Saturday, March 10, 2012

Going Through the Era's // Matinee Saturday {1930s}

Today is Matinee Saturday. Y'all can share movie reviews of films from the 30s. Or, share your favorite Actors/Actresses, fun movie trivia, etc....

I'll share with y'all a short movie review of Ronald Reagan's first feature film: Love Is On The Air {1937}.

Last fall TCM was showing a couple of Ronnie's films so I decided to tape some of them. Mostly because Reagan is one of my favorite actors. One of those films that I taped was, Love Is On The Air {1937}. The story of a top crime reporter for a radio station, who digs his nose into things his sponsor doesn't want him digging up- information about some gangsters {because he, himself is in league with them}. 

The station gets in trouble and they have to give Reagan a new radio program. So they give him the children's program. But he still finds a way to solve the murder case on the kiddie show. 

I loved this movie! It was also neat that Warner Brothers had Reagan's first film be about a radio broadcaster. As that was his job before coming to Hollywood to star in pictures.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
Ronald Reagan in 1932

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
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  1. Linked up!
    ~The only Reagan film I've ever seen was "Santa Fa Trail". I'll have to look this one up! =)

  2. Oh, I LOVE Ronald Reagan! I so need to see this movie.

    And I linked up:)

  3. That sounds so sweet! I'm afraid I haven't seen any movies with Ronald Reagan, but I definitely want to!

  4. I've never seen a single film with Reagan... this sounds good!

  5. It's always humorous for me to think of Ronald Reagan the President as an actor...since I had no idea he was an actor up until several years ago. :) I'll have to find some his movies to watch.


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