Monday, March 12, 2012

::Guest Post:: Spring's Trends on a Budget

With a few warm days under our belts, some green grass peeking through, and the official first day of spring nearing, it's time to get our closets ready for this season's trends. But as a girl on the 20-something's budget, I know I can't afford to spend an entire paycheck on a closet full of expensive goodies. So what I like to do is choose a couple favorite trends and shop around for ways to get the looks for less. Here's what I'm loving this spring:
spring pastel trend
[pashmina] [ring] [dress] [flats] [tights] [cardigan] [clutch] [nail polish]
So demure, pretty, and feminine, pastels are all the rage this spring. Think mint green, Creamsicle orange, buttercream yellow, and cotton candy pink. When it comes to pastels, I like to channel feminine ruffles, layered chiffon, and ballet-inspired pieces. The ruffled dress above would look darling with some soft tights underneath for the perfect amount of coverage. Also, I'm a big fan of the pouch clutch trend, and the bag above is the prettiest sea foam hue!
spring safari trend
[skirt] [top] [sandals] [leopard scarf] [ring] [jacket] [bangles] [straw clutch]
Maybe your style is a little more bold than soft pastels, or maybe your next outdoor concert calls for some free-spirited garb. For occasions like these, wear this spring's safari trend. Bright orange, cheery coral, turquoise blue, shiny gold, and shades of brown are the colors to keep in mind. Wear a maxi skirt and a tribal-printed tee for completely stylish comfort. Anorak jackets, like the one above, are supposed to be the it-jacket for spring -- and don't forget an animal print scarf to match!
mad men fashion trend
[silk scarf] [lip stick] [heels] [dress] [cat eye sunglasses] [satchel] [pearls]
Retro, Mad Men-esque styles have been trending for a while now -- and I can't complain about that! I love anything that's a nod to the 50s or 60s, with feminine silhouettes, polished details, and all-around class. Modcloth is the definite go-to when it comes to Mad Men-style pieces, but I've sent one-too-many dresses back to them that are too short! I'm tall, so by default I shop their "longer lengths" -- which are sometimes still too short. But at any rate, I think the A-line, bow-cinched dress above is just fabulous! Pair it with some pearls and pumps, a swipe of lip color, and a structured satchel, and you've got your Sunday best!

Which trends are you loving this spring? Do you have any tips on how to get the looks on a budget?

Author bio: Sarah Heckle lives in Indianapolis with her husband and two cats. She loves to shop, hang out with her friends, and work on her fashion blog, Tulle and Trinkets.


  1. Oh, I love the safari look! I will certainly be going for that this spring...

  2. Wow this stuff are really fabulous! Love them all.

  3. Love the mad men look!

  4. I love safari look! that should be in Trends now.

  5. Love the pastels!


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