Friday, March 9, 2012

Christian Filmmakers Academy // San Antonio, Texas {2012} - Part 1

I know y'all are dying for pictures of our trip to Texas last month. Right? Well, I have a lot to share & tell that it will have to be shown in two posts. Are you ready for a short virtual trip to San Antonio? Let's go!

The view out of our hotel room....
View from the 22nd floor on the hotel guest patio...
Mr. Pat Roy - Writer & Producer of Jonathan Park {Speaking at the Christian Filmmakers Academy.}
Mr. Geoffery Botkin & Mr. Doug Phillips talking at the CFA.
Gabrielle & Hanne-col at the CFA studying their notes from the classes...
Mr. Stephen Kendrick, Mr. Geoffrey Botkin, and Lucas Botkin....
Mr. Justin Tolley - Director & Producer {He worked on Fireproof, Letters to God, The Grace Card, Courageous, October Baby. And before he worked on Christian film he was working on the set of Lost.}
Mr. Stephen Kendrick....
Stephen Kendrick & Erin Bethea (Catherine Holt in Fireproof) {she was a surprise guest!}
Erin Bethea {Catherine Holt in Fireproof}
Mr. Geoffery Botkin & Mr. Doug Phillips
Mr. Stephen Kendrick & Mr. John Fornof - Screenwriter & Story Teller {He worked on Adventures in Odyssey & is now working on Lamplighter Theater.}
A wonderful plaza that reminded me of the village in the movie, The Guns of Navarone {1961}.
Mr. Tryg Jacobson - Founder of Jake's Cake {He talked about Branding Your Company/Film/Yourself.}
Anna Botkin {We had the chance to talked to her for about 20 minutes about an idea we had! It was wonderful!}
Mr. Colin Gunn - Producer & Director
Mr. Kirk Cameron
Mr. Kirk Cameron

The Academy was a blast! Me and my sisters were able to meet up with Mrs. Morecraft {we took her online writing class & Gabrielle and I are FB friends with her}. She is such a sweet & wonderful lady - with a beautiful voice that we all love! We also met Mr. John Fornof, Anna & Elizabeth Botkin, Esther Leclerc, Andrea Reins, Atlanta, and several other girls....

At the Academy we learned so much! We learned about theology, the history of Hollywood, Cecil B DeMille, branding, post-production, story writing, Alfred Hitchcock {Isaac Botkin had some great insight on some of his films}, a bit about TV Shows, and so much more! 

In the next post I'll talk about the Film Festival {where I got to meet fellow bloggers and pinterest users}.


  1. oh, my! You got to hear Steven Kendrick and Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea? So jealous!! :) Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  2. Thanks SOOOO much for posting about this! Someday I'll get to go to SAICFF and CFA, until then I'll just have to read all the blog posts I can about it! :)

  3. Your trip looks absolutely marvelous!! I hope to be able to go next year. :) I hope they have the same speakers, because I really want to hear Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick's. I think they've been regulars at the SAICFF for the last few years.

  4. That's sooo cool that you got to talk with Anna Botkin! Makes me wish I would have gone :)

  5. I have always wanted to go to this! I have friends who went....

  6. You guys are so lucky! I couldn't believe it when I saw the pic of Stephan Kendrick, Erin ? and Kirk Cameron! That is so cool!


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