Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How I Style: 1 Basic Black Skirt 4 Ways

Fairly recently, or perhaps not, I was asked by a blog reader to share different ways you can style a black skirt. I don't know about you, but I love classic pieces like black skirts, dresses, and pants as you can style them SO many ways! In fact, I'm wearing something black almost everyday these days, just because fit any style mood I'm in, be that preppy, vintage, European, hipster, etc... Though I must admit, I've been really into Europe's fashion of late, thanks to my favorite bloggers & YouTubers are all living somewhere in Europe. I'm just very much inspired by the Old World right now. *sighs* I wish I could travel over there this summer, but alas I can't as I don't have the funds. Anyhow...onto the main point of this post. :p

First Outfit -- I love dressing up a graphic tee for work! In this first outfit, I paired my graphic tee & black skirt with a blazer, statement necklace, and some nice flats. Simple, yet dressy.

Skirt -- Banana Republic via Thrift Store [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Graphic Tee -- Old Navy [$6]
Blazer -- H&M [$15]
Statement Necklace -- Thrift Store [$10]
Flats -- Target [$15]

Second Outfit -- This outfit was kinda inspired by an outfit I've seen Taylor Swift wear: with the black skirt & chambray button-up.

Skirt -- Banana Republic via Thrift Store [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Chambray Button-up -- J.Crew via Thrift Store [$14]
Satchel -- Forever 21 [$19.80]
Oxfords -- ModCloth [$15]

Third Outfit -- Inspired by warm spring afternoons, I went with a floral sleeveless top & some sandals for a fun, girly look for those warmer days. This outfit would also be perfect for hanging with some friends at the Farmers Market, Art Museum, going to the Cafe, or visiting your favorite coffee shop.

Skirt -- Banana Republic via Thrift Store [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Floral Top -- c/o OASAP
Belt -- Forever 21 [$3.80]
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$2.80]
Satchel -- c/o OASAP
Sandals -- Steve Madden [$15]

Forth Outfit -- My final outfit was kinda inspired by the glitz & glamour found in The Great Gatsby and would be perfect for a dinner party of sorts.

Skirt -- Banana Republic via Thrift Store [hand-me-up from Gaby]
Sequin Top -- Express via Thrift Store [$12]
Tank Cami -- Forever 21 [$1.80]
Flats -- Old Navy [$4]
Earrings -- Forever 21 [$2.80]

Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know, as I would love to hear!



  1. I loved both the first and third, but I would have to say that the third was my favorite. I just adore that floral top!

  2. I think I liked the second outfit the best :) I love your videoing, Ashley! Is this inside your house?


    1. No, this isn't inside my house. I'm doing a live-in nanny job right now & this is their house. :)

  3. So fun! I love the third the most... but all are very cute! Fun to see a 'many days, many ways' type post! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to do more of these type of videos this summer!


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