Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sponsor & Guest Post - Callie {Creations by Callie}

I'm so excited to have Callie as a guest poster today {she is also a sponsor}! She is a pretty awesome girl that I think y'all would love to get to know her better. BTW, her post for today is pretty epic & fun!
*ATTENTION ALL READERS OF THIS AWESOME BLOG.* You may think that I am a normal girl who blogs about fashion and puts together really cute, modest outfits and encourages other young ladies to do the same. In reality I'm NOT (normal, that is)!

JUUUUUUST kidding! That's my twin sister, Caylee. She's kinda weird. Just saying.....

Actually, I'm Callie from Creations by Callie. On my website I sell hand knitted garments and accessories, as well as blog about fashion, my walk with Jesus, and everyday life. I'm a passionate knitter, and I enjoy incorporating my knitted creations into my outfits. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, singing, crocheting, reading, making movies with my siblings, shopping, writing, and playing the bass guitar.

What I'm Wearing -- Jewelry: Gifts Cardigan: Abercrombie & Fitch Dress: Banana Republic Belt: Goodwill Shoes: Garage Sale

I tend to stick closely to the "rules" (though in reality there aren't really any rules in fashion) and play it safe when it comes to prints, so this outfit is more on the daring side for me. But staying in your comfort zone sometimes becomes boring; there are times when you need to jump out and do something out of the ordinary. I find this true in fashion and in many other areas of my life. My favorite part of this outfit is the dress. It's loose and flowy, but cinched at the waist, which makes it very flattering. I also love how the color of my belt matches my shoes, tying everything together with a polished look.

Caylee agreed to assist me in pointing out some fashion dos and don'ts.

DO: Mix prints in a subtle way, or mix prints with a related color scheme. Or go bold.
DON'T: Have more than two bright prints going at one time. You may stop traffic.

DO: Keep the waist defined with a cute belt.
DON'T: Hold up your britches with suspenders (unless you're going for the nerd look, but then be sure to have the glasses).

DO: Accessorize with jewelry that accents your outfit. But only use enough to compliment the overall look. One good rule is to put on all the jewelry you want to wear, and then take one piece off.
DON'T: Let the jewelry take over your outfit. Jewelry is not meant to be the main focal point.

DO: Be yourself!!!
DON'T: Dress to please others.

Thank you so much, Ashley, for having me...and my twin. =)


  1. Loved the guest post!

    I really love your blog Ashley, because all of the fashion is always cute, but modest!(:

  2. I didn't know Callie had a twin! :O I love the post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic!! Fashion is supposed to be fun! Caylee and Callie have nailed that on the head all the while looking splendid! =)

  4. I've got to be honest in saying that I used to dress on purpose the way your sister is dressed in these shots haha. I blame it on too much pippi longstocking as a child. Anyway, this was a great list and you seem like such a superb gal!!!

  5. I LOVE your outfit!! It's super cute, easy...but still has a fancy side to it! Awesome post :)

    Blessings Primrose

    Check out my Blog: http://fashionableinspirations.blogspot.com/

  6. Couldn't agree more with your Do's and Dont's. I've seen so many amazing outfits drowned out by the plethora of jeweling some girls wear. It's all I can look at is what I mean. Very distracting.


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