Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Random Wednesday {1940s}

Today for Random Wednesday I'm going to be sharing some pages from a special magazine called, Shirley Temple 21st Birthday Album {April, 1949}. I found it last August on Etsy when I was looking for some fun vintage magazines to buy to celebrate BF's 2nd birthday.
 Pictures from Shirley's movies....
Mary Pickford, Alice Scott, and Shirley Temple with the Red Cross.

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  1. What a neat find! Shirley Temple has always been one of my favorite actresses! I love the movie she does with Cary Grant, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer!(:


  2. Oh, I love these scans!
    I have official decided to begin collecting vintage magazines. So let it me written, so let it be done.

    I linked up:)

  3. Loved this! :) As an adult Shirley Temple reminds me of my tenth grade English teacher. :) She is very petite and back then, even had her hair like Shirley Temple's. :P Oh, and I have to echo Vicki's comment about The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer! :D

  4. @Vicki Oooh! That's one of my favorite Shirley Temple movies! :)

  5. @Natasha Marie It's fun collecting vintage magazines. Though, it can become addicting collecting them. *grin* And I love your "Ten Commandments" quote. :D

  6. @Ashley *grin* It's one of my favorite and most used movie lines;)

  7. That was a fun find! =) Linked up!

  8. Again, I've never seen a Shirley Temple film in my life... so thanks for the recommendation, ladies. :-)

  9. How fun! It's always neat to see how celebrity magazine of the past look compared to the ones of today... *rolls eyes*

  10. I think Shirley Temple is so adorable. :) Even when she's an almost-grown-up, like in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, which is probably one of my favorite movies.

    My family quotes the "You Remind Me of a Man" riddle quite often. :)


  11. Oh my goodness! Those are gorgeous! I've just been watching a lot of Shirley Temple's younger tap dancing routines on Youtube this past week, and she was simply adorable. Thanks so much for sharing these!

    Happy sewing,



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