spring, I also added a navy cardigan (which take the place of my blazer). I was counting up my items today and I think I still have room for any changes I might need in my selection of thirty items in the coming days, that way I'm ready for what ever season it decides to be each day. *smile* Anyhow, to add to the DW theme I wore my bow tie post earrings and converse too. But then again, I seem to be always wearing my converse, but that is because they are so comfy and they go with dresses/skirts/jeans/shorts, you know simply everything in my wardrobe. I can see why y'all highly recommend that I get myself a pair of converse last year, as they are awesome!

    Well, I better get going. Y'all can link up your outfit for today below.

    Marilyn Monroe's cocktail dress fetches a pretty penny

    A ‘Hollywood Legends’ auction held this month saw the sale of a range of historic film memorabilia, which went for huge prices to some (very wealthy) film buffs. Amongst the items was a cocktail dress worn by screen siren Marilyn Monroe, which sold for $25,000 – rather a lot of money for a second-hand frock! Still, Marilyn is considered one of the 20th century's most iconic women, famed for her blonde hairdo and bombshell, feminine style.

    Hers is a look which will never go out of fashion, and her choice of dresses has interested everyone the world over. In 2012 the famous white dress Marilyn wore in The Seven Year Itch went on display in the UK for the first time, at the V&A’s ‘Hollywood Costume’ exhibition. This same dress was sold in an auction in 2011 for a staggering $4.6 million! If you fancy stealing Marilyn’s style but don’t quite have the megabucks to fund it, there are more purse-friendly ways of looking and feeling like a film star.


    Marilyn’s evening wear style was all about figure-hugging dresses featuring v-shaped necklines, balanced with more demure on-the-knee hemlines. For a similar look, get dressed up in one of the gorgeous dresses available amongst the range of cocktail dresses from Very.co.uk. Many of the dresses look very old Hollywod glam and capture the look you are wanting. Like Marilyn’s favourite frocks, the hemline of these evening dresses sits on the knee, creating an elegant and ladylike silhouette.


    Just like all of us, Marilyn dressed down during the day but was still able to maintain her signature style. Again, her secret was to choose pieces which fitted her to the tee and emphasised her womanly figure. A black polo neck jumper in a ribbed fabric is slimming, and will look great with a narrow waist-cinching belt. Marilyn often teamed a polo neck with cigarette-cut trousers, which have seen a return to our high streets in recent years. Matched with heels for a feminine style a la Marilyn.

    Do you have a favorite movie, or still picture that you love of hers? I think my favorite film that I've seen of her's is, How to Marry a Millionaire {1953}.

    Friday, April 26, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge ❘❘ Day 13

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Chambray Button-down -- T.J.Maxx
    Gingham Skirt -- Made by Me
    Belt -- Forever 21
    Oxfords -- ModCloth
    Coral Statement Necklace -- c/o Max & Chloe

    How is everyone doing this fine Friday? Us kids have big plans, since our parents are away for the weekend, we got Taco Bell for dinner, milkshakes for dessert, and we will be watching old TV shows from the 50s & 60s, and perhaps a movie (Princess Bride or something) to end off the night. Then tomorrow we all have to take our brother to his double-header baseball game, so that will be fun. Of course, that means we can't stay up too late tonight, otherwise we would arrive late for the game tomorrow and that can't happen, 'cause the team is having their pictures taken before the game. Well, I better get going, because my siblings are calling for me so we can start our TV shows. 

    What did you wear today? Link up your outfit below.  

    Watches for Spring & Summer

    Vintage Inspired Watches

    I don't know about you, but once the warmer hits I like wearing wearing watches (must be because of the shorter sleeves). I did some searching for y'all and found some adorable vintage inspired watches for you. The first two watches are by Invicta, watches three, four, and five are from ModCloth, and the sixth watch is by Stuhrling. Aren't they adorable? I can't decided which is my favorite, perhaps my top three favorite watches are number: 1, 5, and 6. 

    Now, I have an idea on how could style one of these watches for everyday, that has a touch of vintage inspiration. The outfit kinda reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, with some girly touches added (that are very much my style). 

    Spring Fashion

    One of the easiest ways to style a vintage inspired watch for spring & summer is by pairing it with a simple skirt, white button-down, and some cute vintage inspired shoes like these oxford heels I found. Doesn't this look so cool, and refreshing for a warm spring or summer afternoon. I can just imagine taking a picnic in this outfit: with a cool stream trickling by, oldie music playing from a turntable, and perhaps a game of crochet going on with a bunch of friends. *sighs* Sounds lovely to me.

    Which of the watches that I featured today are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

    Thursday, April 25, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 12

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Stripe Tee Shirt -- Forever 21
    Skinny Jeans -- GAP Outlet
    Floral Post Earrings -- Forever 21
    Mint Socks -- Forever 21
    Converse -- Gift

    Hello everyone! Yes, today's post is on the late side and I can safely say that Saturday's post will be too, 'cause I have to drive my brother to his double-header baseball game that day. But *fingers crossed* tomorrow's post shouldn't be, 'cause I'm going to try and take pictures in the morning. I'm starting to wonder if I really had the time to host this challenge, but I'm sure y'all don't mind my post's scattered schedule time, and how they go back and forth between photos & OOTD video posts. *grin* Well, I had no idea that life would get so crazy, but that's life. 

    Y'all can link up your outfit post below. 

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 11

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Mint Twill Pants -- H&M
    Coral Tunic -- Target
    Jean Jacket -- Express via Thrift Store
    Oxford Flats -- ModCloth
    Bow Tie Earring Posts -- Forever 21

    Hello lovelies! I tried to get this post up earlier today, but blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures. Very strange. Anyhow, it was quite chilly today so I pulled out my mint pants, coral tunic (since I love those two colors together), and for some added warmth, my jean jacket. Now, I only wore the oxford flats around the house, 'cause I changed my shoes (converse) when I went out this evening with my Mom and siblings (those in high-school had Bible study), while the rest of us went to Starbucks, Trader Joe's, and Half-Price (I found some lovely '45s for twenty-five cents each). This afternoon I worked on learning What Makes You Beautiful on the guitar (which I've just started learning how to play, so I'm a newbie), it is taking me while to learn the chords, since I have a hard time remembering them. *sighs*

    Y'all can link up your outfit post below. 

    Tuesday, April 23, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge | Day 10 (+eShakti Review)

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Coral/Watermelon Pink Dress -- c/o eShakti
    Silk & Lace Blouse -- H&M
    Coral Statement Necklace -- c/o Max & Chloe
    Floral Post Earrings -- Forever 21
    Flats -- Steve Madden via Sams Club

    I'm in love with my newest eShakti dress. It fits me like a dream and I didn't have to sew it! Now, I don't mind sewing my own dresses, but sometimes it is a fun treat to get a dress that fits you perfectly that you didn't have to make yourself. Normally, I don't buy my dresses (unless they are vintage, or too cute to pass up) since I have an odd sizing, plus I'm on the taller side too which can add more problems. Enter a site that you can custom order clothing in your size: eShakti. The last time I did a review for them I just picked a ready-made size dress, and that was alright but it didn't fit like this one. Which is why I took their suggestion to try out their custom order feature. Also, when putting in your measurement round up your measurements, it is always better to have a little wiggle room, than not enough I say. *smile*

    Let me share some of my highlights on ordering from eShakti.  
    • You can custom order any item to YOUR measurements for an extra $7.50. Which is great for those who struggle finding clothing that fits THEM.
    • They have a quick turn-around time when ordering from them.
    • You can pick if you want your dress to have sleeves, or not and what style you want.
    • You get to decided what length your dress or skirt is.
    • They have adorable designs, there is something for everyone!
    What is your favorite item from eShakti? Let me know in the comments below.

    What did you wear today for the remix challenge?

    Monday, April 22, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge ❘❘ Day 9

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Tee Shirt -- Target
    Chevron Skirt -- Made by Me
    Key Necklace -- Forever 21
    Converse -- Gift

    Hello all of my lovelies! How was your Monday? I had work today and then after dinner I filmed two nail polish related videos, and my outfit video for today. Yeah, I know...I'm kinda doing a overkill of OOTD videos right now on Bramblewood Fashion, but I can't help it. Videos are easy to film & edit (for me at least), plus you can add music to them giving y'all a better glimpse to "who I am" and what I like. *smile* While we are on the subject of music, is anyone else excited for Michael Buble's new album? I'm going to Target tomorrow to pick up my cd, then of course, I'll be listening to it when I'm driving home. *happy sigh*

    My outfit today was kept simple and fairly low-key, with just a skirt, tee shirt, converse, and a simple necklace. Yes, I know I wear my converse a lot, but I can't help it as they are so comfy and look good with most of clothes. You could almost say they are like my red TOMS from the remix challenge I did last summer, remember when I wore those in almost every outfit post. *grin* What can I say? When I find a favorite pair of shoes that are: comfy, look good with skirts & pants, and are cute I tend to wear them all the time.  

    Sunday, April 21, 2013

    30 for 30 Remix Challenge ❘❘ Day 8

    ::What I'm Wearing::
    Lace Dress -- H&M
    Cardigan -- Target
    Grey Underskirt -- Thrift Store
    Belt -- Target
    Polka-Dot Tights -- Target
    Oxford Heels -- Forever 21
    Key Necklace -- Forever 21
    Bow Tie Earrings -- Forever 21
    Nail Polish -- Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Wined Up

    Today's outfit for church was perhaps slightly inspired by Belle in Once Upon a Time, since her style is very close to mine, as is Mary Margaret's. *grin* Anyhow, I had to add this lace dress & oxford heels to my thirty items for the challenge, and I'm looking forward to finding different ways to style this lace dress/tunic (I have a few ideas up my sleeve already). Now, the grey skirt doesn't count as one my thirty items, as I would never wear this dress without something underneath to make the length longer. Besides, there are no "set in stone" rules for this challenge, and I count this skirt like I would a tank or cami underneath a too low cut top/dress. *smile*   

    What do you wear today? Link up your outfit below. 
    I'm also link up in Plane Pretty's Sunday Style link-up.


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