Friday, March 16, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Fashionable Friday {1940s}

What I'm Wearing: Vintage 1946 Dress Made by Me // Tan Belt F21 // Wedges Payless // Vintage Handbag Antique Mall // Gray Rosebud Earrings Pink Lemonade Shop 

Eeep! I love fashionable Friday for GTTE. It is so much fun to dress up for an era. Though today, I kinda did a mix of 1940s meets 1960s meets 2012. *laughs* I may, or may not, be in a 60s mood today. Because my nails are in more 60s colors. Plus I'm wearing a pink shade on my lips, instead of the common red of the 40s. But pink felt so much more fitting for this delightful warm "Spring" day. *grin*

Now, the dress that I'm wearing today is very special for me. It was the very first vintage dress I ever made & the very first project I used a vintage pattern! It was the start of my love affair with vintage patterns {I love how they fit me so well. And how easy they are to sew up!}. I used Simplicity 1552 view 1 for this dress. As I know some of you are wondering what pattern I used.

I love the handbag I'm modeling in the photos. In fact, I've seen pictures of Barbara Stanwyck in the 1940s carrying a handbag kinda like mine - along with another actress, but I can't remember who right now. So that is very exciting!! And the book {Mrs. Miniver} & magazine {Photoplay, April 1940} are both from the 1940s. 

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  1. Absolutely adorable! Love it, Ashley-girl!! ♥

  2. I love this outfit! So, so cute and it also looks really comfortable.

    I linked up:)

  3. Hi! I'm having quite a time trying to make a dress:( I've never completed one, due to it's not going to fit me when it's done! You make the cutest dresses! I need help! Have you ever thought of teaching an online class? Or maybe you could point me in the right direction of some good patterns...anything would be helpful!

  4. Love the outfit!!!!

  5. I just linked up, Ash!
    Oh your outfit is darling!! It looks perfect. I love the fabric too. And, of course the handbag, book, and movie magazine is fabulous. *grin*

  6. Love the dress, bag, shoes, and poses! Thanks, Ashley!

  7. I love your dress! =)
    (I linked in!)

  8. Oh! I love your dress! The fabric is great! I have finally started making some vintage style clothes for myself. One f these days I'll get around to posting them. =]
    Great post!

  9. Ashley you look lovely as always. :)


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