Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I Wore | Enchanted

What I'm Wearing: 1960s polka-dot dress hand-me-up {Gaby made it} // Pink Cardigan Old Navy // Belt F21 // Boots Target // Earring F21 // Ruffly Scarf Made by Me

Today's outfit is very girly-girl; I'm wearing a lot of pink. Only a few years ago I didn't really understand why girls were crazy about pink. Now, my tune has changed and I love pink. But I usually go for either the hot pinks or a light dusty pink. How do you feel about pink? 

Tomorrow I'll be wearing a skirt that Jessica of What I Wore {who is one of my favorite fashion bloggers!} inspired me to buy {I found a cheaper version at F21}. Also you might just want to check out her blog in general as she is posting 1960s inspired outfits all this week. Yay!

Oh! Before I forget, it is time to announce the winner of the Cherry Bag. And the winner is.....Michaela! Congratulations, dear! I'll be in touch with you soon for your address.


  1. I do like pink but it definitely looks better on brunettes (usually, like you say, hot pink) and blondes (who better suit softer shades) than redheads. I cannot wear it without fear of clashing!

    Also, your scarf is so lovely! :D

  2. Gorgeous!!!! Very delicate, and definitely a fairy tale feel!

    I love pink. Hot pink is my favorite! And the best part~ pink works with my skin tone ;)

  3. Lovely outfit!

    I'm OK with pink, but I never wear a lot at once, and like you I prefer a really dark pink or dusty pink!

  4. Love everything about your outfit...the feminine ruffles, the vintage dress, the boots...I love it! :) I prefer dark shades of pink, like that of your cardigan, as they look better with my skin.

  5. I love pink, but I find that the traditional light shade of pink doesn't flatter my complexion very much. I have light skin and dark hair, but I have a lot of red in my skin and maybe the pink brings that out too much? Although I think red looks ok, so it might be that pink washes me out. It looks beautiful on my little girl though. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. Anyway, I love this outfit you're wearing today: a unique mixture but it really works nicely.

  6. So pretty! :) I really love the pop of color the bright pink sweater adds. While pink still isn't my absolute favorite color (blue and red come first ;), I do find I've been wearing more and more of it in the past few years. I tend to like a light, baby pink or deep rose-pink the best (although my mom says I look good in all shades--but I have my preferences ;).

  7. I love that dress! It's the perfect length. The whole outfit is amazing. :)

    ~Darby May~

  8. I love the idea of the hot pink coat and black polka-dotted dress. I would have never thought of it!


  9. You have such amazing fashion taste! I LOVE this outfit, just as I love many others I've seen!


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