Monday, May 12, 2014

Used Library Book Sale Haul

This past Friday I meet-up with my mom & sisters to go to our favorite used library book sale. We all found some real treasures, and I was even able to find some classic books from the 20th century that I've been interested in reading for awhile now. After getting back at the house I'm living-in right now for my live-in nanny job [which is now over, once y'all are reading this], me & Hanne-col [who came to visit me for the weekend] filmed a quick haul video.

What is your favorite thing that me and/or Hanne-col found at the sale? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Um.... I am utterly jealous of you finding those priceless Lamplighter originals!! Ishmael is a family favorite in our house! LOVE the movie of "The Help". I need to get the book sometime too :) "Too Kill A Mocking Bird" is probably one of the best books I've ever read. Both humorous and heartwarming with a powerful story. Kind of like "The Help" :) I'm a life-long fan of Bing. Especially since I've found songs that he sang with the Andrews Sisters ;) They are the ultimate quartet <3

    I love to watch you girls interact on film. It reminds me so much of my sisters and I :)


  2. Ok, to start, let me tell you that I always feel like putting on lipstick and listening to Bing Crosby after watching one of your videos. ;) You inspire me so much, even though our styles are different, I always love your outfits, hair and makeup. And I agree with Charlotte in the previous comment, I always love your videos, but I really enjoy the ones with you and one of your sisters. It's fun to watch ya'll interact. It makes me want to come hang out with ya'll. :)

  3. Loved this post! If we need to read Agatha Christie first, you've got to read Jane Eyre first! It is my all time favorite! :) SO good. And this film adaptation is really really well done. I read Rebecca last summer, I snagged a $2 1930's copy that is gorgeous. It's very Gothic creepy but I liked it overall. I really would love to see a newer film or miniseries adaptation of it. Love the books you guys found... adding some to my must find list! :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Wow, your book/movie haul is amazing!
    The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is hilarious; you're really going to enjoy it!
    And I agree with Alexandra's comment above, you HAVE to read Jane Eyre before the movie. None of the movies give the book justice, in my opinion. :)
    Ooh, I LOVE Cherry Ames! The series is great, you'll love it. Haha, I think the first Cherry Ames book I read was number 4. It's pretty much impossible to ever find the 1st book in the series! :)


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