Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sewing Project | High-Waisted Chevron Skirt

Back & Front of Skirt
After oohing over all of the lovely chevron skirts that can be found on Pinterest for the past year, I finally took the plunge and made one for myself today. I bought this twill grey chevron fabric on fabric.com for $7.48yd back at the end of February, with no clear idea on what pattern I would use (I bought 2 yards). After thinking over the different ways I could make the skirt: a-line, pencil, maxi, etc... I decided to go with the same pattern that my favorite polka-dot skirt is made with: Simplicity 2588 (click link for my pattern review).

 Of course, when you see the pattern cover you will say, "Hey Ashley, this is a dress pattern, not a skirt pattern!" Well m'dear, this dress pattern features one of my favorite dress/skirt pattern pieces of all-time -- as it is full, yet fitted around the waist with soft pleats. Of course, since it is a dress pattern I have to make my own waistband pattern for the skirt, which isn't too hard. I just fold the finished skirt in half and lay it out on the fabric, then just cut out a waistband with the skirt as a guide. Which is the exact same thing I did for my above polka-dot skirt (which was originally a dress). One of the days I need to remember to take pictures and show y'all how I do it. *smile* 

Well, I hope y'all love my new chevron skirt. I know I do, and I see myself wearing it a lot this year!


  1. I do love it! I want to learn to sew so badly.......

  2. Super duper cute Ashley! You're quite the seamstress! =)

  3. It looks couture! so professional, very impressive :)

  4. Beautiful, Ashley!! I will have to be on the look out for same chevron fabric!!!

  5. This is darling. The fabric is amazing!

  6. That chevron skirt is so pretty! I love it! <3

  7. Completely adorable, Ashley!! I know... all of these chevron skirts I've been seeing around have been calling me too - I'm actually waiting for my chevron fabric to arrive so I can get them in the shop.

    I love how you did the waistband with the opposing patternway. That's just the bee's knees:)
    Beautiful work!

  8. omygoodness Ashley!! It looks like it could've jumped right out of Pinterest, into your closet! Absolutely adorable!! I also love the way that the chevrons are going on the waistband, too. So cute :D
    Right now I've finished 2 out of about 6 spring dress projects, and am working on my 3rd (which is a late 30s dress.) I am waiting to get pics of the other two dresses so that I can post them up on the blog ;)


  9. Oh, so cute! Love the polka dot one as well. :)

  10. *sigh* every time I visit your's or Olivia's (www.freshmodesty.blogspot.com)
    It makes me want to sew sooo bad! Your so talented! I tried one time to convert a dress in a skirt, it turned out crooked and too small...
    Thing is, I'm really bad at following written instructions (so is my mom...) I really should just buckle down and try again!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  11. Ohhh It looks like the one from Pinterest that I saw!
    Your very talented!

  12. So cute! :) I love the polka dot one, too. I've been seeing chevron skirts around and I really like them. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :)

  13. That skirt is beautiful! I love how you styled it. :) It would look cute with flats too. :) Blessings! -Maria

  14. Gorgeous! Will you be putting something similar to that skirt in your Etsy shop?


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