Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Wear Pink When You're Not a Girly-Girl

If you’re not a girly-girl, the idea of donning pink cardigans and tulle skirts is probably the last thing you might want to wear! Pink can be a feminine and glamorous shade for even the most non girly-girl's however. Read on for a guide on how to wear pink whilst keeping your style intact:

Pick the right shades
Working pink in a subtle, and not in an overpowering way means choosing the right pink shades. You’ll want to stay away from bubblegum and baby pink and opt for corals or hot pinks with red and orange undertones.

Avoid sparkle
If you’re not too keen on pink, you’re probably not keen on sparkle; too often the two come hand in hand, so make sure you steer away from any pink garments or accessorises that have even the most subtle of girly sheens.

Add inspired menswear
A great way to work pink items is to contrast them with chunky men’s items. When you’ve found a blouse or jumper you like, team with a military jacket or a boyfriend style blazer and jean skirt/or a great pair of trouser type jeans for a winning combo. Menswear inspired shoes are another way to help tone down the girliness of pink, choose brogues and boots over heels and ballet pumps.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Just a pop
If you want to branch out and wear pink, try just a pop of colour! You don’t need to don a bright pink dress, but instead use of a pop of fuchsia through your accessories – perhaps a watch, bangle, earrings or a pair of sunglasses. Patterns and prints are another easy way to work pink into your wardrobe, look out for animal prints, plaids and Aztec designs which include pink but not as an overpowering choice.

Lips and nails
The easiest and cheapest way to add pink to your look has to be with a splash of a pink lippy! Hot pink lipstick looks bold and feminine without looking too over-the-top ‘girly’ -- I find more paler shades of pink to be more girly-girl. A manicure is another nice way to add pink without overdoing it; you could go for pastel, bright pink, or an unusual pink-tip French design.

Image Source: flicker
Toughen it up
Go and toughen up your pink; choose a pink top, blouse, dress beneath an edgy black leather jacket. I've seen this done quite a bit, and I really like this look, one of my favorite's is featured above by fashion blogger & YouTube guru Dulce Candy -- the perfect mix of girliness & edginess.  

Make it casual
If the idea of glitzy pink dresses and pink heels leaves you thinking "that is totally not me," you’ll be best working pink into your wardrobe in a casual way. You needn’t change your personality to make pink work, just add it where you’d least expect it. Team your t-shirt, jeans and converse trainers with a soft salmon-pink trench coat; there are plenty of ways to add a feminine touch of pink without looking too girly-girl.

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  1. Excellent post... great tips! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Awesome! While I personally adore pink, I think these are great tips for those who don't :)


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