Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I Wore | The Magic of Ordinary Days

What I'm Wearing: Faux Leather Jacket Target // Striped Tee F21 // Jeans Maurices // Flats Old Navy // Polka-dot Scarf Target // Friendship Bracelets made by me // Dangle Earrings F21  

Well, as you can see I'm wearing my bomber jacket yet again. In fact, I'll be wearing it again tomorrow with my Sand-Skimmer Anthro dress and perhaps one of my wide belts {not sure what shoes yet}. *grin* Also, since y'all loved my outfit pictures that were taken on our church property. I thought, 'hey! Why not take some outfit pictures while here for a bridal shower?' I have some ideas for a nicer background for my outfits this spring & summer {so you aren't always stuck with our garage door for a background}. There is this really pretty country road by our house that would be perfect for pictures once the trees & bushes have more leaves! 


  1. The shoes are are adorable! And I love the scarf too!

  2. Lovely! I really like the bomber jacket! And ooh--I love the idea of a contrasting scarf with the stripes! I must try that.(:
    The brick background is lovely...I'm working on finding better backgrounds for my photos too, so it's not always the same backyard.(;



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