Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I Wore | Bridal Shower Edition

Hello ladies! Sorry I didn't really post last week, but life has been so crazy busy that I was hardly ever home long enough for taking outfit pictures or to even write a simple post, also this week isn't looking any better as we will all be getting ready for Hanne-col's graduation this coming Saturday at our Church. Yep, soon three out of five of us kids will be graduated from high-school, which is kinda crazy to think about.
What I'm Wearing
Lace Dress -- Banana Republic [Mad Men Collection] via Simply Chic [$20]
White Cami -- Forever 21 [$1.80]
White Drop Earrings -- Forever 21 [$1.80]
Ring -- Forever 21 [$3.80]
Monogram Necklace --c/o ONecklace 
Sandals -- Target [$16]
Lipstick -- L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Endless Red [$7.99]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Mint Candy Apple & Fashion Playground

This past Saturday I attended a friends bridal shower, and for the occasion I wore this beautiful white lace dress that I picked up at our favorite consignment/thrift store: Simply Chic, since I can't wear it to the wedding in a few weeks. I kept the styling very simple with: simple jewelry & shoes, to help the white lace dress really stand out & shine on its own. Of course, you could also style this dress with some fun & bright colours too. 

Ah, yes...I did get a haircut this past week. I wanted shorter hair for the summertime, as it is so much easier to take of, plus is much cooler in this warmer weather [since my car doesn't have air-condiationing]. Right now I'm learning how to style this new length, and what products work best for my current hair needs [which is mostly lift at the roots]. Having shorter hair also means that I will be able to do more vintage hairdos, which is awesome, perhaps I'll even do a few tutorials for y'all. ;-)  

How would YOU style this lace dress?



  1. Really cute! I love that lace pattern.

    You're new haircut is adorable. It's really flattering on you and make you look so sophisticated!

  2. I love your new haircut! It is so cute and really flatters your face. And I love how you styled the dress, I prefer keeping my accessories simple. :)

  3. I love that dress on you :) It's such a statement in itself that I think I would only add some jewelry, like you did, or perhaps a scarf. And your haircut is cute!


  4. You look gorgeous! The hair, the lipstick, the dress, and the beautiful smile!

  5. Love the outfit Ashley...I just got those same sandals a few weeks ago, and can't stop wearing them! Your new haircut is super cute as well!

  6. That outfit is so cute! I am glad lace is still a popular trend.

  7. Your new haircut is lovely! Love this simple but classy outfit.

    I've been trying to find those sandals on ever since you posted this yesterday. Do you have a name for the style (or better yet, a link?). I would appreciate that so much-- they're perfect, and I want a pair for myself! :)

    1. They are called, Women's Merona® Nala Wedge Sandal and here is the link:

  8. Oh, I love this dress so so much <3 Darling look!


  9. I love this outfit! Super cute!

  10. Thanks for this post! Excited to see how you style it again in the future. Just thrifted a $7 Old Navy white eyelet dress and am not sure how I will style it yet! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. That is such a gorgeous dress! I absolutely LOVE your haircut! Please use the dress again soon!

  12. Such a cute dress! I like how you styled it so simply.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  13. that is a super cute haircut on you!-Abi

  14. Really great dress!


  15. Beautiful dress! :) I like the way you styled it. I might do some colorful wedges and perhaps a belt with it.

  16. You look stunning in white, Ashley!
    I'd probably wear it the same, maybe a belt for definition in my waist. Although I'm much bigger than you and it would probably look horrid on me ;)
    Looking forward to your tutorials-although I personally would love tutorials or ideas on styling long hair in retro styles.
    A modest fashion blog:

  17. honestly i would style this exactly the way you did, though probably like you said with some bright colors to make it pop:) ~Heaven


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