Friday, March 8, 2013

Inspired by Film Fashion Event // Fantasy/Fairytale/Sci-fi {Day 6}

Here is is, the sixth day of the TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event with the theme for today being, Fantasy/Fairytale/ Sci-fi -- which is the theme I was looking forward to most this week. I took my inspiration for today from the TV show, Once Upon a Time and the character I decided to copy is Belle when she in the Fairytale world -- I mostly copied her color scheme & the feeling of the above outfit.

To copy the look I wore a sea-foam blue vest that was from an old costume, ruffly white tee, and some wide legged jeans to update the look a bit (and to help it from becoming too costume-y). To accessorize I added a dainty pearl drop necklace & some vintage-y looking heels (since it seems like Belle is always wearing heels).
::What I'm Wearing::
Ruffly White Tee -- Ann Taylor
Vest -- Made by Me
Wide Legged Jeans -- JCP
Heels -- Steve Madden (Gift)
Necklace -- Gift
You can link up your Fantasy/Fairytale/Sci-fi outfit below. Remember to link to your outfit post, and not your main blog link. Thanks! 


  1. I love it! I love Once Upon a Time, and most of the outfits are so pretty . . . but especially in the fairytale world, they're also very immodest.

  2. Oh, THANK YOU for doing Belle! I just LOVE her!! She's the sweetest thing...and that accent is a winner. :) Your outfit is fabulous! It definitely captures Belle's look and those heels are really, really cute! Great job, gral!

  3. Oh and by the way...fabulous choice on backgrounds for the pictures! I'd never have thought to choose a bookcase...but so fitting for Belle! :)

  4. This look is adorable. I love copying fantasy/older historical looks and making them modern! Those heels are so cute!

  5. I hope you don't take this wrong. I like the outfit - it's really cute. It's just when I saw the picture from the tv show I was hoping for a more literal interpretation because I love those fairy tale style dress.

  6. I really like this outfit! It adds a modern flair to a unique old-fashioned look! Great job! Cute heels!!

  7. It's so good! Definitely looks like what she wears in StoryBrook!!


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