Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sew For Victory! A 40s Sewing Challenge -- Finished Skirt

Well, remember back on March 16th when I talked about joining the Sew for Victory! 1940s Sewing Challenge? Well, yesterday I finally decided which photo I was going to copy, and which piece of fabric from my stash that I was going to use. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already have an idea of which picture I ended up picking for my inspiration.

Are you curious to know which photo I ended up picking? Well, without further ado, let me share with y'all the finished project. Oh, wait! I have one more thing to share with y'all, at either the end of this week, or sometime next week there will be a video tutorial showing how to make this project yourself. Alright, now the big reveal with no more rabbit trails, I promise. *smile*
Yes, I went with the basic gathered skirt for the challenge. True, it isn't that hard to make, but it was something I've been wanting in my wardrobe for awhile now. This skirt is one of those basics that you will always turn to when you don't have a clue on what to wear. Another great thing about this skirt, is that it can be styled vintage, vintage inspired, modern, or purely country with a jean jacket & cowgirl boots. Yes, I'm going to have lots of fun styling this skirt in the coming days!
  • Pattern -- No, pattern. Just measured out lengths of fabric to create the skirt. Tutorial coming soon!
  • Pattern Description -- Simple gathered skirt.
  • Pattern Sizing -- What ever you want!
  • What inspired you to make this? -- This 1940s photo & the Sew for Victory! sewing challenge.
  • Fabric Used -- Apple Green Gingham Fabric (it is 100% cotton) from my stash (bought on last year).
  • Supplies Used -- 9" Zipper, thread, sewing machine, cording, zipper foot, tape measure, scissors, and fabric, of course.   
  • Would you sew it again? -- Yes, it is a simple skirt that would look amazing made up in a bunch of fun fabrics!  
  • Sewing Level -- Easy/Beginners. 

::What I'm Wearing::
Lace Top -- Nine & Co. via Thrift Store
Gingham Skirt -- Made by Me
Skinny Leopard Belt -- Forever 21
Heels -- Naturalizers
Pearl Earrings -- Claire's
Red Lipstick -- NYC in Sheer Red

Btw, if you are interested in learning more about 1940s makeup and beauty, you should check out this e-book. I recently download all of their makeup & beauty guides (it is a better deal that way), and they are chock full of helpful information! Definitely a great buy if you are into vintage hair & makeup, or just wanting to learn more about vintage beauty trends.  


  1. I love the skirt! Can't wait for the tutorial! I seem to always pick incredibly hard patterns with lots of fit involved and then get frustrated. I really need focus on some simple classic and easy designs such as your skirt. :)


  2. Ash,
    I LOVE it!! What an adorable outfit, and I think the practicality and cuteness of it are just great!! That picture of you sitting down (third one down) is absolutely beautiful, dearie!! It just grabbed me how lovely my best friend is. *smile*
    I'm off to check out the e-book. It sounds great!
    By the way, I love the color of your lipstick.
    xox Kay

  3. Hi! Love the skirt, can't wait for the tutorial! I see a couple bright printed summer skirts in my future... :)
    By the way, are you planning on posting an I <3 Thursday post today? I love linking up. Thanks!


  4. I love it Ashley! And I like your makeup and hair too! Very cute!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  5. Adorable, Ashley! I think gingham is a must for summer... to bad it hasn't weaseled it's way into my closet
    Fab job! I can't wait for the video tutorial :)


  6. So cute!! I can't wait for the tutorial:)

  7. Such a sweet skirt & blouse combo! You look so pretty in the 2nd photo!

  8. You look so pretty and classy :)

    ~Hannah Everly

  9. You are gorgeous! And you remind me so much of Agent Carter in Captain America with your hair and red lipstick :)

  10. The skirt is great! The makeup is very nice on you also.

  11. It looks beautiful :) Such a fun, casual skirt!


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