Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspired by Film Fashion Event // 1990s - 2010s {Day 5}

Can you believe there are only two more days of the TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event left? I know I can't, as it seems like the event just started. Today's outfit took a bit of narrowing down as I couldn't decide which TV show/movie to copy, as I had several ideas for today. In the end I decided to go with Annie from 90210 (which is a TV show I've never watched, btw) as her style seems really relaxed and comfortable -- which is what I wanted today.

To copy Annie's look I wore a floral skirt, white v-neck tee shirt, and a boyfriend style cardigan. I accessorized my look with flats, long key necklace, earrings, and a cross-body bag.  
::What I'm Wearing::
Floral Skirt -- Made by Me
Tee Shirt -- Forever 21
Cami -- JCP
Cardigan -- Forever 21
Flats -- Steve Madden
Earrings -- Little Black Bag
Key Necklace -- Forever 21
Cross-body Bag -- Hautelook
You can link up your 1990s - 2010s inspired outfit below. Remember to link to your outfit post, and not your main blog link. Thanks!


  1. I love your outfit! It's so perfect for spring!

  2. Oh I love it . . . I would have loved to do this series. I think for this part (1990s-2010s) I would do an outfit from Once Upon a Time :)

  3. Oh so cute, Ashley! I <3 your flats!! I really need to find me some nude shoes... whether it be pumps or flats... ;)


  4. I love this outfit! I don't watch the show but I love how you put the cardigan with the floral skirt. It reminds me of the outfits the woman on the Closer wore, most of which were really cute. You may not have watched that, but there is a website that talked about her outfits if you search for it on the web.


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