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2014 Summer Fashion Inspiration + Styling Tips

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Come summertime there are certain fashion articles that I really love to pull out and wear, there are also new styles that I want to experiment with: like the boyfriend jeans with heels. Today I'm going to be sharing with y'all what is really inspiring me for this coming summer! I would love it if you would share with me what is inspiring you too, once you finish reading this post, as I would love to hear what is inspiring YOU.

- I don't know what it is about summertime, but I love wearing on a lot of white, navy, and red in my outfits. Of course, those colours don't have to be all in one outfit. For example, I have a number of navy dresses, and red dresses in my wardrobe this summer, but I don't have to pair the traditional nautical colours with those outfits. With the navy dresses I can wear gold or silver jewelry and coral or mint shoes/handbags/cardigans/etc.... Get the picture? Try out some new colour parings this summer! Try to break away from the traditional.

- One of my goals for the past year, has been to learn how to style jeans/pants/trousers/shorts in stylish ways. For in the past, I always went with the easy jeans & tee shirt route. Yes, that can look stylish, but I always went with my least stylish tees. Don't ask me why I did, I just did. I'm crazy like that sometimes. You see, I'm not always dressed stylishly like you see me on my blog or Instagram [@BramblewoodF]. There are days when I don't know what to wear, and I just throw something together, which means I don't look that good. I try to avoid doing that nowadays, as I have come to realize that I feel much better during the day if I'm well dressed, my hair is styled, and I have a little makeup on -- I just feel like a lady & put together. Anyhow, I want to remember to wear heels with jeans and blouses with shorts this summer.  

- Personality is something that every outfit needs. It helps show other people WHO YOU ARE. Hats are one of my favorite ways to add some personality to a outfit. Another way to add some personality to your outfits is through: jewelry [are you a dainty or statement type of girl], scarves [there is a whole of possibilities with this one], shoes [are you the flats only type of girl, heels are the only way type of girl, practical girl, vintage loving gal, bold and colorful, neutrals only], and your handbag is another way too! Of course, there are other ways too, but I guess you can say that accessories are kinda key to pulling together an outfit, taking it from boring & typical to stylish & personal.



  1. I like your new layout, but the font is a little hard on my eyes. Can you make it larger or bolder/thicker? It's a little hard for me to read.

  2. your first goal is also mine! I'm living in doha and I need to be covered a little more than usual so I'm trying many pants!!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  3. Lovely post, Ashley! Those are some great goals :)


  4. I'm not quite sure what's inspiring me for this Summer yet. I think probably the main influence for me is the 1950's. :D

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  5. I would love to learn how to style jeans and other trouser cuts stylishly, yet modestly.
    Although for me, now being on my own, I suddenly don't have a long list of clothing regulations, and am really just looking to explore what style fits my personality. What leaves me feeling like a lady. I really love checking your blog and drawing off your ideas!

  6. I love this collage and I love the blog re-design! So simple but elegant :) -Alexandra

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