Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Style // Chevron Skirt for St. Patricks Day

::What I'm Wearing::
Chevron Skirt -- Made by Me
White Blouse -- Refashioned from a '80s blouse
Cardigan -- Target
Flats -- Ruche
Earrings -- Target
Hello everyone! As you can see, I'm wearing my chevron skirt today. This is my second time wearing it within this past week, though it took some self-control to not wear it more often. *smile* Since it is St. Patricks Day today, I had to add my touches of green into my outfit (plus I have some Irish blood in me) as you can see, I added green via my shoes, cardigan, and nails. If you look carefully in the last picture, you can see the nail art I did on my ring fingers. One hand I did chevron, while on the other I did polka-dots...hehe...yes, I'm even mixing my patterns via nail art. *grin*

Btw, I haven't decided what I'll sew for the 1940s sewing challenge yet, so there is still time for you to give me your feedback. 



  1. I love your nails! Those colors are perfect together :)

  2. Your shoes are adorable :) And I love the orange *and* green on your nails! I learned something so interesting in church today: Protestants wear orange on St. Patrick's Day and Catholics wear green. Personally I'm more fond of the green tradition (just because I've known about it longer) but I think next St. Patrick's Day I'm going to wear orange :)

    By the way, a question . . . has your wardrobe been built over many years? Do you ever feel guilty buying clothes (not that you should, but I have that problem a lot of the time)? How do you find sales? I guess that turned into several questions..... Also, I know you sew a lot of your stuff. Is this cheaper or more expensive than buying clothes, do you think?

  3. Love this outfit! You're super gorgeous. =) Love the pops of green and your chevron skirt is AMAZING!! I hope you'll put them up for sale in your etsy shop. =)


  4. You look fabulous!! I love that skirt! Love it!! You are a very talented young lady. WOW!!

  5. Adorable! Way to go on making that cute skirt!!

  6. You look so pretty, and I *love* your hair! <3

    I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day! <3

  7. Everything's so cute! Right down to your pattern-mixing nails ;)
    All I wore that was green was a small white flower brooch-- with tiny green leaves....that I borrowed from my Mom... Yeah, not much green in my closet lol!


  8. Super cute, Ashley! And I LOVE your nails!
    I can relate to your latest obsession! I always find myself wearing my latest item over and over until I'm sure my readers are sick of the item! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  9. Adorable outfit! I forgot about St. Patrick's Day, and got pinched twice yesterday.

  10. That chevron skirt is amazing! I am in awe that you made it!

  11. I have a chevron skirt similar to that you made it!!


    The Fashion Canvas

  12. You made that skirt? I'm totally impressed, I wish I could sew!

  13. Great job on the skirt! It looks very nice paired with that top and cardigan.

  14. I really like the chev. skirt!!

    Very cute outfit.



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