Saturday, June 29, 2013

Costume Inspiration for Vision Forum's History of America Conference

Next week I'll be attending Vision Forum's History of America Conference in Pennsylvania, and like the other Vision Forum events I've attended (Jamestown 400 & Reformation 500) I'll be dressing in costume. Since this conference covers all of American history, I'll be doing more vintage styles this time: like the 1920s, 40s, and 50s.

This is my inspiration board for the 1920s (with my 1920s dress options on either side). Now, if you were me, which option would you go with? The lace version on the left, or the plain cotton one on the right? As I'm undecided right now. Also do you think I should the 1920s at all? 'Cause I have so many ideas for 1940s & 50s outfits, but not enough days to wear them all. :p  

Then we have the 1940s. There is my 40s floral & stripes dress, polka dot swing dress, or my gingham dirndl skirt that I could choose from. Between these options I'm kinda leaning towards my swing dress, mostly because it looks the most 1940s to other people. What do y'all think?

Then we have the 1950s, where I have way too many options to choose from. There are even more option combinations in my closet that I could do (ones that haven't been featured on the blog yet), like a red pencil skirt, striped tee, and some heels. In the above collage we have my brown polka dot dress (this was my graduation dress), gingham blouse & jean pencil skirt, floral sundress, floral blouse & poodle skirt, blouse & polka dot skirt, blue gingham dress, and my Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit. Wait a minute! I'm missing my new red gingham sundress that I just made!! See!?! I have too many ideas and options for the 1950s! If you were me, which '50s outfit would you go with? Which outfits look the most '50s to you?

(I'm thinking I *might* wear my red gingham dress on the 4th of July to the Gettysburg reenactment.)

I kinda like it better when I had to make my costumes specifically for a VF event, because back then I didn't have anything otherwise to wear (costume wise). Of course, I didn't have too many costumes to choose from then, and hardly any vintage inspired clothing (unlike now). 

Now this where I could use your advice, which outfits & eras I should bring to wear/do next week? For the event I'll need four outfits (5 actually, but I already have one outfit picked out for my birthday on the 5th), three of those days will be spent in a conference setting, while one of the days (the 4th) will be spent outside on a tour of Gettysburg & visiting the reenactment. Give me your thoughts and ideas. I guess you could say, I'm curious to know which ones look the most like the eras to YOU.


  1. I think you look better in the lace 1920s dress, than the plain cotton 1920s dress. :)

    Yeah, your polka dot 1940s swing dress is the cutest!! :)

    I'd prolly go w/ the floral sundress for the 1950s.

    Have a fun time at the event! :)


  2. Love the new blog layout! :) For the 1920's, I like the lace, for the 40's, I like the floral and stripes, and for the 50's, I like either the poodle skirt or the blue gingham dress with the buttons. :) I envy your wardrobe, so many adorable dresses! :O

  3. Hi Ashley!

    I really like the White Cotton 1920's Dress, the 1940's Swing Dress (Which I think would be awesome for the 4th! With some cute red accessories, of course!), gingham blouse and jean pencil skirt, and the floral blouse and poodle skirt. I can see why you are having a hard time deciding, though! I'm in love with most of these outfits myself! It's definitely making me want to get my hands on more fabric and patterns, and do some sewing! I've recently started building up a fabric stash, but it's slow going right now. I don't have very big budget for purchasing fabric, but thankfully my local walmart has a bin in the fabric section with fabric marked down to very low prices because to much was cut or something like that! Enjoy your trip and the conference! Blessings to you,

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are going to Gettysburg!!!!????!!!!???? My dad, two brothers, and cousin are going! Darn it! I could have met you! My brother Stephen is reenacting, and so is his dear friend and my sister's boyfriend Sam. Unfair.

  5. I think, for the 50's, you should wear your blue gingham dress, and your red gingham sundress. I, personally, wouldn't do the 20's, but if I did I would wear the one on the left. As for the forties, I love your striped dress, but the swing dress would be great too (and the dirndl skirt would be a great option to wear either for a forties or fifties look) !
    I hope this helps!
    And, I hope you have a great time! I wish we could have gone... :)

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  6. I love your designs and outfits! Perfect for all of the decades. I hope you have fun at the event, I wish I could attend something like that :) x

  7. Ah, have fun at the HOA conference! :) (Wish I could go, too.)

    I'd say for the '20s one (if you decide to wear one), go with the lace. It looks more the part.

    For the '40s, I like them all, but you're probably right about the polka dot one looking most quintessentially '40s.

    For the '50s, you have some cute ones, but I'd go with either the poodle skirt or the blue gingham dress with white buttons. The others look like they could just be modern-wear. :)

  8. I love the lace for 1920's, and the swing dress is great! I'd go with the poodle's so fun and 50's! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Picture 1- the dress on the left
    Picture 2- second outfit
    Picture 3- 2nd outfit or 3rd
    Cute outfits!

  10. Oh and P.s I live in PA, but it's a bummer I won't be going to the conference :(.


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