Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hannah Everly Designs Product Review

::What I'm Wearing:: Burgundy Bow Skirt c/o Hannah Everly Designs // White T-Shirt StyleMint // Plaid Blazer H&M // Brown Knee-highs Kohl's {I think?} // Mustard Heels Steve Madden {gift} // Cameo Necklace Portobello Road Market

Howdy, girls!! Sorry I've kinda dropped off the blogging world for a week. Life has been busy & blogging was put on the back burner this past week. But hey, I'm sure y'all understand. Anyhow, back in December I was sent this fantastic burgundy bow skirt by the Etsy shop, Hannah Everly Designs {who had asked me earlier if I wanted to do a review}. 

This adorable bow skirt comes in the following colors: orange damask, black cotton, gray cotton twill, and in burgundy cotton twill {which is the color I have}. After you have decided which skirt color you want to buy, you will need to know your waist measurement to order your correct size. They have following sizes available: extra small 26", small 28", medium 30", or large 32". Since my waist fluctuates between 27" to 28" I decided to go with a size small 28" -- it works very well for me, just sometimes it is a little loose around the waist, but I don't mind. Also, I request a custom length on the skirt for my hight {I think I requested for it to be 27" long}, since the 25" length for the size small is just a little too short for my taste & hight.

The workmanship on the skirt is fantastic! The material is nice and thick, so you don't feel like you might ruin it if your not carful -- which is awesome for someone like me. If you asked me to rank these skirts from 1 to 10 I would give them a....10!! For workmanship & cuteness factor!! Come on, there is a bow on the front of the skirt and I adore bows.


  1. I love that skirt! I'll have to check it out :)

  2. Lovely skirt, Ashley! And I have that nail polish you have one-don't you just love it?! The color goes with simply everything! I'd actually forgotten about it till I saw your picture, don't be a bit surprised if you see me with the same nail polish on in a few days! :) I found mine on sale at Walgreens for a $1!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. While that skirt is adorable as is your blazer, I LOVE your mustard-colored heels! Such a fantastic vintage style! Do you know where the giver bought them?

  4. I love the skirt! :)

  5. It looks so good!!! Love, love, LOVE how you styled it! So glad you like it :).

    God Bless,

  6. Hannah Elise -- You should check them out!

    Natasha -- Yes!! It is one of my favorite nail polish come fall & winter. I can't wait to see you wearing it on your blog. Btw, I'm going to try and reply to your email that you sent me back in December this weekend!!

    Cheri -- Yes, they bought the shoes at a resale shop. You could try searching on ebay for a similar pair.

    Hannah Everly -- Aww, thanks so much!! :D

  7. The skirt is very cute, but it looks like it would have to be ironed every time it's washed and I'm trying to get fewer things that require ironing, since so many of my items have to be ironed. It also doesn't come big enough anyway. I love your blazer though.

  8. Looks like a gorgeous skirt! And I'm a sucker for anything with a custom length option! *swoon* I will def have to check out that shoppe!


  9. @ Ashley: An awesome thing happened today :) There was a giveaway for the coral bow skirt on Hannah's sister's blog...and I won it!!! I'm so happy :)

  10. I know i'm super late, but there was a link to this outfit on the june 16, 2014 page and I've never seen this, so I clicked it and I love it!!! I love the bow!! I would wear the heck out of this skirt! do more of this. ~Lee (I used to go by Heaven but now I go by my middle name)


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