Friday, March 30, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Fashionable Friday {1960s}

What I'm Wearing: Vintage Modern Jr. Gale & Gale Cocktail Dress {'66 - '69?} hand-me-down // Earrings LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Sunglasses Kohls // Black Pumps Famous Footwear

I love this dress. I just need a cocktail party, 1960s themed party, or a costume party to attended so I can wear this dress. *grin* 

Since this dress is a juniors dress, and judging by the shorter length {though it could just because of my height} Gaby and I think this dress is from around 1966 to 1969. Does anyone have any ideas if this sounds right at all?

For this outfit I tried doing a '60s poof in my hair. But it didn't really turn out right with just using a curling iron, teasing, and hairspray. As my hair needs more lift on top {which could be achieved with some velcro rollers}.  

Link up your 1960s themed fashion/beauty/hair post below for Going Through the Eras.


  1. I love your outfit & hairstyle! If only they made dresses like that today...

  2. That dress is amazing! And your hair looks lovely.(:


  3. Lovely outfit! So pretty!

  4. I love this look! How cool that you own a vintage dress. My mom and I were given a 1950's party dress, but none of us have found a place to wear it to.

  5. That dress is so pretty! :D
    I love it!

    ~Darby May~

  6. I love that color dress! It's so pretty and modest, I think Marian is right, if only they made clothes that modest today!

  7. Cute dress!!! =)
    Linked up!

  8. Dearest Ashley,
    You look absolutely stunning!!! We are completely swooning over here! Beautiful!

    Mrs. Long

  9. Ooooooooooooooooooh, I love it!

  10. Ashley Nicole, that dress is beautiful with a capital B!!! I LOVE it. (And you look so lovely too!) Would you know that just this week a dress that I bought on Etsy came in the mail, and it fits right in with yours! Abiah wants to take a picture of me in it, so I can send it to you. Together we look like we belong at a 60s cocktail party. *grin* Maybe we need to host a 60's-ish party one day as a good excuse to wear our awesome dresses. *smile*
    Oh, and I love your hair too. I think early next week I'll try a style similar to that.
    Fabulous darling!
    lots of love~ Kay xox

  11. @Achaia Aw, thanks dearie! Eeep! I can't wait to see your dress, Kay! You must send pictures, as I want to see your dress. We should host a 60's-ish party one day. As that would be absolutely marvelous!

    If you do try this style on your hair, and it turns out, I want to see pictures.

    ~Ashley xoxox

  12. Thank you so much, everyone!

    ~Ashley xxx

  13. I'd guess this dress is probably 1966 or 67ish too. How lovely it is!!! I really like it!


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