Friday, May 30, 2014

River Island US Summer 2014 | Lookbook

Recently I had the opportunity to look through River Island's US Summer Lookbook & to save and share my favorite looks with y'all! With each look, I'm going to mention what I like about the look & how it inspires me. 

This first look is the perfect mix of casual and dressiness: with the boyfriend jeans, heels, blouse, and loose blazer. To copy this look, grab your favorite pair of boyfriend style jeans [or any pair of loose, yet fitted pair of jeans you own], add a blouse & some heels. If you wanted, you could add the blazer too, but that isn't mandatory.

This second look really inspires me to play around with textures, even when it warm outside. Sometimes once warmer weather hits, I forget to play around with textures with my outfits [unlike the autumn & winter time when I tend to do it all the time].

Be bold or go home with this look. I've worn white dresses over the years, but have never dared a look this bold: white pants [or shorts/skirt], white top, and white accessories all mixed together. There are several things about an all white outfit, first off, it is a very bold look. Secondly, if you are the messy type of person, it is just begging to have stains splashed all over the outfit and ruin the pristine white look.

Normally I don't go for the highlighter yellow type of clothing, but there is something about it that is refreshing for warm summer days, especially paired with the white accessories.
This final collage features some looks that inspire me in various ways. In the first look, I love the floral print & basic dress design [I just wished the dress was longer]. Whilst in the second look I really love the pencil skirt & bag -- so pretty and unique. The third and final look is very ladylike & kinda vintage looking with the layers of lace and ballet flats.

Which look is your favorite? 



  1. I really like the idea of an all-white outfit. However, I feel it would be terribly unflattering on me :P


  2. I'm really loving the third look in the collage. I can see myself wearing it! The all-white is cute too, but with me as the model, I'm afraid it would only last a day:) Also, the first look in the collage is nice, but you're right: it needs to be longer! ~Heaven


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