Friday, March 9, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Fashionable Friday {1930s}

Today is Fashionable Friday of the GTTE's blog event. It is the day when y'all can sew something from the era using vintage, or a reproduction pattern; share vintage clothing that you own; do a hairstyle and/or makeup look/tutorial from the era; or you can do an outfit post {you can do vintage-inspired!}.
What I'm Wearing: 1940s Wool Empire Waist Trousers made by me {pattern} // Grey Secretary Blouse {1980s?} Secondhand // Red Belt F21 // Pearl Bracelet F21 // Ring J.C.Penny // Oxford Heels F21

Alright, so the pattern {Decades of Style #4004} isn't for the 1930s, but the 1940s. But, they really remind me of the ones Ginger Rogers wears in the movie, Roberta {1935}. Which, by the way, is where I got the inspiration for today's outfit. *smile*

Aren't Fred & Ginger amazing?!? Watching them dance just makes me want to get up and just start dancing around the house {which I will do once and awhile}. Now back to the outfit. I made a pair of trousers just like the ones you see me wearing in this post last February {same fabric too}. But, I never got pictures because we had tons of snow & ice on the ground and then once it was warm. What would you know! I had become a new size and they were too tight for me to wear around the hips. So, I gave Gabrielle that pair & made myself a new pair from the leftover fabric for Costume College {which is where I buy all of my Decades of Style patterns}. And I had made this pair in July or June of last year {it sure has taken me awhile to get pictures for y'all hasn't it?}. Anyways, the pattern is very easy to fit & sew! Just be warned, if you are short you will need to shorten the pattern & make the legs a little narrower. Because if they left as they are they swallow Gaby who is about 5'4" {I'm 5'8"}.

Now, it is your turn to share your post for today.


  1. Darling outfit! I especially love the blouse.

    And yes, Fred & Ginger are absolutely amazing. I love watching them dance:)

    I've also linked up:)

  2. Your outfit is very cute. :) I'm lovin' it! :)

    I loved the video of Fred and Ginger. I think the 'argument' part was the best! haha! :) Totally awesome. :)

  3. A fabulous outfit, Ashley! I love your inspiration. You did a really great job. *wink* In fact, just a couple days ago I saw a picture of Liz Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (on your Pinterest!) and was inspired to wear something like that the next day!
    Oh, I've never heard of "Roberta" before! Ginger is so adorable. I LOVE their dancing. It makes me inspired to learn to dance. I'm glad I'm in good company... I dance around the house too. *smile*

    Much love!
    xox Kay

  4. I'm a bit behind with my linking... you usually put up your posts on the morning of my following day... and I did not feel like turning on the computer yesterday. Anyway, I put up my link now.

    And I love your blouse and how you paired it with these trousers - I love the colours and the pop of red with the belt.

  5. wow, this is a Ginger Rogers outfit! i love the thin red belt that you paired it with! you look fabulous!


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