Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I Wore | BoHo Glam on a Rainy Day

Hello lovelies! Today it is a rather rainy & dreary day outside, so to fit that mood I'm wearing a rather comfy BoHo type outfit. The mix of palazzo pants, tank, cardigan make it perfect for just staying-in doing work around the house, video editing, and doing random blog work that needs to get done. Especially, since I'm taking my sister, Hanne-col, to see the new Captain America movie for part of her birthday present tomorrow afternoon [her birthday is on Friday].
What I'm Wearing
Palazzo Pants -- Target [$19.99]
Sandals -- Target [$24.99] (On sale online for $19.99]
Tank -- J.C.Penny [$4]
Cardigan -- Forever 21 [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Statement Necklace -- Senza Fine [gift from Italy]
Lipstick -- Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in "Pink Peony" [$16]

This year I've come to really love European fashion and the styles that are popular over there. Which does create somewhat of a problem for me, who lives in the States, since most of those styles are harder to locate locally [at least for a good price]. Which is why I love it, when ever I locate some European inspired pieces at stores like: Target, Forever 21, or H&M. My love of European fashion comes from my Mom [who loves anything European] and reading too many European based fashion bloggers. There are times we joke in our house, that we are really Europeans who were born & stuck in America [though on my Mom's side of the family, our Norwegian roots aren't too far back, only a little over a hundred years since they immigrated to America].



  1. Those Palazzo pants look great on you Ashley! You styled them perfectly so they don't look like Pj's (as some pairs do ;P).


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  2. Having a mom who was born in Europe has made us very aware of European fashion. Classic, basic prices have always been a huge part of our wardrobe. Mom always stresses to look our best. There is no such thing as over dressing. ;) Puts the American street clothes to shame! :P We had cousins from Italy comment on how sloppily dressed people are in the states. Any who, bring only 2nd generation American on my moms side, and 3rd on my dad's, European fashion/culture is very near to my heart! We could all learn so much from the classy Old World. :) I love the Palazzo pants, btw. :) :)

  3. Not that all Americans dress sloppily! Haha. Oh dear. Totally didn't mean to sound that way. :P Also, sorry about the typos. . .my Kindle does NOT know how to spell. ;)

  4. Love those pants!! I need to find a stylish pair that don't look like pajamas, haha!

    Hope you have fun with your sister! I'm off to go see Godzilla with my brother for my birthday! :)

  5. I know this is kind of random but could you give me some London England local fashion advice? Thanks!


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