Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I Wore - Mixing My Prints + Halftee Review

{My youngest sister, Abigail {Abby} wanted to join me today.}
What I'm Wearing: Striped Oversized Tee made by me // Oversized Floral Skirt Lauren Ralph Lauren {secondhand} // White 3/4 Halftee c/o halftee.com // Tan Wide Belt F21 // Owl Necklace F21 // Key Necklace F21 {gift} // Earrings handme-down from Mrs. Amber Apple // Oxford Heels F21 // Red Nails a-list Essie

Alright, this outfit is not the normal me. It's more of a boho-chic look. Which is normally not what I wear. But, I really wanted to wear this top today, and I didn't have much that matched & looked good except this Lauren Ralph Lauren skirt. I think it is good to sometimes mix up your style and try something new. Another thing I did that was new was layer two necklaces together. I've always like this look on others, but I never tried it out on myself - until today that is.

Now, I didn't have to add the white halftee under this striped tee. But I wanted too. Wearing it underneath this type of top gave me a confidence that my shirt would never slip too low any which way, and that nothing I didn't want to show would be seen by others. It was great! Another awesome thing about halftees? They are only half a t-shirt. Why is this such a good thing? It means there is no added bulk under your shirts! Which is really good. Also, the halftee has no decided front, or back. Which is great if you want an even higher neckline; personally, I don't. Oh, there is even one more great thing about their shirts. They are so soft & comfy and they fit snugly. I picked out a small and it was a perfect fit for me. Definitely check out their size chart before ordering. I can't wait to order more halftees for the summer!


  1. I love this outfit, you look splendid!!

  2. I love your outfit! I pattern mixed once before, and I loved it! You pull it off well!

    And oh my goodness you have such a tiny waist! You look great!

  3. I love the flowy blouse! Would you do a tutorial on that please? So pretty for spring and summer...

  4. super cute! I love tops like that, and your skirt is so pretty! I love the pockets!


  5. Oh, Ash, what an adorable outfit!! I would absolutely wear it myself. How fun that Abby joined you today... I love the pictures of you two. *smile*
    You find so many great things at F21!!
    xo Kay

  6. love your necklace, and abby is adorable.

  7. @ElsieZyel Sure! This would be an easy top to do a tutorial on. And a beginner could do it.

  8. So cute!~Heaven Lee


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