Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What I Wore | Memorial Day Style

Hello lovlies! I could have sworn that I have done more Memorial Day outfit posts, but it seems I've only done one other and that was way back in 2010 [which would have been my first Memorial Day blogging on BF]. Oops. Guess the other years I was kinda busy visiting with friends playing baseball, having hotdogs & homemade ice-cream, etc...that I never did outfit pictures the other years. :p Oh, well. This year I was sure to get outfit pictures, since I know that I personally love seeing what others wear on the holidays. *grin*
What I'm Wearing
Polka-Dot Blouse -- H&M [$9.98]
Jean Shorts -- GAP via Simply Chic [$12]
Red Flats -- TOMs [.55 after GC]
Ring -- Forever 21 [$3.80]
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$1.80]
Nail Polish -- Essie in Fashion Playground & Mint Candy Apple [on ring finger]

It was a very natural & relaxed day. I didn't do much to my hair, didn't wear any makeup today [not even a lip colour, which is shocking for me], and I kept my outfit very relaxed and casual. I didn't have too much planned for today: checking on my job application, shopping for party supplies with my mom & sister Hanne-col for the upcoming home-school graduation at our church, working on a slideshow for the graduation, and playing Battlefield 1942 with my brother & two of my sisters. All in all it was a great day.

What did y'all do on Memorial Day?



  1. Very cute! Love the TOMS with it!
    My mom, two sisters, and I went out for lunch and thrift store shopping in another town, about 45 minutes away!

  2. So sweet and simple. That blouse was made for you, Ashley! You look so fabulous in it :) Also, how do you have such flawless skin?? How I envy you so ;P


  3. Well for doing nothing with your hair it looks adorable! Great outfit!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  4. Your top is darling and I like how it matches your Toms! :)
    I spent my memorial day helping out some friends who are renovating their home and getting ready for company; it was a different sort of memorial day, but it was good.
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

  5. I love your red Toms! I can't believe that you bought them for that price! :)

    -Blaze Ann
    A modest fashion blog- http://p31beauty.blogspot.com/

  6. I really like this look. The red blouse (which is my favorite part) looks really good with the emerald nail polish.Wow.Those are two colors I'd have never thought would look so good together! :D ~Heaven

  7. Oh yeah, and I was at my grandparents' house on Memorial Day.We ate ice cream and hotdogs and went swimming:) ~ Heaven


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