Monday, June 17, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee | BBC TV Show

I don't know about you, but I love the shows that the BBC comes out with: Call the MidwifeSherlockDoctor WhoThe Great British Bake Off, etc.... Recently I discovered the show, The Great British Sewing Bee on YouTube and it is the perfect sewing show. It features the history of home sewing and fashion in Britain's history -- fascinating stuff! But not only that, it also shows sewing techniques & projects and how you can do them yourself, which is handy for home sewists who would like some sewing tips while watching a television show. Oh, yes, another thing I love about The Great British Sewing Bee is the music! Gotta love listening Doris Day while watching a sewing show -- perfect for the vintage girl at heart.

If you would like to watch the show yourself, search The Great British Sewing Bee episode 1 on YouTube to find the first episode. I won't embed the episodes below, because you never know how long they will stay up. Btw, there are only four episodes.

Have fun watching! (Btw, if you follow my other blog, A Girls Home Life, this is a repeat post.)


  1. I love British show. :) I enjoy River Cottage, The Edible Garden, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm and Wartime Farm. All free on youtube!

  2. I Loooooved this show! I think there going to do another one next year :) Eee!
    My family and I were obsessed with the music! So cute, and fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of the show <3


  3. That was a great show! I really enjoyed it. :) BBC is the best.

  4. Oh yes, I loved this, too! And I particularly loved that the most experienced seamstress won, and then, after the show, tried out a new technique (quilting). That really goes to show there's always something new to learn in sewing, one of the reasons why I love it - you never arrive to a point where you've done it all. :D

  5. I live in the UK and only just discovered the GB sewing bee this year, then I stumbled upon this post! It's awesome. I suppose you haven't seen the latest series since its only just finished?? You'll have lots to look forward to if you haven't. :D Lots of guys on it this year as well. There's a new BBC drama just starting too called Poldark! I'm one episode in and totally hooked. It's great. :)


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