Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Random Wednesday {1930s}

Alright, so today is Random Wednesday. Y'all can share photos, magazine scans, dishes, household recipes, things you own from the era, etc... I'll be sharing a Marie Claire magazine I own from March 24, 1939 {I found it on Etsy last August.}. Oh, yes. The whole magazine is in French, meaning I can't read a word without Google Translator. *grin*

Now what makes this copy so interesting is that the first issue came out in 1937, and was distributed each Wednesday until in 1942, when German occupation authorities in France stopped the circulation of the magazine {along with others}. The magazine didn't redistributed until 1954, when became a monthly publication instead of weekly.

Pond's advertisement
The dresses on these two pages {above & below} are both made with the same pattern {it is included in the magazine!}. The first {above} is for day. While the second one {below} is for evening. From what I can translate the dress was made from Albena Matte Crepe.

At the bottom of this page is the pattern for the dresses seen in the two above scans. 

Darling blouses....

How to refashion a man's suit for a woman....

 Now, it is your turn to share your post for today. Oh, and if you can't find a 1930s recipe for tomorrow. You can use any recipe from the 1970s and earlier. Because I used a 1950s recipe as I don't own any 1930s recipes. *smile*


  1. I like that dress- it is very like one that I read about from the 40's! (I just linked in.)

  2. I really love this! What a cool find! ^^

    I wish I could have found the time to do all these posts...I may try and do a fashion one, though, we'll see!
    For now, I'm thoroughly enjoying reading yours!


  3. Ooh, I love your magazine scans! I think I should start collecting vintage magazines...yes, I should:)

    I linked up my post for today:)


  4. I do have a 1930s recipe! Sort of. :-)

  5. Thank you for hosting this fun event!
    Sadly, I don't own anything from the 30's...but I am enjoying reading all the interesting posts linked!

    Your magazines are gorgeous.

    Have a blessed day,

  6. i have like a million of these love 'em and plan to paste 'em to my door~heaven

  7. and btw, Constance is a beautiful name! ~heaven


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