Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Rorin' 20's (Sewing Through The Decades Challenge 1920-1929)

This week for the Sewing Through The Decades Challenge the era was the 1920s. I must confess something first, before 2008 I dislike the clothing of 1920s.  But after I was given a lace dress, that was in a 1920s style, I decided to make my first 20s dress. After that I have come to love the everyday 1920s style. I found out that really, I only disliked the high-end clothing of the era.

::The 1920's dress I made back in 2008::

Since that dress I made back in 2008 is now too short (I grew taller). I decided that for the Sewing Through the Decades Challenge I was going to make myself a replacement dress.  With just some nice white muslin fabric, pins, "Lizzy" my dress-form, scissors, sewing books from the 1920s, and a little inspiration, I have come out with this lovely creation.

::First off the Inspiration::

The picture above is from the magazine below.  =)

::What the dress first looked like on "Lizzy"::

::The Final Product::

Pin-tucks sewn by hand.

Next week (starting tomorrow) is the 1930s. I have no idea what I'm going to sew yet. Guess I will have look through my patterns and books. Or, do a search on the internet for the perfect thing. =) 



  1. It's beautiful, and the white is perfect for summer. You're talented, I wish I could sew !

    In Christ
    ~ Jessica

  2. Beautiful dress! I love the loose fitting tops and long "waist" of 1920's dresses. You did a perfect job of making a dress that looks completely 20's but also modern! It looks so cool and comfortable. =)


  3. oh both dresses are dreamy! Especially the top one! How bad that you grew hehe well not, but it's such an awesome dress! Can't you add more fabric at the bottom? or maybe add lace, it's gorgeous!

  4. Ashley I'd like to ask for your permission to use this picture on my post on modest options, I will note your link underneath the picture, please let me know if I can. Thank you! God bless you!


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