Monday, March 4, 2013

Inspired by Film Fashion Event // 1940s {Day 2}

It is the second day of the TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event and the theme for today is 1940s. Sorry about the long delay in my post getting up, but I work on Monday's and this evening I also had a Bible study to attend and life come first. Anyhow, after mentioning in yesterday's post that I wished to shorten the name of the event one of my wonderful readers, Kellie, came up with the name: Inspired by Film and I've decided to use this name the entire week in reference to the event. Thanks, Kellie, you are a dear! 

Alright, my inspiration for today came from the Hallmark film, The Magic of Ordinary Days which is set in the 1940s. Livvy's wardrobe is beautiful and I can see myself copying her look again in the coming weeks and months. For my outfit I picked out a floral blouse that felt very Livvy like (since she wears a lot of floral prints); a navy skirt (one of her main colors that she wears); and then accessorized with a vintage hat, drop earrings, and a cameo necklace. See dressing in an inspired vintage look isn't too hard. *smile* You see, to make it more of a challenge for me, I didn't wear any of my 1940s dresses that I've made over the years, as that is too easy to me -- plus this event is supposed to be a challenge and not a-piece-of-cake. *grin* 
(Also, I've been meaning to mention that all of my indoor outfit pictures are taken inside my parents bedroom, and not mine. Once me & my sister, Hanne-col are finished rearranging all the furniture in our room & reorganize it a bit -- I'll be doing a room tour video/post.)
Floral Blouse -- Kohl's
Navy Blue Skirt -- Thrifted
Belt -- Vintage
Plum Tights -- JCP or Kohl's
Oxfords -- ModCloth
Hat -- Vintage
Earrings -- Little Black Bag
Cameo Necklace -- Portobello Road Market
You can link up your 1940s inspired outfit below. Remember to link to your outfit post, and not your main blog link. Thanks!


  1. Those shoes are soooo cute! Love them! Your outfit is adorable too! Have a blessed night. :)

  2. I love that outfit! That's good to see you wearing your Portabello Road cameo. I wear mine all the time. ;-)

  3. You did a great job! And I like how you're not just being easy on yourself and choosing a '40s dress, but actually trying to replicate the look through modern clothes. I would love to do this event, but I don't have the right clothes, unfortunately.

  4. This outfit is stunning. Love your hair like that as well... and the hat!!

    Ooh! Can't wait for your room tour! I love seeing how people decorate. :)

  5. Charming, simply charming, Ashley! It's rather funny, because Brigid and I were inspired by the same film for our outfits ;)
    Oh yes, and Kellie- that name is absolutely perfect!! Thank you ever so much for coming up with it :)

    Excited for today's link up!


  6. Magic of Ordinary Days is such a sweet, beautiful movie! I watch it regularly! It almost needed a sequel...but then most things ARE better left without sequels to ruin the "magic" of the original. Cute outfit, lady! Love that cameo!

  7. I'm really enjoying this series! I wasn't prepared this time around, but I hope you'll do it again so I can participate

  8. These posts are so fun! I love these!!!

  9. I was scrolling through your bloc which I am new to, and I see my FAVORITE movie and book ever. I am excited! Love your outfit, I could see Libby from the movie/book wearing it! :)
    Kalin from

    1. I looked back for some reason and saw all of my spelling mistakes..Sorry! Was writing on my phone. Lol!!!!!


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