Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Houghton Country Ladies Wear

Sometimes I love just stumbling across new UK clothing websites, as they have some of the most inspiring & beautiful clothing over across the pond. My new favorite site that I came across recently is called, Houghton Country -- can I just say, their website is beautiful! 

What I love about Houghton Country is that the clothing sold on their site is a mix of classic, preppy, and traditional English style -- which I adore! One of my favorite finds on the site is the Deer & Dalmatian jumper -- this would look cute paired with either a pencil/a-line skirt, a button down, and a pair of tall boots. 

Another favorite is the pink quilted gilet {we American's call it a quilted vest}, I love how fitted it is and doesn't look too loose & baggy at all -- I like that for my vests. I think this would look adorable with either a jean or polka-dot skirt & a stripe t-shirt {perhaps in navy or grey}.  

The last piece I want to mention in today's post in the jacket in the first picture. This jacket is on the epic side, with all the details it features, and the length, plus I love a jacket with lots of pockets & that collar -- simply amazing! Hmm...now I just need to find a jacket like that in the States.

What is your favorite thing(s) from Houghton Country?


  1. Hi Ashley! I like that pink "gilet," or "puffer vest," as we'd say over here. It's not boxy (and so unflattering), as most are, but instead is fitted at the waist and feminine.

  2. Oh, that Dalmatian sweater is fabulously cute! And I've taken a liking to the shawl collar sweater and the plaid pencil skirt that you have featured :)



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