Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway Winner

The winner for the book, A Nation Apart is.....

Samantha! Congratulations! If you can send me an email right away with your mailing address that would be great. My email is: bramblewoodfashion {at} hotmail {dot} com.

Also, since I haven't had much time to do this earlier, be sure to check out my sponsor's for January on the sidebar! Life has been hectic and I haven't had much time to do a real sponsors post.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Q&A Session

Kelsey asks, "Where did you get the idea to start a modest fashion blog?"

Bramblewood Fashion was started in August of 2009. When BF first began, it was just a random place filled with mostly sewing posts & patterns that had just came out. Oh, yes. And my High-School graduation gift - a trip to London, UK with my mom. In January of 2010 I made the decision to have the focus of BF be more of a modest fashion blog. {Back then there weren't many modest fashion blogs out there.} I wanted BF to showcase my everyday style and encourage other girls/ladies to dress modestly. To show that you don't have to dress frumpy to be modest. And that you can in fact, follow the trends and dress modestly - it is all about adapting the trends for your standards & style.

Lilic Bud Girl asks the following questions, "When did you first begin sewing historically/vintaged clothing?"

My first two articles of clothing I ever made was a pioneer dress {this was my first project & I made it out of an old 1970s sheet that was plaid}, and a costume I copied from Felicity: An American Girl Adventure {once again made out of a sheet}. This was in January of 2006. I was fifteen and a half at the time. I didn't sew any modern clothing until July of 2007.

Here is my first article of clothing I ever made.

The dress on the left is my first formal I made back in March of 2007. It was a 1800s regency dress. While the dress on the right is my 17th birthday dress {July 2007}, the 1950s walk-away dress.

Left dress is a 1914 afternoon dress that I made while on vacation in Florida back in Dec/Jan of 2008/09. The outfit on the right is one my Jamestown 400 costumes from June of 2007.

  My first 1860s outfit I made back in either 2006, or 2007.

"What is the craziest thing you have ever done?"

Maybe some of my food combinations. Like I adore Panera Bread's cinnamon crunch bagel dipped in Amy's mac-and-cheese. Yum. *grin* Oh, another crazy thing I've done is go to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning and then wake up at eight o'clock in the morning wide awake when I was 16.

"What is your very favorite thing to eat?"

Pizza, ice-cream, fried chicken, peach pie, buttermilk biscuits & gravy, coney dogs, milkshakes, pork tenderloin, rosemary rosted potatoes, whole chicken with lots of herbs. I could go on, but I'll stop for now.

Marie asks the following questions, "How did you learn how to sew?"

My mom taught me how to sew the basics. Hand sewing when I was about 5. Embroidery when I was 7 or 8. Then she showed me how to use the sewing machine when I was 8 or 9. I learned to sew clothing mostly from books, tutorials on-line, online classes given by Mrs. Chancey, and just by doing it.

My first sewing machine that received for my ninth birthday {1999}.  It was a Kenmore and I adored it until it blew up {2007}.
"What is your favorite era?"

I don't have one favorite era. {You will notice that whenever you ask my favorite I give a whole list.} *grin* But I adore the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s {and not just for the fashion, but everything}.

"How did you get into blogging?"

Back in 2008, our mom came up with the idea that us three older girls {Gabrielle, Hanne-col, and myself} could run a blog with her. It was called, Vintage Home Life and was hosted on Wordpress {the blog is no more, by the way}. Except, I was the only one who would blog on it. It was a good experience for me to learn the ropes of blogging, as not many people read it. In August of 2009 I started, Bramblewood Fashion and stopped blogging on Vintage Home Life. Then in October of 2009 I started, A Girls Guide to Home Life {it is the basically like how Vintage Home Life was}.

"What are your favorite blogging tools?"

Google Analytics, Google Alerts, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Picnik....I think that it is all of my favorites.

Madeline asks the following questions, "Where do you find sewing inspiration?"

Period Dramas, Old Hollywood movies, TV Shows, Pinterest, Historical & Vintage fashion, Online Catalogs, and other Designers.

"What kind of camera do you use?"

A Sony Cybershot DSC-H10 8.1MP

Caroline asks, "What's your favorite place to find vintage jewelry?"

I buy all of my true vintage jewelry at Antique malls & stores. But I can also find vintage inspired jewelry at stores like: Forever21, Kohl's, J.C.Penny, Claire's, etc....

Lauren asks the following questions, "What is your testimony concerning your journey to the modesty standards you have today? Have you always held the same standards or has it changed, and why?"

Alright, I always struggle with how to answer this question when asked. As I've always had ingrained in me to dress modestly & do what God desires - even at a young age. I remember my mom talking to me about modesty & clothing when I was really young, about 5 or 6. We as a family have gone in phases of different standards. But we were just growing in Christ. Like there was a time I wore pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts all the time. Then we switched to only wearing pants on weekends and after church. There was also a phase when we only wore dresses & skirts. Now I wear skirts & dresses during the "school & work" week. Pants & shorts on the weekends & I'l wear them during the week when we are on vacation, or if the day calls for it. Also, I sometimes wear my more dressier pants on Fridays.

The one standard I've always kept is that if I don't feel comfortable about wearing something either out of the bathroom, or around my dad & brother. I know that it is not modest at all on me.

"How do you balance creativity in fashion with contentment with what you already have?"

This one that I struggle with right now. As I've had most of my clothes most of my teen years. And my style has changed a lot since then. So, I'm slowly changing out my old clothes with stuff that is more my style right now. Now next year, or even this fall will be a good time to see my answer to this question. As I'm almost done redoing my fall/winter wardrobe. Next up is my spring/summer wardrobe.

"What's your favorite era of fashion, and any special tips on achieving that look in real life?"

Like I said above, my favorite eras are the 40s/50s/60s. One of my tips on achieving a vintage life in real life, is to pick out clothing that has the same basic look/lines as the era you are wanting to replicate. For me, it is all about capturing the look/mood/feel of the era when copying vintage styles.

Maren asks the following questions, "What sparked your love for everything vintage? Or have you just always loved those styles?"

You know what, I grew up watching old TV Shows {50s/60s/70s} and old movies that I just fell-in-love with their clothing at a young age. So, I guess I've just always loved these styles.

"What are blogs YOU love to read? What do you recommend?"
Gosh. I read too many blogs to list all of my favorites. So I'll just list some of my weekly "must reads."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sewing Bee | Color me Confident {Book Review}

For today's Sewing Bee link-up post I'm going to do a book review. 

Color Me Confident by: Veronique Henderson and Pat Henshaw - I know this isn't a sewing book, but it does help you pick out what styles & colors look best on you. Which is helpful when sewing your own clothes.

My version {2006} isn't the new updated version. So the clothes & celebrity styles they use are a little outdated, but it does serve its purpose: to help show you what colors look best on you, what clothing looks best on you, and to help show you what your design style is. 

What I loved about this book is how it is written in a checklist & pictures format. It makes it so easy to find your colors, what clothes look best on you, and what your design style is. Like I found out that my coloring is Deep & Cool. I'm a triangle. My design style is Creative, Romantic, and Classic. Now, some of this information I already knew. But having a list of dos and don'ts with pictures I found most helpful for me personally.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giveaway - A Nation Apart by: Rebekah Wall {closed}

Tonight's giveaway is for a novel written by one of Bramblewood Fashion's readers, Rebekah Wall. Her book, A Nation Apart looks really good and I'm sure who ever wins it, will adore it. Here is what Bekah has to say about her novel....

One was white...

One was black...

They were like a nation apart...

Rebekah Stevens was your average, 16 yr. old white girl, growing up in the mid-1800s. The Civil War was just about to begin. Slavery had always been a part of her life. To Rebekah, it was just the way things were. But in the back of her mind, there was a question...

Nathaniel was your average, 16 yr. old black boy, growing up on a plantation in Southern USA. Slavery had always been a part of his life, because he was a slave. To Nathaniel, it was just the way things were. But in the back of his mind, there was a question...

Together, they would discover the answer to that question. A question that turned into a dream, and a dream that turned into an adventure of a lifetime. An adventure that taught them that what was really important in life wasn't "things".

Join them on their journey of faith, to a place where no one was...

Doesn't it sound just peachy-keen? Keep reading to find out how one of you can read a copy of A Nation Apart.

- Mandatory to Enter the Giveaway -
Leave a comment with your favorite novel and some way to contact you. 
- Ways to Get More Entries -
{Please leave a separate comment for each entry you do. As I'll be using random.org to draw the winner.}
- Follow Bekah's personal blog. 2 entries {leave 2 comments} 
- Follow Bekah on Twitter. 2 entries  
- Follow Bramblewood Fashion via Blogger/Feedburner/Blog Lovin'/etc, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or like on Facebook. 1 entry for each {leave 1 comment for EACH way you follow BF} 
- Post/Share about the giveaway on your blog/Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr, etc... 3 entries for each one you do {leave 3 comments for each way you share} If you tweet, could you please tag me & Bekah. @BramblewoodF & @Miss_Mousie
This giveaway is only open to Residents of the USA & Canada. The giveaway will run until 10PM {EST} on January 30th. The winner will be chosen by random.org and announced the next day.

TV Fashion Inspiration | Jane By Design

Alright, there is a new show that just started, Jane By Design. And I've already fallen head-over-heels with Jane's wardrobe. I found out about the show on a blog I read and I just had to find more pictures. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting for every new episode so new pictures will be released on the show's site.

Reddish-Orange polka-dot blouse {hers is by Marc Jacobs}, Black trousers {hers is by Tory Burch}, Gold chain bracelet, Brown satchel bag, Statement heels {hers are Betsy Johnson}, and Medium sized silver{?} hoop earrings.

Right now I'm like obsessed with this outfit. I have a blouse that is similar {it is the same color & polka-dotted}, and trousers that have the same basic same lines as hers. Hmm...maybe I should do an outfit post of me recreating this outfit for myself.

Floral top {her's is from Anthro}, Blue cardigan {her's is from Zara}, Metallic tiered skirt {her's is by Diane Von Furstenberg}, Orange belt, and Classic leather band watch.

This look is just adorable. I love how the belt picks up colors that are in her top.

Novelty printed blouse {Corey Lynn Calter}, Tulle skirt {BCBG}, Black pumps {Steve Madden}, Black tights, Large red belt, and Black lady bag.

Just make the skirt longer and it is just too cute! Oh, yes. And change the print of the blouse.

Here I love how she is wearing a blue button-down with a statement necklace underneath. I would normally wear the necklace out under the collar. But of course, then it pulls up on the collar.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I ♥ Thursday {no. 19}

This video of Andy Williams, Bobby Darin, and Eddie Fisher singing Do-Re-Mi is hilarious!!

I've also been watching this video of Jimmy Durante & Bobby Darin a lot this week. {When ever I see singers snapping their fingers I think of Jimmy Durante and what he said in this video.} *grin*

Wearing chambray shirts under sweaters....

What have you been loving this week?

Movie Reviews {No. 1}

I decided to do a new series to help me do more movie review posts on the blog. It is just simply called, Movie Reviews - nothing fancy.

The Milkman {1950} Starring: Donald O'Connor & Jimmy Durante - Roger {Doanld O'Connor} wants to work at his dad's company as a milkman but he won't let him because of his lingering war trauma: when he is stressed he quacks like a duck. Determined to go to work as a milkman he goes to work for his father's arch-rival. The movie then follows his crazy adventures as a milkman.  I have been wanting to see this movie for awhile now - maybe a year now? So I was thrilled to find a channel with Donald O'Connor movies on YouTube earlier this month. The first movie on my list to watch was, The Milkman. It is awesome, hilarious, and just plain wonderful. What can be better than a movie with both Donald O'Connor & Jimmy Durante? Maybe another movie with my favorite actor/singer & Jimmy Durante? *grin*

Yes Sir That's My Baby {1949} Starring: Donald O'Connor, Charles Coburn, Gloria DeHaven - A group of ex-GIs are attending college and they want to play football. But their wives say they need to grow-up and help them with the baby when they attend their classes. Eventually the husbands win over their wives to letting them play football. This movie was very cute! It was fun seeing Donald O'Connor as a young father too. This could be considered a light heart romantic comedy - you will see why when you watch it. As I don't want to giveaway too many details of the movie. But I dearly loved this movie. But then again, how can you not like Donald O'Connor?

That Funny Feeling {1965} Starring: Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, and Donald O'Connor - Joan Howell {Sandra Dee}, a maid-for-hire and actress on the side, keeps bumping into Tom Milford {Bobby Darin}, a wealthy New York businessman, while going around town. They finally decide to go out on a date after they keep bumping into each other. After the date Tom wants to escort Joan back to her place. But Joan is embarrassed of tiny apartment that she shares, so she takes him to one of the apartments she cleans saying it is her place - the catch is, she doesn't know that the owner of that apartment is in fact her date, Tom. He plays along with the charade, while not knowing who Joan really is. The movie then follows all the crazy process of them finding out who each other really is. This is one of those light hearted 1960s romantic comedy movies that are just adorable! Every line that Doanld O'Connor said throughout the movie had me & Gaby rolling with laughter. Sandra Dee has an adorable wardrobe - and she is just too cute herself! {I saw many outfits I wanted to copy!} And be warned, the main song: That Funny Feeling will get stuck in your head. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do y'all have any questions for me?

I would like to do a Q&A post next week {and the most commonly asked questions will be posted on my brand new about page} but first, I need y'all to ask me some questions. Just so you know, I may or may not answer all of your questions. {I'll do my best though. It depends on how many questions I receive.}

So go ahead leave your questions either in the comments below. Or, you can email me your questions @ bramblewoodfashion{at}hotmail{dot}com {Be sure to leave your blogging name, or blog in your email so I can credit you!}

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sewing Bee | A-Line Skirt Tutorial

Rebecca over at Country Mouse Musings invited me to join her weekly blog linkup, Sewing Bee. I was really excited to join in the fun! Since the weather is awful, I won't share my latest sewing project. Instead, I'll share an old video tutorial I did back in early 2011. 

How to Draft an A-Line Skirt Pattern (size 8) from Bramblewood Fashion on Vimeo.

This is the skirt we are making: etsy.com/listing/50552230/susan-a-line-skirt-size-2-4

Math for Skirt Pattern- 

(Size 8)
Waist: 27"
Hips 37 1/2"

Waist 27" + 2" SA + 2" ease = 31 ÷ 4 = 7.75 (7 3/4") A
Hips 37 1/2 + 2" SA + 4" ease = 43.5 ÷ 4 = 10.875 (10 7/8") B
Waist to hips 9" + 1" SA at waist = 10" C
Desired Length 30" + 1" hem + 1 SA at waist = 32" D

SA = Seam Allowance

If you are wondering, this is the basic idea that I use for all skirts I draft myself. Like you can use the top part of this pattern to make yoked skirts. But, I'll share more how to do that another day.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I Wore | Vintage With A Country Twist

I have a surprise for y'all today. My other sister, Hanne-col, joined me today for a sisters outfit post. Isn't that exciting?? *grin*

What Hanne-col is wearing: Dress Anthro// Cardigan Kohl's// Belt Claire's// Boots Bass Shoe Outlet 
What I'm wearing: Grey Pleated Skirt ASOS {seen here}// Cream Lace Blouse F21// Pink Cardigan {borrowing from Gabrielle} Old Navy// Belt Target// Brown Boots Target {seen here}// Burgundy Floppy Hat Target// Grey Heart Tights Target
The reason you see us with coats is because of, well, several reasons. One - It was only 20 degrees. Two - There was a bitter cold wind. Three - It was snowing. Four - It was freezing!!! But, I really want a picture of this outfit.

I ordered the skirt last week off of ASOS and it arrived yesterday. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to copy the design and make some more for this summer in a bunch of colors. *smile* The boots & floppy hat I bought yesterday in the clearance section of Target. I've been really wanting these boots since August when they first came out, but in grey. Sadly, they were all out of my size in the grey at the store. So I just went with the brown pair.

Hanne-col has made brief appearances before on BF. And since her outfit kinda had the same theme/style has mine I begged her to join me. As you can see, she agreed. *grin*

I ♥ Thursday {no. 18}

I'm really being inspired by chiffon, lace, and more girly-girl styles lately. I can really see my spring/summer wardrobe being inspired by these looks.

1. Decades of Style #5004 2. Decades of Style #5003 3. from this etsy shop 4. Beignet - Colette Patterns 5. Madeleine - Victory Patterns 
This is a mood board of my current, and hopefully, upcoming sewing projects for the coming weeks/months.

I've been getting frustrated with our local big name fabric/craft store lately. They never have the zippers I need. Be that color, or size. So for the past couple weeks I've been seriously looking for other resources to buy my zippers. Enter Zipit an Etsy shop that sells zippers in 36 different colors and in different sizes. Jennie, the shop owner, also ships really fast. Like I ordered some zippers last Friday, they arrived on Monday. Or, Gabrielle ordered zippers on Tuesday, they are supposed to arrive today. I'm going to be buying all of my zippers from Zipit from now on. {For shipping reference, she is located in WI & we are in IN.}

When I told Jennie I was going to be blogging about her shop today, she graciously offered to give y'all a coupon code for her shop. For 15% off your order use the following code: BRAMBLEWOOD. 
What has been inspiring you this week?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wore - Neutrals + Purple

 Jean Skirt made by me// Grey T-shirt hand-me-down from Mrs. Amber Apple// Scarf F21// Tights J.C.Penny or Kohl's// Boots Target// Earrings Lauren Conrad for Kohl's// Sunglasses Kohl's// Vintage Train Case gift from a blog reader
I'm so excited!!! One of my blog readers named Venus sent me her blue vintage train case {it arrived Monday}! I'm so excited and can't wait to use it on trips & photo-shoots! Thank you so much, Venus!!!

This afternoon I went to Target with my mom and I found some great stuff in the clearance section. Like a pair of boots I've been eyeing since August and a burgundy floppy hat. Even though we are supposed to get snow tomorrow, I'm going to try and get a picture of this outfit I really want to show y'all. The outfit includes one of those chiffon pleated skirts that I've been seeing all over Pinterest.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January BirchBox Review {my first box!}

 This is my first month receiving a Birchbox and I'm very happy with this sample company. Everything was just my style {you fill out a beauty survey, which you can change month-to-month} and favorite color & scent. I am already looking forward to receiving my February box. *grin*  
 1. C.O. Bigelow ❘ Lavender & Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner. These bottles are 2.1 fl oz and are filled with product that smells amazing!! I can't wait to try them out {and they will be perfect to bring on our trips next month}!
 2. Juicy Couture ❘ Viva La Juicy perfume. I'm not really a perfume girl {no one in our family really is. Though I do like natural roll-on perfume}. It smells nice - just a bit on the strong side for me.
 3. Zoya ❘ Nail Polish in Kristen. This is a beautiful bluish grey nail polish from Zoya {a company that doesn't have all that nasty stuff in their polish}. I'm really looking forward to trying this polish out this weekend, as the color is simply lovely! I've also been wanting to try out their polishes for awhile now.
4. Jouer ❘ Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink. Now I'm a huge lip gloss girl. I always carry a bunch of colors in my purse at all times. So I tried out this right away, and guess what? It is NOT as hot pink as it looks in the bottle when you wear it. Which is a relief. I like it. 
Also two extra's that were added to my box. LĂ„RABAR ❘ Mini Bar in Blueberry Muffin. Now I'm not a blueberry girl so I'll be giving this to my brother, who is sure to like this bar sample. They also gave me a Birchbox magnet. Which is so cute! Gotta love the hot pink.

You can signup for your own monthly Birchbox right here. It costs only $10 a month and you can cancel your subscription at anytime before the end of the month {when they will bill you for your next box}. You can read their FAQ here.


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