Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Achieving Peggy Carter's look from Captain America: The First Avenger

I don't know about you, but I really like Peggy Carter's look in Captain America: The First Avenger {2011} -- even if her look isn't historically accurate. Since around this time of year I'm usually in my my dressing vintage mood, I thought why not make tutorials on how I get that vintage look for different eras. Now, my looks aren't 100% vintage accurate, they are more a blend of vintage & modern. I do try my best to be accurate, but I still take creative liberty with my looks to make them more workable for me and with what I own.

If you do to the YouTube page for the tutorial, you will see a list of everything I use to achieve the look. Oh, before I forget. Back in the 1940s Peggy's hair would have never been down while she was in uniform, as hair wasn't supposed to touch the collar. Instead Peggy's hair would have been in a up-do, since I was copying the look in the film I didn't go with the historical accurate look.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, what look/era would you like me to copy next? It could be a character from a TV Show, or Movie if you want.


  1. Hi Ashley,

    I love your hair and makeup in the video. Vintage/modern together is a great combination! I would love to see you do a couple of Ann Marie/Marlo Thomas tutorials/outfit posts.

    -Raelyn Nichole

  2. Love your hair and makeup and your old-fashioned farewell! I would love to see you portray other eras, but I'm not sure exactly what :)

  3. Love this, Ashley! The look is brilliant!

  4. I love this! :D You really got her hair down perfectly. I wonder if something like that would work with long hair? I love Peggy's red lipstick. :)

    God bless,
    Joy :)

  5. Could you do Susan from any of the Chronicles of Narnia movies? I love those so much. Actually, pretty much any female character from those movies would work. Thanks! ;)


  6. Great tutorial! Could you do one specifically on finger waves? I'm thinking a variation on Lady Edith's hair from Downton Abbey, Season 3, that works on medium length hair? Thanks!

  7. Fabulous job, Ashley! I especially love how you did the make-up, hair, and the outfit! Awesome!
    I really can't think of any suggestions right now for knock-off movie styling... Maybe just a simple, everyday 50s or 60s styling would be fun! I would especially like those :)


  8. so cute and fun! affordable vintage- i like it! By the way, I think your "celebrity look alike" would be Jennifer Ehle- Lizzy from A&E's Pride and Prejudice.


  9. You did a great job achieving this look, Ashley! I love it.


  10. Good job, you look great!!! My hair is too long for that style but I think it's really cute. :-)

  11. Wonderful video Ashley!! :) It's so nice to have a modest fashion you tuber to watch.
    I'd like to see you do a reproduction of Debbie Reynolds hair and make up in this picture. But no pressure whatsoever!
    I think it would be beautiful on you!
    Also I wanted to tell you that the way you did your eyes in this video looks really pretty on you!
    Sarah J.

  12. Cute, cute! Love the hair, make-up, and outfit! You did a great job, Ashley! For future tutorials, I would love how-to's from some of my favorite moves!! Some ideas are: Anne of Green Gables, Christy, Little Women, Robin Hood, or more retro/vintage looks from old movies!

  13. This is such a cute look! I especially like the hair. For future tutorial suggestions, I would love to see an Anne of Green Gables one. :)

  14. I really missed her in winter solider I mean she could be there too. She played her role beautifully in First Avenger I wish director put her in captain America 3 :(


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