Tuesday, August 31, 2010

California Trip 2010 ❘❘ All the days in one post.

To make this go faster, I decided to just post the rest of my pictures on flickr. I have provided information about each day and links to the pictures below.  =)

Downtown LA

Day  6 (Hollywood) - On day six we visited the Warner Brothers Studio. We took a tour of their studio - which was so much fun! I saw costumes from Casablanca and the piano that Sam plays! This was the highlight of the whole WB costume museum, that I don't remember much else of what was there. Plus, you couldn't take any pictures of the costumes. =(

After the WB tour we visited Hollywood and saw the footprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.

You can see pictures from day six here.

Mia Wasikowska’s  “Alice” costume

Day 7 (Shopping Day) - On day seven we first visited FIDM and saw some lovely costumes on display- including costumes from Return to Cranford and the new Alice in Wonderland movie. =) What bliss. As you can not take pictures of the costumes, you will have to look at FIDM's flickr page. =) And don't worry, they have pictures of all the costumes on display.  Alice in Wonderland pictures here. And Costumes from TV Shows here

After FIDM we headed over to the Fashion District to shop at Michael Levine Fabric. They had some amazing knits for only $3 yard! I only bought some brown knit, 3 yards, and now I wished I had bought more in different colors and patterns. As it is so easy to work with. =) Next time I'm in LA I will be buying tons of knit fabric. Well, maybe not tons, but you get the idea. =)

Next we headed over to The Way We Wore a vintage clothing store. This is were I bought my first vintage dress! Oh happy me.

We ended the day by walking on Rodeo Drive and window shopping at all the designer stores. =)

Costume College 2010

Day 8 (Costume College Day 1) - See this post.

Day 9 (Costume College Day 2) - Post coming up. =)

Day 10 (Costume College Day 3) - Post coming up. =)  You can see pictures from Costume College 2010 here


Day 11 (Highway 1 & San Francisco) - We drove up the coast on highway 1 to San Francisco. Saw the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, while we were in San Fran, we froze as it was so cold! I felt like winter was coming! Oh my!

Pictures are here.

Me at Yosemite National Park

Day 12 (Yosemite)  - Walked and drove all around Yosemite. Pictures here.

Mule Train on the Bright Angel Trail

Day 14 (Grand Canyon) - On our way back home we stopped at the Grand Canyon again. =) This time the weather was perfect. We even got to walked down a little bit on the Bright Angel Trail. Pictures from today are here.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Louis Vuitton 2011 Fall/Winter Collection

(This is an edited picture. For I made the picture more modest.)

Now, I normally don't follow all the fashion designers and their upcoming collections. Except for a few like Ralph Lauren. But when I saw a picture of Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter collection on tumblr, I just fell head-over-heels-in-love with their 1950s inspired collection. And now I am doing my first designer post. Though I warn you, you are just going to get just a bunch of pictures. =)

Not only is Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter collection vintage inspired, but it features some pieces that are modest! How exciting! Even though many of us can't buy a thing from the collection, we can drool. =)

 1. Black wool pin-stripe top and circle skirt. 2. Stretch wool pinstripe top. Wrap print faille back knot skirt.

3. Wool pinstrip fitted blazer, wool pinstripe top, thick wool pinstripe circle skirt. 4. Print wool chiffon layer dress.

 5. Wool coating double-breasted coat, thick wool top, check wool plaid skirt. 6. Feather filled organza corset dress.

7. Sequined cashmere embroidered knit top, bonded leather skirt. 8. Stretch Cashmere long sleeve knit top, check wool plaid skirt.

There are many more outfits on their site. =) So, which ones are your favorite? Mine would have to be, 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8. =)

I also created a set on polyvore of my interpretation of their collection.  =)

Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall Collection Inspired

Louis Vuitton 2010 Fall Collection Inspired by Bramblewood Fashion featuring French Connection skirts

pictures from: ELLE.com and tumblr.com

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I Wore | Maid Marian Inspired

-What I'm Wearing -
Jean Pencil Skirt - Made by me
Tan Empire Waist Shirt - Kohl's
White Tank - JCPenny
Brown Belt - Maurices 
Black Boots - Bass Shoe Outlet
Scarf - Target
Leaf Earrings - AmandaBeth Boutique

Today's outfit has a certain woodsy feel to it. Which is great! For when I was putting together my outfit last night, I based my whole outfit around my new leaf earrings from AmandaBeth. Once I realized the woodsy feel my outfit was creating, I decided that I would go for the Maid Marian look. And you know what? I love this look! I think I will create more Maid Marian looks this coming Fall. =) Speaking about Fall, I have a post coming up about a 2010 Fall Collection that I just love from a designer. So look out for that. =)

You may notice the new toolbar at the bottom the blog. I love it! I first saw it on AmandaBeth Online and decided to add it to Bramblewood. What do you guys think about it? 

Coming up are two fashion events that I'm planning on doing. On August 31st is AmandaBeth Online's Masquerade Online event, which I'm eagerly looking forward too! I'm thinking on either creating an Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit. Or, just create a character out of my many costumes I have already sewn. =) Then on  September 1-15th Hannah at Beauty from Inside, is hosting a Belle's Wardrobe fashion week! Which is so exciting as Belle is my favorite Disney princess. =)

Oh, I will have more pictures from our vacation sometime latter this week. =) 

I guess I could tell you all about my latest sewing project. Um, maybe not yet. =) I will just share the finished product with you all either tomorrow, or Thursday. =) OK. I guess I could give one hint. It is inspired from the store Anthropologie. =)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

California Trip 2010 ❘❘ Day 5 (Ronald Reagan Library & Hollywood Bowl)

On day five our trip we visited the Ronald Reagan Library and attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
We arrived an hour before the Reagan Library opened, so we explored the grounds. And look what we found!? A rabbit!


Recreation of President Reagan's Oval Office.  Did you know that Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans? We saw them everywhere!

Air Force One

 Piece of the Berlin Wall

Dress of Nancy Reagan's

Table set for a State Dinner


President Ronald Reagan's Grave

Hollywood Bowl Sign

The Hollywood Bowl

While I was waiting for the concert to start I took a picture of the Hollywood sign.

The Grand Piano 

The Orchestra tuning up.  
In case you were wondering what we saw and heard, we saw Dudamel conducts Gershwin and Bernstein. You can visit the site here, to see the selections. I will have you know that it was wonderful and so much fun! 

California Trip 2010 ❘❘ Day 4 (Arrived in LA)

On day 4 we arrived in LA. We visited Long Beach first. Why? This is were I was born and I wanted to see where I lived the first few weeks of my life, before we moved to the Midwest. Afterward we walked around at two beaches, before heading to our hotel across town.

Mountains of Califorina

Pacific Ocean

The pier at Seal Beach.

The hospital I was born at.

Welcome to traffic jam city! =)

The hotel we stayed at while in LA.


California Trip 2010 ❘❘ Day 3 (Grand Canyon)

Here are pictures from day 3 when we visited the Grand Canyon. Our visit to the canyon was so cloudy, rainy, and foggy that we came back on our way home. =)

The Grand Canyon on a cloudy, foggy, rainy day. =) 

What I'm Wearing - Jeans {J.C. Penny} - Jean Jacket {J.C. Penny} - Plaid Shirt {Kohl's} - Pearl Earrings {Gift} - Black Purse {Gift/Kohl's} - Tennis Shoes {Easy Spirit} - Cream Cardigan {Gap Outlet}
Waiting for our carryout from Chili's before our drive through the California desert that night. 



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