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Silver Screen Blog Party Tag Questions

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So, I wasn't going to do Natasha Marie's silver screen blog party {as I have so much going on already}. But then, I saw the questions AND then I HAD to do it. *grin*

t h e   q u e s t i o n s

It seems to be standard procedure for blog party questionnaires to begin by asking you to introduce yourself to the rest of the party goers. Far be it from me to be remiss in my duty, therefore, do tell us a bit about yourself, in as many or few words as you wish.

Well, my name is, Ashley and I'm twenty-one years old. I grew up watching old movies & TV shows. They are what really inspired me to sew and dress with a vintage touch. Besides watching movies I enjoy: fashion, blogging, baking & cooking big dinners, collecting old books & magazines, history, traveling, baseball, pinterest, and just hanging out with my family & friends.

What are a few of your favorite classic films?
Only a few? Well alright...{I narrowed down this list as much as I could...}

High Society {1956}
Anchors Aweigh {1945}
It Happened in Brooklyn {1947}
Good News {1947}
I Love Melvin {1953}
The Wackiest Ship in the Army {1960}
Roman Holiday {1953}
The Man Who Knew Too Much {1956}
Sabrina {1954}
The Magnificent Seven {1960}
The Great Escape {1963}
My Six Loves {1963}
Charade {1963}
That Funny Feeling {1965}

Out of those films, who are your favorite characters (not actor, character)?
Mike Connor from High Society {1956}
Clarence Doolittle & Donald Martin from Anchors Aweigh {1945}
Nick Lombardi from It Happened in Brooklyn {1947}
Connie Lane from Good News {1947}
Melvin Hoover and Judy Schneider from I Love Melvin {1953}
Capt. Rip Crandall from The Wackiest Ship in the Army {1960}
Joe Bradley from Roman Holiday {1953}
Dr. Benjamin McKenna from The Man Who Knew Too Much {1956}
Linus Larrabee from Sabrina {1954}
Chris Larabee Adams and Vin Tanner from The Magnificent Seven {1960}
Hilts 'The Cooler King' from The Great Escape {1963}
Reverend Jim Larkin and Janice Courtney from My Six Loves {1963}
Peter Joshua from Charade {1963}
Harvey Granson, Audrey, and Tom from That Funny Feeling {1965}

Share one of your favorite movie lines...
You see, boys forget what their country means by just reading The Land of the Free in history books. Then they get to be men they forget even more. Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books, Miss Saunders. Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't, I can, and my children will. Boys ought to grow up remembering that. - Jefferson Smith from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington {1939}

What is your opinion on remaking classic films?
If it was done in the 50s {Bachelor Mother/Bundle of Joy, It Happened One Night/You Can't Run Away from It, The Philadelphia Story/High Society} I don't mind. In fact, I rather enjoy those remakes better then the originals usually. 

How about colorizing black and white films?
This is one thing I can't stand. I like my black and white films to stay b&w. Sorry to anyone who likes b&w films colorized.

Name a few of your favorite silver screen actresses.
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Elizabeth Taylor
Lauren Bacall
Deanna Durbin
June Allyson
Ginger Rogers
Eva Marie Saint
Debbie Reynolds
Sandra Dee
Doris Day

Now a few of your favorite actors.
Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart
Gregory Peck
Frank Sinatra
Steve McQueen
Jack Lemmon
James Stewart
Donald O'Connor
Peter Lawford
Montgomery Cliff
Dennis Morgan

Why are they your favorites?
Gosh. I just love their acting performances. For those that are dancers their dancing. And for those that sing, they are some of my favorite singers too.

Do you enjoy westerns? Why or why not?
Yes, I love western movies & TV shows. Why? I guess I just enjoy all of the cowboys. And The usual fight of good vs. bad and bringing justice to the land.    

Are you a purist when it comes to adapting a book you love to the screen?
No, I'm usually not. for example: my favorite version of Pride & Prejudice is from {1940} and that is not at all like the book. I enjoy movies just as movies, and not as adaptions of books. But the one movie I wish was more like the book is Ben-Hur. As the book is simply lovely and has some wonderful life lessons in it {some that I think would be great to show in a film}. 

Are there any film adaptations that you enjoyed more than the original book?
Alright, now I know most of my readers are Jane Austen fans and they are going to not like what I'm going to say. But, I enjoyed the 1940 version of Pride & Prejudice better then the book. {Here is a little secret...*whispers* my favorite Austen book/movie is Emma. I'm much more of an Elizabeth Gaskell fan than Jane Austen. *stops whispering*}

There are a lot of wonderful classic TV shows, but which one is your favorite?
Right now it is....let me think....between Wanted: Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, The Donna Reed Show, and Daniel Boone. Alright, so I can't just pick one of anything. I can never pick just one.

After watching a musical, do you hum and singing snatches of the songs as you go about your day?
Guilty as charged. I'll sing/hum the songs for days, weeks, months, get the picture. *grin*

Assuming the answer to the above is "yes", which song, without fail, get's stuck in your head?
Well, it isn't from a musical but the song Heidi sings in the Jean Simmons version of Heidi gets stuck in my head all the time. And I haven't seen the movie in like over ten years. But from a musical I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady, Well, Did You Evah! from High Society, and Sue Me from Guys & Dolls.

What's the corniest film you've ever seen?
I can't think of one right now.


  1. Hurray!! I didn't think you'd be able to attend the party with everything else going on at your blog, but I'm so glad you did!! =D

    *grin* I totally had to narrow down my list of favorite films, too. I probably had about 20 on my first list;)
    I totally need to see Good News and I Love Melvin. The sound so cute!!
    Oh, I love that line from Mr. Smith. Such a wonderful film.
    I absolutely agree with you on the remakes done in the 50s. Hitchcock's remake of The Man Who Knew Too Much is way better than the original.
    Those are all some of my favorite actresses and actors, too:)
    I adore the 1940 version of P&P!! Well, I just love Greer Garson in pretty much anything anyway:)
    Oh, yes! I Could Have Danced All Night definitely gets stuck in my head!
    And I can never pick just one, either. *big grin*

    I just loved reading your answers, Ashley:)


  2. @Natasha Marie I didn't think I would be able to attend your blog party either. But I had some time this afternoon to spare, so I took that time to enter everything for your party. I must say, it was lots of fun! :)

    Yay! Another person who adores the 1940 person of P&P! Usually, people have never heard of it, saw it and couldn't stand it, or they simply adore it! :)


  3. I loved reading this, Ash, when you first posted it, but sadly didn't have an opportunity to comment until now!! I love so many of the same things as you. Oh, and "Sue Me" will get stuck in my head too! It just must be one of those songs! Another one that I'll think of lots is "The Tender Trap".

  4. LOL all those actors you said i have heard of to and i few of my Favs where there to!

    Cary Grant
    Frank Sinatra
    Steve McQueen
    James Stewart
    Donald O'Connor


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