Sunday, March 4, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Historical Sunday {1930s}

Here we are at the start of GTTE {Going Through the Era's} blog event. This week we are all going to sharing bits & pieces of the 1930s. And with today being Historical Sunday, I'm going to share a tidbit of history you may, or may not know already. Y'all can share a Historical Event, Invention, Discovery, and/or Person from the 1930s.

Did You Know.....The Star Spangled Banner wasn't our National Anthem until March 3, 1931, when President Herbert Hoover signed an act for it to become our National Anthem. Before that we didn't have a National Anthem, meaning America has only had a National Anthem for eighty-one years.

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  1. I linked up, too, with that long post about lots of things... I'm rather surprised I came up with something for today, because originally I thought I simply did not know anything worth sharing!
    I doubt I will be able to post every day :-) - but every time I will come up with something, I definitely will. This blog event is the perfect excuse for me to share things I've wanted to write about for some time and kept forgetting about.

  2. I just Linked up. Sorry I'm so deep tonight! =]


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