Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Crafty Tuesday {1940s}

Today I'll just have to share free patterns for the 1940s. As I spent the day baking, cooking dinner, club meeting, and putting together a family movie night for this evening (we watched Twelve O'Clock High {1949}). I really need to work on doing a craft from an era one of these weeks, instead of just sharing tutorials & free patterns.
Ruffle Apron {1945}
Simple Apron {1945}
Heart Apron {1945}

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  1. Thank you for these new projects for me to try! (esp. the Sailor Collar!)

    I linked up!

  2. Love the patterns!

  3. Those kitchen embroidery patterns are adorable! I want to learn how to embroider - I think handmade tablecloths and tea towels are so sweet.

  4. So many cute things! I love all the apron patterns.
    Ooohh! Twelve O'Clock High??! We LOVE that movie!
    xox Kay

  5. I've needed to make an apron forever! Maybe I'll use one of these.

  6. I want a pillbox hat although I am not sure if I have enough "gumption" to where it. I have always been embarrassed by wearing hats for some reason, I supposed because they are so attention getting even when they are small.


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