Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modest Sea Swimwear

Modest Sea is an alternative swimwear company that offers modest beach wear. They focus on offering both full and moderate coverage swimwear, meaning there is something for everyone! Here is what they say about their company, taken directly from their website: "Developed by an international team of swimwear designers from their studio in Bologna, Modest Sea offers an original coverage solution for women. At the beach or pool, a swimwear piece by Modest Sea combines the finest design principles with innovative Italian fabrics to deliver what no other line of swimwear can – moderate to full cover, sun protection and impeccable style."

Some of their swimsuits are really cute & I wouldn't mind wearing them while walking around a beach town. Like the Eva swimsuit, pictured second from the right, which just makes my heart go pitter-patter. Why? It is in the nautical style & kinda looks like Samantha's from American Girl.

If nautical isn't your cup-of-tea, there are other options on the site for you to choose from, like the following: Nicole, Lori, Zoe + Sabrina, and Zoe + Emily.

If y'all are interested in purchasing a swimsuit from Modest Sea, you will be happy to know that they are having a sale until the end of May where all bathing suits are 40% off. Awesome, huh? Also, don't forget to check out their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

What do YOU think of the company, Modest Sea? Do you like any of their swimsuits?



  1. I really like the Carmen style...thanks for sharing. I haven't seen modest swimwear quite like these with a bit more coverage. :)

  2. Mind if I share this on my Modern Modest Fashion page on Facebook? (Links back to you, of course.)

    1. Not at all! Feel free to share this on your Modern Modest Fashion FB page.

  3. I think some of their suits are super cute, but bear in mind that this is a Muslim company... I don't know how you feel about that, but I personally don't want to support a Muslim company. Just thought I would put that out there for anybody who has an opinion on it. :)

  4. I agree-that purple one is gorgeous!
    A modest fashion blog: www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  5. This is so cute! Ashley, you should check out the "free style swimskorts" on "dressingforhisglory.com". They don't have modest swimsuits that are quite as fashionable as these, but their swimming skorts are something I've never seen before this, but they are perfect to wear over your average bathing suit, for those of you who have a favorite bathing suit that you don't want to replace.Now that I think about it, they are labeled "free style swim skirts." Check it out! ~Heaven

  6. I agree about the supporting-a -Muslim-company afair.I didn't realize that! I think I'll stick to dressingforhisglory.com. ~Heaven


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